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  1. BradMack

    Derek Cornelius

    Wasn't Cornelius targeted by a Russian Prem club as a striker but had transfer issues a few years back?
  2. BradMack

    Zachary Brault-Guillard

    I think the Gold Cup could be a factor, but more of a "I better improve my playing situation so I can earn a call up" ... The Gold Cup will be our first real test under Herdman so he will want players who are getting minutes at the highest level. Cornelius and ZBG coming to MLS and getting minutes would put them as sure fire picks for the GC squad.
  3. BradMack

    CPL Power Rankings

    I might be biased but I really like 3 of Halifax's signings on paper having not seen much of them. Im hoping Garcia is a pleasent surprise.
  4. BradMack

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Pretty sure he's wearing that number in the highlight tape in the midfield, I assume it may just be his preferred number. I think 3 is left fullback traditionally anyways... As far as it calling him a defender, I'd take the article over the graphic... Lets face it as well, do we really think the graphic person at SEA is a soccer person? Could have heard defensive midfield and just put defender. From the look of his play he should slot into the DM role.
  5. BradMack

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Jokes aside, I really like the look of Elton John in that highlight tape, I think he's pretty clearly our starting DM, and it might be safe to assume we will have the most experienced keeper in the league. Garcia and Rampersad are essentiallly unknowns to us so hopefully one of them is a pleasent surprise. Side note, does anyone know if U-sports players will count against the international player cap? If so we might have 6 of our rumoured 7 internationals allowed already... Assuming the U-sports guys sign.
  6. BradMack

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Then youre stuck with a backup starting, and a tier 2 backup until you can bring someone in mid season, when you're not sure who might be avaliable.... I mean yes, your solution to this problem is a possible solution, but why invite the opportunity for the problem to occur in the first place? Rosters are already going to be small, injury problems will cause major issues, why risk this on top of it? The only way I can see a keeper loan happening is if an MLS team has 4 keepers.
  7. BradMack

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I agree he wont want to ride the pine, the problem is if he was with a CPL team, he couldn't be called up in the event of an injury or suspension. If the insides are to be believed, I'm pretty sure they are saying CPL has said only half and full year loans, no moving up and down freely like USL offers. Don't want to be viewed as a reserve league.... If only 2 keepers will be on rosters, as is the rumour, CPL teams can't afford an early loan recall for a keeper. He would be the best keeper in the league though, I just can't see it happening.
  8. BradMack

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I'm not sure we can chalk up a -35 goal differential to amateur lapses... they were a very bad team. They didn't create a lot of chances and were bottom third of the league in goals for with 42 goals. MLS players loaned to the team who you mentioned (Hamilton and Akinola) had 13 of those goals and obviously don't train with TFC2, just take minutes away from TFC2 players (Obviously I don't mind this, but from a TFC2 players point of view i'd imagine it's not great). Hamilton really hasn't made a jump up unfortunately, even with more MLS minutes through injury... Although is obviously very good at the USL level, we knew that already though from his time with Wilmington. It hasn't impacted his MLS play much though. Telfer started at TFC2 at 23? Then he had a hot start burning Will J at right back, but a lot of people do that, he then fizzled out. Akinola spends more time at US youth camps than with TFC2. Edwards I will give you, although he's only really shined as a wing back, not a forward outside of a select few performances in MLS. I did forget about Srbely, and Hundal and Shaffelburg are the same age, I was wrong there. Although for the most part my point stands, super inexperienced... 17, 16, 14 year olds on the roster, if they are all super prospects playing like Davies when he was 16 then great! Otherwise, not ideal competition for players around them. With TFC2 dropping down a league, obviously some of these issues will be less of an issue, but with that also comes the fact that its pretty much an MLS reserve league, and the matches really don't matter. So, matches that matter, in front of real paying fans vs 200 people in a reserve league? Although it really is a moot point because, I do agree TFC signed him so Halifax couldn't and I highly doubt TFC would be willing to loan him.... Even if it might make the most sense for everyone involved.
  9. BradMack

    Greg Ranjitsingh

    He would 100% get called up if he wanted to rep Canada right? I'd say he's pretty obviously right in the mix to be our #2 with Crepeau having to battle for that #1 spot with the caps and Jayson Leutwiler being stuck on the bench in England. Unless Orlando sign a new keeper before the start of the season, it looks like he will be given the starting role... The player ahead of him has 5 MLS games played, and only 43 games played in his pro career.... Greg has 78 pro games played, and was the starter under now Orlando head coach, James O'Connor, for the last 3 years... Where they won 2 USL Cups together. Fair bet he's their starter this year unless they bring in a vet. Borjan, Ranjitsingh, Crepeau.... It starts to not look so bad. Come on John Herdman, give bobby a call and get him in Greg's ear.
  10. BradMack

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    The only problem is that he's on like, 128k USD.... so MLS would need to pay a big chunk of that contract... If that happens though FCE could pretend theyre paying it, add it into their average, and claim to be one of the highest spending teams in USL! 😉
  11. BradMack

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I don't see how it doesn't make sense... Other than if TFC need him to play for TFC 2 for multiple years to fill out some sort of MLS homegrown play standard or something like that.... He's from Nova Scotia, Hart knows him, he played and scored the final penalty in the friendly with Fortuna Düsseldorf, and he probably has better shot at developing under Hart... How much has any attacking player gained from playing on one of the worst teams in the league in TFC2.... Attacking players need to see the ball to grow, and TFC2 barely sees the ball. At Halifax he would be guided by a very experienced coach, who plays an attacking style, and judging by recent signings, would surround him with players with significantly more experience than he would be at TFC2. TFC2 have 6 attacking players signed... Shaffelburg is the oldest and has 0 pro minutes played. If TFC really rate him, one could argue it makes more sense for them to loan him to Halifax, than keep him at TFC2.
  12. BradMack

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    Signing in Halifax confirmed.
  13. BradMack

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    I'd say Shome to FCE makes sense, Shaffleburg to HFX... Any of the Vancouver kids to PFC... I could see PFC signing Matthew Baldisimo and then going after Michael on loan from the 'Caps. It is in everyone's best interest for Michael to get minutes this year as he is highly rated, and he most likely wont see them in MLS with the cap space Vancouver has this season and the seemingly obvious push for Simon Colyn to be the next big prospect people want to see on the first team... This is the most obvious move for me. Creapeau wont be leaving the caps, he's been tweeting PR tweets for them. Montgomery is the best defender in the draft and some think he's MLS ready, and Dallas have a huge hole at CB, so I doubt it is him.
  14. BradMack

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Would fit Hart's style as well. Could be a great fit.
  15. BradMack

    Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

    I'm not trying to crap on TFC, I support them. I'm also not pumping Forge's tires, believe me... I'm actually a Halifax season ticket holder. I mistakenly gave Forge credit where I meant to say Sigma in my original post. I don't think anyone would argue TFC has developed more, better players than Sigma... most of the players related to TFC in the league were either drafted by TFC and developed elsewhere, recieved most of their developement at other clubs, or are nowhere near as proven as the guys Forge has signed from Sigma... That is my reasoning for the post... Its just incredible how successful Sigma has been, in essentially the same area, with way less resources compared to TFC. Hopefully with Ali Curtis coming in the whole system can be revamped and turned around. RBNY has one of the best academies in MLS and he was a big part of that from what I read.