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  1. In this case either it takes up half of the CONCACAF spots, or it means that there are 3 less teams qualifying from other regions, not sure any of those associations will find that paletable. This isn't just my concern, this has been speculated upon elsewhere too.
  2. It's honestly what should be our biggest issue.. can you imagine hosting 1/8 of the games but not even being in the tournament?
  3. Again, you guys are missing the big picture.. we should be pushing for Canada to get an auto-qualification spot... which right now isn't guaranteed if this bid is accepted.
  4. Hope you guys realize that there is talk that FIFA may be wary of handing out 3 Auto bids... so there is consideration that Canada and Mexico may still need to qualify through conventional means. Stop putting the cart before the horse.
  5. Seriously, is there any precidence for FIFA looking at these conferences and reversing the number of world cup spots each gets? I do realize if that spot would go anywhere it should go to Europe, but right now it's pretty evident that Asia is the poor cousin in terms of teams at the World Cup.
  6. That Begovic could be our number 1 if only our coaching staff had the vision to play him in one of the friendlies he was sitting on the bench for. I don't hold against him his decision to play for his birth country, unlike JDG.
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