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  1. Canada won't shoot from 17 yards away. Guadeloupe will shoot from 40.
  2. I agree. Dunfield isn't needed in a game like this. Put in someone with more offence.
  3. Glad to see "he who must not be named" can easily transition into his career after soccer -- Circus Freak: The Man Made of Glass.
  4. That is Sam Lam, not Matt Lam. Sam is Matt's older brother.
  5. UVic defeated UofA 2-1 and Trinity defeated defending national champion UBC 2-1 in penalties. UVic and Trinity will be representing CanadaWest at Nationals.
  6. What was that goalie doing??
  7. . I also got a semi-covered photo of Radz in the shirt.
  8. I saw Dale today in downtown Edmonton. It took all my power not to yell out "Quit Mitchell now!" But instead I just quietly walked by. Maybe I'm as big a chicken sh*t as he is.
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