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  1. I'd say if Wirth performs today he has a chance at playing more in the tournament. Carducci is good, don't get me wrong, but that goal he let in vs. Haiti was mighty soft.
  2. Never for minute thought it was cool, just find it ridiculous that members of this group are contemplating emailing a soccer club about a man congratulating his brother.
  3. Again this is silly, its his own family he's congratulating he doesn't have to censor anything... living in Canada or Uruguay is irrelevant. And what I'm talking about is a similar trend of players from Ontario playing at the Nacional academy, one could assume being called into a youth national camp would draw domestic interest in Uruguay.
  4. Heaven forbid someone being proud of their younger brother and tweeting about it, what an awful family........ In all seriousness this thread is ridiculous, the kid is going into a u17 camp..... It doesn't really matter what happens at this age group, we will most likely see him back in Canadian colours unless he follows a smilier pattern to Osorio or Cavillini which I can't see because of his favourable position at TFC. Everyone should chill out.
  5. I envy the European set up for circumstances such as this... It allows players like Alderson not to fall through the cracks at such a rapid pace. I couldn't help think that after watching that u20 Canada v England game how many of the young Canucks are going to have to wait to get their next legitimate test. Players like Carducci, Boakai, Froese, Jalali, Hamilton, Bustos, and Adekugbe have all done incredibly well to be awarded with first team contracts, however unless they are still eligible to play in u18 games (Whitecaps lads) they are more or less relegated to trying to become a professional in training, with a handful of real tests per year. You mix in the odd reserve or youth national game and compare that to what players abroad get, and the differences are staggering.... Looking at that England u20 team made me incredibly jealous, only a few of the players had made premier league appearances but the opportunity for 90 mins every week in high competition was available everywhere. Premier League u21 games and season long loans were the norm for the majority of the squad, while they might not be making an impact today for their parent club they are still able to showcase and refine their ability to give themselves a fighting chance for tomorrow. We've seen this system benefit immensely for both Petrasso and Carreiro. I think to prevent similar cases such as Alderson clubs should always be looking to place their players where they are going to get the most minutes. Anderson had a productive time at Charleston but he realistically should have been there for another season, its easy to say the Whitecaps didn't give him a fair shake but to be honest they hadn't provided him the means to do so in Vancouver. By signing world class CM's they may have been giving him good tutors but there was no way Bryce was going to steal minutes from Koffie, Laba, Rosales, or Morales.
  6. Heard through the grapevine that former Whitecap Simon Thomas is playing in the Vancouver Island Soccer League Division 2 with the Victoria Highlanders youth setup, probably will be playing with them this summer I'm guessing...
  7. While it is exiting to hear about the prospect of Doneil moving this is all speculative.... I await a legitimate source saying he's being contacted by other clubs rather than a a off-hand comment....
  8. Elaborate on these stories, I've heard he's generated quite a bit of interest.
  9. Perhaps on a extended trial? Canada Soccer has been known to list clubs youth players are at while on extended training periods. Alessandro Riggi at Celta de Vigo and CFR Cluj reminds me of this...
  10. Joshua Doughty.... Anyone have information on him ?
  11. Alex Semenets playing for CBU in the CIS
  12. Jamar Dixon has transferred to FC Jippo of the Ykkonen.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KDnRdqQ_ow&t=2m45s Charlie Trafford scores a ROCKET Start at 2:45
  14. Also brief stints at: Sheridan College, St. Francis Xavier University, Ventura County Fusion and the San Jose Earthquakes
  15. Judging from the Newport County forum it sounds like Thomas is on a short term contract for the injured Jamie Stephens. http://www.weareexiles.net/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=34592&sid=f53d93c15d997fb597daafcdd263bace I think any playing time would be tough as Stephens was recently released from Liverpool and the starter Pidgeley has played for Chelsea.
  16. Former Victoria Highlander Jamar Dixon has signed with TP-47in the Finnish Kakkonen http://www.tp47.com/fi/?p=4467
  17. Jeeez, very hard to watch. Good bits of play here and there but largely unimpressed with how the Canadians kept possession.... Seemed like putting 5 passes together was a stretch at times... Hope they can rally with a good few days of training and come back with the home supporters behind them and beat Jim Jong-un FC.
  18. Can partially agree with this, as long as next generation artificial playing surfaces offer near identical conditions compared to natural fields. As it is right now it is much different playing on both, artificial being harder with awkward bounces and warmer temperatures in summer weather.
  19. Another awesome move. I think his playing style really compliments the Spanish game. Best wishes to him and hopefully this will be a launching pad for a long professional career.
  20. Great move for him. Playing in a top league will help tons. I am interested as to how much playing time he will be getting.
  21. I think club soccer is one thing for the women's game, but ultimately the international circuit is much larger and more important to these players so they have every right to be arguing about their playing surface. I do agree with their pursuit for grass fields... Women are more susceptible for knee injuries and the artificial surface with only make this problem worse. I don't think its to much to ask to play on grass, however this being Canada is doesn't make to much sense to install natural surfaces that can only be used for a portion of the year. This should have been taken care long ago rather than t-minus 1 year from the tournament.
  22. It was tough to watch, so many chances to hit an equalizer... I do think the keeper could have done better with her save. She put it right to the striker... That needs to be held or pushed very far to the sideline.
  23. The fact you are telling an 18 year old to fuck off is ridiculous, this is just another opportunity for him to develop. He's a Caps player who most likely won't be signing a homegrown contract, this is just another positive way to keep developing...
  24. I think this entire thing is being overblown. What makes Canada unique is the many different background our citizens share. Bustos is an excellent example of the many nationalities that make up our population. While he has benefitted immensely from the CSA I can't see this more than a one-off. The Chilean national program is far ahead of Canada meaning that the likelihood of him ever being capped and loosing Canadian eligibility is slim to none. We should see this as another experience for him to learn and grow in a foreign soccer culture. I know there will be naysayers to this but he's still young so this will only beneficial.
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