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  1. ...or for the Toronto Rock, or for the Ice Capades, or for the 'NEW' Toronto CN Tower Bungee Jump. What exactly is your point? Look, even if you don't want to see it because you're blinded by spite, the MLSE person is trying to find a formula for what will make soccer in Toronto both successful and sustainable. Does he deserve to be faulted for that? And of course he is after our money. Last time I checked, NO pro sports team was able to survive as a professional charity, honouring us with the 'dignity' of performing for free. Not even Roman 'moneybags' Abramovich lets Chelsea fans watch for free. The franchise is in Toronto, last time I checked. He is marketing a team for Toronto, not the Pan-Canadian MLS ALL-STARS! The franchise, it must be clearly stated Mpenza so that you could understand, was awarded to, and please note the fine subtlety here, a city and NOT a country. Are you secretly jealous that you don't have his job? Why did I even bother replying to your post? Because it stands to reason that both your spite and idiocy shouldn't be addressed, but rather ignored.
  2. Yeah, yeah, he's not Canadian, but here's a video of David Villa scoring from just beyond the half-way line against a DeGuzman-less Deportivo. Valencia beat Deportivo 0-1. Simply put, goal of the year. http://www.youtube.com/w/David-Villa-Scores-agains-R.C.-Deportivo?v=rhHvNffV18U&search=david%20villa
  3. A bit late, but with regards to camera angles and coverage, I'd have mixed coverage. Since around half of the match is played in the midfield, it would be best to go with a higher angle, as it better illustrates the many options available to the player holding the ball. If it's too close and the player hoofs the ball across the pitch to a team-mate, all you see is the ball disappearing and then re-appearing later on. I think subconsciously, alot of this type of coverage would be disconcerting to the viewer. Whereas in the last third of the pitch, I'd go with a lower camera angle, but not too low, and a closer coverage of individual players, as they have less options to them, so they either do the safe thing and pass it back, or they try and beat the defender. If it is too high, then you don't get a sense of the urgency nor the skill required to create a good scoring opportunity. In addition to what Gian-Luca said, I'd suggest you watch some broadcast French Ligue 1 matches, they're available on TV5, and some Bundesliga matches, broadcast on Foxsportsworld. Try and tape a few matches where a few high-scoring teams are playing, such as Lyon and Bayern Munich, and see how they cover the matches, specifically midfield build-up and goal scoring opportunities. World Cup coverage is good, but as G-L said the EPL is the best standard. As an aside, I've always hated Madison Square Gardens' coverage of hockey, as it seems that their coverage comes from Soviet spy satellites - Much too high to get a sense of the action.
  4. My .02 cents regarding the colour, even though it may have about the same impact as sending a thimble full of plutonium into the sun, is to go with the dukla prague home jersey colours: Burgundy and yellow. Or, if you want to flip it, have yellow and burgundy. I don't think it's anything too ugly or garish that MLSE would want to change after some years, such as phasing out the purple raptors uni. It would look cool with black shorts. I don't mind stripes either, though I'd go with the vertical instead of horizontal. Again, a yellow red-ish scheme, this is Lens' home jersey:
  5. Thanks for the reply soccerguy65, and I'm glad you did. Sometimes on these boards, discussions very quickly break down into heated arguments for no reason. I was flippant about AS Cannes because I assumed that the player(s) on trial would be older. If they are younger, say early teens, then yes, I have no problem with them being formed at such non-top league clubs, and actually it may even be easier because there would be less pressure on the player to justify his existence so to speak. So I'll back-peddle a bit. Okay for younger players to go to AS Cannes, maybe not so okay with players in there late teens, as I'm sure that some things, mainly skill wise, you can't teach any more. For players in there late teens the club is probably looking to develop a player's soccer smarts instead of the ability to do mesmerizing step-overs. Just as an aside, does F. Glasman have any contacts at AJ Auxerre? They seem to know quite a bit about developing players. They have 4 squads! Ligue 1, CFA, CFA2 and a regional squad. Mexes came to them in his early teens, and he has now blossomed into one of the better defenders in Serie A. They did a decent job with Djibril Cisse too, but the fact that he's rotting at Liverpool isn't Auxerre's fault. Again, thanks for the banter soccerguy65. And good luck to Gavin. I hope he has the stamina, will, and toughness to persevere and make a very good career for himself.
  6. Listen speedmonk42, I think MLSE guy is part of a marketing apparatus and was not hired explicitly to promote soccer. Regardless, I would think that there must be some kind of unspoken Mason/Dixon line on what soccer fans can actually have a hand or say in the end result of the team as some aspects are more open to suggestion then others. I imagine that providing the space and conditions needed to enhance the atmosphere at the stadium would be high on the list of 'things to listen to', while aspects that would dictate how MLSE should spend their money, such as grass vs. plastic pitch, would most likely be on a list of 'things not to listen to'. As for name and team colours, I dunno what MLSE receptivity would be. But post speedmonk42, as scepticism isn't an inherently bad thing. Sometimes it can lead you to disappointment while other times it can lead you to surprise/insight. The worst thing you can do with scepticism is doubt just for the sake of doubting, because then you'll be left in the exact place you started.
  7. But don't you think the situation is a bit different for a Canadian player starting out in the lower tiers of a soccer league then it is for a domestic player? I would have to think a player imported would have a tougher time, as expectations would be a bit higher then on a domestic player. I would think it would be easier for a domestic player like Zidane to succeed at AS Cannes because he doesn't have as much pressure on him as would a young foreign player. Think about it. If a young Zidane screws up, he can try and find another team that would take him. But if a young Canadian were to screw up, he'd be known as the import who was brought in, but couldn't cut it. He wouldn't be the just another kid that is looking for a team, but a kid who failed. I just don't think domestic players would have such a stigma attached to them, that's all. I mean, you wouldn't sign a foreign player if you didn't think that the player could succeed and fulfill some expectation for you now would you? Unfair or not, that import player carries that expectation with them wherever they go. Listen whatever you do, or whomever you are, it's nice that you can get opportunities for soccer players abroad. And yes, everyone has to start somewhere. But I just think it's alot harder for an import player to make his way up the ranks then it is for a domestic. That's the only problem I had with AS Cannes. And besides, if any Canadian trialling was as good as either Zidane or Vieira, hindsight is always easy, I know, then I highly doubt he would need to trial for AS Cannes anyway. You can take I what I say about soccer with a grain of salt, as you probably know more about it then I do. But you can't deny that the conditions for an import player to succeed and the conditions for a domestic player to succeed are a bit different. That's why I'd prefer them to start closer to the top, that's all. If they start closer to the top, it's easier for them to get a decent second chance.
  8. Yes, yes soccrguy65, that's all well and good. But really, I don't see the big deal in getting someone a trial at AS Cannes, as they're not even in Ligue 2! They're currently two leagues removed from France's top flight. I mean hell, I think even I could get Tiny Tim from Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' a trial at Cannes with some persuasion, a carton of Gauloises non-filtered cigarettes, and a six pack of Kronenbourg 1664 beer. Marseille and LOSC, yes that's an accomplishment. But AS Cannes? Oh and good luck to Gavin.
  9. Chelsea vs Barcelona - W/L for Chelsea Real Madrid vs Arsenal - W/D for RM Bremen vs Juventus - W/L for Bremen Bayern vs AC Milan -Win/Draw for Bayern PSV vs Lyon -W/L for Lyon Ajax vs Inter Milan -W/W for Inter Benfica vs Liverpool -W/W for'Pool Rangers vs Villarreal -W/W for Villarreal
  10. It is nice to hear that MLSE is willing to listen to what fans have to say, rather then having some MLSE prescription of what soccer 'should be' forced down our throats. Thanks for lending both an ear and an open mind. But where to begin? -I'd like the eventual mls toronto website to have a link to the eventual supporters' website. This is a must, as it would allow those interested an easier means to become a member of the supporters group. -For me the name may be one of the more thorny issues, as I'm really of two minds. Yes I see the merits of a nickname-driven name such as the Blizzard, but yet at the same time I'd like to see something more traditional, but not necessarily couched in 'Euro' terms. Some may say that by choosing Blizzard you'd tap into the aspect of tradition, but yet the Blizzard were only around for about a generation. Toronto City is okay, but I think I am more inclined to names involving suffixes or prefixes surrounding 'Toronto'. Toronto FC or FC Toronto I'd have no problem with, but the 'F' may cause some confusion, as Richard has mentioned, as the team is in a league called Major League Soccer and not Major League Football. Maybe SC Toronto or Toronto SC would be a better alternative. (I think this was DJT's point in another thread). -Please, not a garish uniform. -A natural grass pitch would be best.
  11. You certainly are in the right. I remember when Zebina was still with Roma and he was shamelessly and unappologetically crap on defense. You could say his defense was craptastic. Why the Old Lady signed him I don't know. Zebina would not be an improvement over Stalteri, unless Spurs want to have the right side of the pitch owned by opponents' skilled left-sided players.
  12. Wow G-L, that's great news. It is certainly encouraging to hear that MLSE, or at least someone from MLSE is willing to work with us and give us the space to make the U-Sector be a force to be reckoned with. I was worried that the MLSE would be leaning heavily on its marketing gurus, but this is encouraging news.
  13. Norm DaCosta? Yes, he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed soccer-wise, but, at least he gave it some manner of positive representation. More cheerleader then journalist. I can't nominate him. Biggest idiot though? It's a toss-up between McCowan and Perkins. I dislike them both for different reasons, McCowan for personality and Perkins for shameless idiocy. McCowan comes across as this self-serving smug jack-ass who grates more then he informs. Seem to remember him having or had a TV Show about the business side of sports. Why? Why anyone would think this idea will coral a boat load of viewers is beyond me. Perkins I dislike because his continual crusade, I believe it now spans at least over a year, to expose the 'dark underbelly of the Soccer Stadium in Toronto' has rapidly descended into mere spite and is largely laughable. I understand that sports journalists do need to take a stand on issues, but his completely one-sided myopic diatribes have me questioning who exactly he knew to get a job in journalism. I'll vote for Perkins, but he just beats out McClown. HoF award: Though Spike Gallagher was an unabashed jackass who seemed like he was on bad methamphetamines all the time, I'd have to go with derelict journalist Pat Marsden. The man was quite clearly born too late, as his mentality seems more in tune with the late 40's instead of now. Probably thinks football players should still wear leather helmets. As an aside, best sports journalist (soccer or otherwise)? Stephen Brunt.
  14. juaninho

    Perkins @ it again

    I can't believe that Perkins thought that a press-conference regarding the Raptors dismissal of Babcock was the appropriate forum to ask a soccer question. Give the man a clown nose. His myopic and perverse vision of continually attacking MLSE to 'expose' their corruption is really, really laughable. By going on this one man crusade, does he think that he is a modern day Woodward and Bernstein all rolled into one? Who will be his 'Deep Throat' who will finally help him to crack the story with legitimate facts? Tiger Williams? Peter Ing? Oliver Miller?
  15. maybe, but it should have been spelled feral. Too lazy to spell check. canso, by quoting me are you implying that "this once ferile poster" is one of the stupidest things ever said? 'Tis a bit harsh for a mere typo.
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