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  1. I run that website and started this thread, mainly so as I could see whether you thought it was correct. Town have confirmed that Peters is included, which is specifically what I was wanting to check. Phil
  2. Apologies if I'm mistaken (Greek's not a strong point), but the Cyprus FA appear to have been given the Canada squad. http://www.cfa.com.cy/?lang=Gr&show=news&NewsArticleID=155
  3. Spoke briefly to Jaime yesterday, seems he could be in line for a Canada recall: http://www.clubfanzine.com/ipswich_town/v2.showNews.php?id=19455
  4. Jim has spent £12m since January last year and the team looks no nearer promotion than it was a year ago, possibly further away. Fans are generally unhappy and I suspect that less patient owners would have sacked him long before now. Town are owned by Marcus Evans these days, who has a fair amount of cash, a billionaire according to some estimates, although it's difficult to tell as he wholly owns his businesses and they are registered in Bermuda. He has already promised that there will be more money to spend in the summer. There are likely to be developments in the next few weeks with the season coming to an end and Simon Clegg, the former British Olympic Association chief executive, having been appointed as the club's new chief exec earlier today.
  5. I think next year will be an important season for him whatever happens over the summer. There was a suggestion that his attitude wasn't what it ought to have been a year or so ago, but more recently there was a comment that he might have been given a bit of a wake up call by seeing what life is like in the lower leagues at places like Gillingham.
  6. I think next year will be an important season for him whatever happens over the summer. There was a suggestion that his attitude wasn't what it ought to have been a year or so ago, but more recently there was a comment that he might have been given a bit of a wake up call by seeing what life is like in the lower leagues at places like Gillingham.
  7. Like so much at Town that depends on who the manager is next season. We've underperformed this year and most fans want to see a change. I suspect that will be the case and then we'll have to see who the new man wants to keep. If Jim Magilton is remains as boss, as of last week, you would have thought that JP would have been on his way in the summer, even though he has another year on his contract. But he made such an impression in an unfamiliar role, that he'll probably play some part in the final two games and may well have earned himself at least a chance to prove himself in pre-season. It promises to be another season of flux at Portman Road with 13 players out of contract and only one of those, Alex Bruce, having been offered a deal, which he's turned down. Incidentally, I was told that the academy are expecting Caolin Lavery to join them this summer, although I don't think pens have been put to paper on this quite yet.
  8. Don't know if you're aware, but Jaime Peters put in a marvellous performance for Town in yesterday's glorious derby victory over Norwich City, playing at left-back! http://www.clubfanzine.com/ipswich_town/v2.showNews.php?id=19252
  9. From having a bit of a look around I think you may be right. I'll let you know if I get a confirmation.
  10. Hi I've heard a whisper that a Canadian youngster is joining Town's academy in the summer, but no idea of who he might be. Anyone seen or heard anything? Would be around 16-to-17-years-old. Phil www.twtd.co.uk
  11. On the next page. I thought it was amusing, given all the comments I'd seen on here about the CSA's lack of organisation, that they don't seem to have managed to announce a squad properly.
  12. Seems the CSA announced the squad for Brazil and Panama last night and then withdrew it. It got picked up here (which means Jaime P is definitely in): http://ipswichtown.footballlatest.co.uk/fl.pl Second story down on May 21st if it has flipped onto another page.
  13. Not sure whether this is news to you or not, but Ipswich manager Jim Magilton says Jaime Peters will be playing against Brazil: http://www.clubfanzine.com/ipswich_town/showNews.php?id=10897
  14. The idea with sending Supple and Clarke to Falkirk was to get them match experience. Unfortunately this hasn't worked out with Falkirk's reserve keeper managing six clean sheets in 10 games and their manager being reluctant to drop him. Clarke has only made one start and scored a goal on as a sub. Town would almost certainly recall them if they could, but because the loan is to a club in another association, they can't. I doubt the club will be sending anyone there on a similar basis again. Most people are unconvinced by Bywater. He's made a few mistakes here and there and had a nightmare at Barnsley, after which Jim apparently told him he had to do better. Regardless of which division we're in (and after Tuesday, I'd say that's almost certainly the Championship), I would expect us to bring in a different keeper with Supple returning and Bywater and also Colgan leaving. Another move for Richard Wright wouldn't surprise me at all. Re Nugent and Healy, we clearly need a striker and Jim went looking for one of higher quality in targeting those two and Darren Bent. The failure to land anyone has cost us, particularly with Couñago suspended and Kuqi and Walters injured. I doubt Jim would be interested in Nugent after he failed to bother to even tell him he didn't want to join us, but Healy being a Town player in August would come as no surprise. Jim covers international games on BBC Northern Ireland and has been gushing in his praise on innumerable occasions.
  15. I think we can justifiably claim Twamley! I reckon Town have left it too late to become consistent. The result at Colchester means we're only really looking at one place, along with four or five other clubs, unless someone else has a dramatic collapse. Next year was always a more likely season to make a challenge for the Premier League, with the January signings more settled and some more additions in the summer.
  16. I think that would be greedy and we'd start having to mention John Gorman assisting Glenn Hoddle and perhaps even Bruce Twamley's role with Canada!
  17. He'd actually be the seventh! So far the list reads: Sir Alf Ramsey (England) Sir Bobby Robson (England) Bryan Hamilton (Northern Ireland) Frank Yallop (Canada) George Burley (Scotland) Bill McGarry (Saudi Arabia)
  18. Many thanks. The division is still so open even at this late stage. No one is consistent and even second place isn't yet out of our reach, although unlikely. I would guess that JDV would be more of a squad player next season whatever happens, but clearly the management have faith in him still. If his attitude rubs off on other players then that can only be a good thing.
  19. Thought you'd be interested to hear that Town have offered Jason another year, regardless of which division we're in. http://www.clubfanzine.com/ipswich_town/showNews.php?id=9970 Phil
  20. Yeah, Paypal accepted: www.twtdonline.co.uk
  21. Yeah, Paypal accepted: www.twtdonline.co.uk
  22. Sorry, we no longer do an electronic version. We did for a while, but only a handful of people subscribed, so wasn't worth the time to put it together.
  23. Thought this might be of interest. I spoke to Jason last week for the Ipswich fanzine and asked him a few questions about Canadian football. He didn't hold back as you'll see from this extract: http://www.clubfanzine.com/ipswich_town/showNews.php?id=6763 Without sounding like a commercial, we're more than happy to send copies out to Canada if anyone's interested.
  24. Jason's deal is up at the end of the season. I would guess that Town probably wouldn't offer him a contract if promoted and perhaps not if we remain in this division. Manager Jim Magilton has already looked at a similar centre-half called Rob Jones, currently at Hibs in Scotland. Earlier in the season there were suggestions that De Vos's long-term foot injuries might be causing him problems and could lead to the end of his career. However, last week he said that the surgery he had over the summer had sorted his feet out.
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