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  1. OnkelDal


    Just noticed that after I signed up. Seems to load fine so far. I originally read they'd have it. Hopefully not listed cause no games confirmed. Time will tell. Surprised they have J-League though. Used to watch it a few years back
  2. OnkelDal


    A lot of complaints on their android app. I'll see for myself soon. Been keeping an eye on DAZN since they first announced it was going to be launched in Canada. Wish they could somehow have the Premier League, but can't go wrong with CL, Europa & La Liga etc...
  3. Fairly small. Less than 10 people. this new location is downtown, has parking & more sport friendly so hopefully that helps. We'll see
  4. Edmonton is confirmed and also a change of location. 1ST RND 11248 104 Ave NW
  5. OnkelDal

    Gold Cup Viewing Parties

    https://www.facebook.com/events/179885275877792??ti=ia viewing party for Edmonton at Tavern on Whyte. All 3 matches confirmed. I just put into one event if that's alright. Hosted by ESG & The Voyageurs
  6. OnkelDal

    Gold Cup Travel Plans - Who is interested

    I'm interested but not 100% certain
  7. OnkelDal

    Shamit Shome

    FC Edmonton have a YouTube page "FC Edmonton Video" where they upload full matches. Home matches only
  8. OnkelDal

    Marco Carducci

    Maybe a Calgary CanPL club? Seeing as that's where he's from. just want to see him get plenty of minutes
  9. OnkelDal

    Supporters United for the CanPL

    Times like this makes me wish I was still living in Winnipeg (never thought I'd say that) Cause I'd love to help out. Have my hands full here in Edmonton already with the ESG (Highly doubtful to be a part of CanPL.) But would love to see a SG in Winnipeg!
  10. 4am Kick off here in Alberta. I assume this will be on via stream again?
  11. OnkelDal

    Impact 2016

    Never cared for it myself personally. But still thought that was flat out rude.
  12. OnkelDal

    Cristián Gutiérrez

    Can't even find anything about Diego on the Internet. Excpet the Colombian Diego Gutierrez who was born in '72
  13. OnkelDal

    Impact 2016

    Think we will see Drogba in an Impact kit again? Better hope this rumoured fiasco doesn't escelate. Also, not cool to chant over the Canadian national anthem. Not cool..
  14. OnkelDal

    Canadian Premier League

    Hope to hear more on this including teams that are planned to be the founders. #FCTuktoyaktukForCanPL
  15. OnkelDal

    Ledgerwood finished at Hammarby

    Nah, we'd like to keep him here in Edmonton for a while thank you very much