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  1. this is getting kind of ridiculous
  2. Crépeau had a fight wit management and that was the only reason he was sent to Ottawa in the first place, he went in there well above USL level and deserving of a sot at a starters role in MLS. Was only in Ottawa as a sort of quick fix to get him out of the locker room without devaluing their asset too much.
  3. BradMack

    CPL General

    Imagine that this is the stuff we're arguing about in here now 😂
  4. Really like these signings. Decent Pedigree at #10 with Juan Diego Gutierrez and Luis Alberto Perea scored a lot last year with CD Fas, a good concacaf team.
  5. Herdman teasing a new commit on TSN. No clues other than he's played for a big countries youth teams, I think thats probably Tomori.
  6. Hmmm.. A 38 year old Occean with Andre Hainault at attacking mid...? I like Halifax's chances against that 😉
  7. This would be a great signing. Honestly, keeper is the position I thought we would see the most familiar names at, and I've been really surprised not to see Stillo, Roberts, Smits, DeBellis, Wirth, Irving, etc... Lots of good keepers to be had.
  8. This! They need to invest in a chromecast option FFS. Big news if true and probably the best outcome.
  9. I was not meaning to call you out or personally attack your ideas in any way, I do hope that was clear. Just trying to create some discussion. Just to clear things up, I do agree with you that we need some flexibility on formations based on the opponent. That is sort of my whole point. The whole time Herdman's been here we've only used these super attack minded formations. In order to be able to adjust to the opponent, we need to practice the alternative, I think this is the game to try it. That is where we will most likely agree to disagree. We have 3-4 of these easy games left until after the World Cup. This game, likely a minnow in the group stage of GC and a home game in our first round of WCQ... maybe a second home game against a minnow in WCQ depending on the draw. I'm suggesting it may be a good idea to play a single competitive game with a more realistic lineup before the matches get considerably more difficult this summer. Also, we shouldn't need to have 6 players in attacking roles on the field to put goals in against FG, if we do than we are screwed against anyone better. We should also consider that they put two goals past us in the opening game of GC2017, they're not that weak in attack. Regarding Godinho, I didn't mean to attack your backline, as you say nothing back there is set in stone, I very much agree with you there... My reasoning behind what I said was that I just noticed you had Godinho and ZBG as the right side CB in a back 3, two mostly offensive players, meaning there were two defenders in your backline, and no wingbacks, they're positioned as wingers. This works fine against minnows, as you said, but we'd get murdered against teir 2 Concacaf opponents, and teir 3 would likely put one or two past us. I am interested in hearing who you would put at leftback against a good opponent though, like you, I really don't know if I trust de Jong to be able to keep up. Honestly Davies is probably our best defensive option there although that really hurts me to say.
  10. I love it, I also have very high speed internet though, so I don't have much many issues streaming most things. It's HD and speedy. It would be great if the CPL went with DAZN as I am going to have in anyway for Ligue 1, Champions League, with the bonus of Bellator, Serie A, KHL, NFL and next year EPL... Pretty good deal if you're into 2 or 3 of those properties.
  11. BradMack

    CPL General

    I think I'm the opposite of a CPL hater, I have a couple of season seats, but I'm very much feeling this. I expected to be disappointed by this today, I figured we'd get a streaming deal but not with the service I wanted or something like that... They hyped it up like it would be a really huge announcement for the fans ... and lets be honest, it was not, it was for VW. I get why they needed to do it but I feel like it's getting to the point where they are really taking advantage of the hardcore here. We are the ones who get the message out... We create the hype, hell, I drove from my university to Halifax for the town hall meeting for the stadium. I understand they have a strategy and for the good of the league they need to strech these out and we need to be good little soldiers, but it'd be nice not to feel lied to. It was the overwhelming feeling here we were going to get a schedule/broadcast news, they made it seem like that. We got 1 game and a corperate sponsor. We were told we'd have kits by new year, now they might not be until April. Even the player signing press conferences have been BS, the Haber conference was hyped up like it was going to be legit, we got like six minutes of pre written speeches and then they didn't take media questions on livestream. It's at the point now where the great momentum from all the team announcements is basically dead to me. I like the player announcements and im excited for the league to start play, but im sick of head office and their leading on, tease marketing strategy. Overwhelming 😕 on CanSoc twitter today. I get its a huge announcement financially, but maybe advertise it as MAJOR SPONSORSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT because at this point I don't trust anything or any deadline an owner or CPL official gives us.
  12. I think they were pretty pissed after a bunch of leaks the past few weeks, almost every player announced first on his twitter 😂
  13. The only issue I have here, is as I said in my original post, this isn't a formation we can stick with. Sure it would be fun to pound French Guiana at home, but how does this work against a better team. There are essentially 2 defenders in this lineup as Godhino is more attack minded and often struggles defending in the SPL. We've seen teams... actually we've seen French Guiana hurt us before while we were playing a much more conservative lineup. Imagine lining up like this against the US or Mexico. Hoilett Is not tracking back and defending well against Pulisic or Lozano. We'd be destroyed. It's great that we have all this talent in the team offensively, but realistically we cant play them all. How often do underdog teams play with 2 wingers, 2 strikers, and 2 attacking midfielders... unless they're chasing a late goal its an insane way to lineup against anyone remotely dangerous. Also I don't really want to get into this, but the way things have been going, this could realistically be our last tune up before the Gold Cup, unless the Ventura County Fusion want to step up😂 . I think we should take the chance to get some reps in our actual system against a decent team at home.
  14. I see that as more of an option if we need goals late on, or in games we know we will dominate. As you'll notice I have him higher up than most of the backline as more of a wingback. In theory it would allow Hoilett to come inside, preoccupying a defender, allow davies space to run into on the outside. Arfield picking the pass. I do not think its the way to go if we will be counter attacking against a much better team as we will want him higher up threatening with his pace to keep teams honest.
  15. French Guiana is the best team we will face in this competition and I think we should use this as a chance to solidify an actual formation. Up until now the competition has been weak enough where we just overloaded our team with all of our offensive prospects... Millar and Davies as wingbacks with multiple strikers and attacking mids, just trying to fit everyone in. We won't be able to do that against tougher competition. We eventually have to relegate some of our prospects to the bench in favour of a more balanced team. Here are two different lineup options I'd like to see. Both are a 4-2-3-1. I was watching David play for Gent today and they use a system I think really fits our players, the difference being our players are of better quality so in theory should work even better for us. They play a solid back line, with 2 sitting in front of the back line, a single striker up top, and 3 attacking mids that all swap positions fluidly, with their left attacking mid mostly keeping his position as he is very good 1 on 1. David plays mostly in the center but is very capable of switching to either side to give different looks. When the ball is in advanced positions he drives the net as a second striker, playing off the nine. The 2 midfielders are a balance, when one drives the other stays deep. This is perfect for a combination of Hoilett, David, Davies and Cav. Cav has the hold up skills to get everyone involved. Hoilett and david are very comfortable switching sides and we want Davies isolating defenders wide 1 on 1. As mentioned, the 2 midfielders are a balance, when one drives the other stays deep, perfect for Arfield as he can make late runs and both he and Hutch can spray passes to any of the 3 infront of them. They also have enough tactical knowledge and workrate to be able to protect a somewhat suspect back four. In my second lineup I have davies as a wingback overloading the left side, a more offensive look. Tabla is capable of playing any of the attacking mid positions. The bench and backfour are really anyones guess. I'd say Kaye, Millar, Piette, Larin, Osorio are all locks for the bench and offer something different. We have real depth.
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