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  1. BradMack

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Oh hey look its me!
  2. BradMack

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    If it is the players leaving for more money in the CPL, wouldn't that discredit the Fury's reasoning for not joining CPL too? Either way they don't look good in this.
  3. BradMack

    What is our CB depth

    In my opinion James is probably the guy I have pencilled in to start every game.... Beside him I'd like it to be Henry, I think the good outweighs the bad with Henry and still think he can improve. It is situational though, maybe if we are playing a Panama or Costa Rica it might be good to have Jako, Vitoria or Edgar in there as they are savy vets who deal with the diving better and are less clumsy in the box.. But if we are playing Honduras or Jamaica those three will get absolutely burned for pace. For as muc as people want to talk about Henry potentially costing us an important game, people seem to forget our other CB's getting tourched at the Gold Cup because they're not athletic enough to keep up with Concacaf speedsters.... Its how we got eliminated...
  4. BradMack

    Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

    I think this hire might do a lot more than open the doors for current L1O Sigma players, I'm sure some of those guys will fill depth positions, but perhaps more impactful will be the relationship he has with a bunch of current pros who would be very good players in this league... Kyle Bekker, Welshman, Layrea, Greg Ranjitsingh, and a bunch of other guys owe a lot to Sigma and if the money is similar I bet they'd love to come home and play for Bobby. As a Wanderers fan I'm hoping Hart's connections and reputation can offer something similar and we're not behind the 8ball.
  5. BradMack

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    Jamaica and El Salvador could be in real trouble here. I think one of them along with French Guiana, and one of Martinique or Guadaloupe will not make it from pot A. Jamaica has a pretty easy rest of draw until they have to go to El Salvador. Curacao is a pretty decent team and belongs in the top half of Concacaf. Realistically only 1 or 2 of these teams will miss out on the Gold Cup, I hope it isn't Jamaica, it's good for the region to have more famous places in the Gold Cup.
  6. Personally I think he and a few of the other younger guys were mostly brought in as they have important matches coming up for the u-20 and u-23 teams. Busti and ZBG are probably seen as very important members of those squads, along with Millar, David and potentially Davies. Davies I could see him being left with the senior team as he is so important and unique for us and I believe nations league and the upcoming youth camp conflict?
  7. BradMack

    CPL General

    I've been thinking about this a lot, the whole image te league is putting out, the amount of hires they've made for the media side of things, the amount of $$ the owners have, the success of the membersip drives.... This whole thing about drastically low player salaries isn't matching up. I just don't think tey'd be dumb enough to do this.
  8. BradMack

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Yes I'm terrified of this. Especially because USVI is a team full of guys who aren't lucky enough to go pro. I really hope they aren't going to put a target on Davies back because he is acheiving what they haven't... and at such a young age. I'm nervous every time I watch him in MLS as it really is exactly how MLS teams deal with stars they can't control. I remember seeing the same tactics used on Giovinco when he was lighting up the league. Can't stop him? STOP HIM... Part of me hopes he comes off at half time after we pot a few.
  9. $400k for that summer camp, and I think crucial with olympics coming up.
  10. Honestly im worried they are just going to bunker the whole time. The difference in the rest of the group could come down to who lets in the least amount of goals vs Canada.... I'm not worried we are going to lose, but im a bit worried they will be athletic and bunker well enough that we only win by 3 or 4, which will put a bad look on the program for people who just see the score.
  11. BradMack

    CPL Jersey Outfitter

    Reality is we need to do everything possible to make money just for this thing to survive in the early years. We talk about greed, but lets not forget we haven't ever had a pro league here that worked and we may finally be getting one. Thats why I'm okay with it. Once it becomes clear that all the teams are healthy and can stand on their own feet I'd be in favour of abolishing it if it makes any sort of financial sense.
  12. BradMack

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    You'd have to look into that and find out which views they are saying define alt-right. News organizations report Jordan Peterson as alt-right all the time and that is certainly not based in facts. It is just to scare people and generate clicks which = money while simultaniously driving their political agenda. Look at the people who are actually involved. The leader is struggling for money and another higher up lives with his parents (who publicly embarrased him on a live stream). This however is not a political thread, and I really couldnt care less about a frog meme lol. Back on topic, York really need all the fans they can get right now... Surely the banned TFC group could come to some sort of an agreement with them regarding flares. If they very clearly lay out the rules it could be beneficial to both groups. Although if the group breaks the rules in the new York stadium thats made out of trees things could go very poorly. 😂
  13. BradMack

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    They had the backing of a country... Lets not pretend like there is any sort of comparable level of power here, what were the numbers at their last rally? Under 100? They are a laughably small and insignificant group, and for good reason.
  14. dramatic and comic series are either in their golden age or at their most boated and stale I think there are more good shows and more bad shows than ever before, because there are more shows than ever before. A lot of the stale and boring shows I blame on PC culture, less risk taking on big budget TV productions. documentary is finally a popular medium or just an easy way to tell a story without spending money Both. Netflix and Youtube have simply provided a platform where you are more likely to view them than the TV channels nobody watched that had documentaries. film is either adopting to a changing era or straight up dying. there's strong evidence that classic films (ranging from wizard of oz to pulp fiction) are being watched less than ever before It is possible that the classic movie theatre is dying, although film is not dying. If film is dying it will be because series are much more effective at telling a story just because they offer more time to tell a deeper story, and it is a natural death. Beat by a better product. It is like how video games with great stories have never been great in movie form. That is because the video game may have 20 hours to tell its story while you only get 3 at the very most in a theatre. Game of Thrones is probably the best example of a series that is crushing films. As far as less people watching classic films.... There are just so many better things to watch to be honest. They may be great films but they undeniably show their age, and the bar has risen. Of course I like a lot of classic films but they can be painful to watch if you're used to full HD quality video. It is like how nobody watches the great black and white movies anymore. Again, a natural process. This is also why there are remakes. is youtube actually about videos or is it about audio Both, why can they only be one thing? There are even different apps for youtube video and youtube music. music is most interesting as there are strong arguments to be made this is either the best or worst time period in the history of popular music. the production and consumption end is often linked to both arguments. there's also the shift that's recently happened where hip hop has fully overtaken rock as the most popular genre of music. This one would actually require research because of the artist vs streaming company $$ fight. But it is the best time for a consumer unless you are a collector. Easier than ever to legally listen to music. The shift in popular genres is again a natural process, it happens often. I actually studied the evolution of music (focus on rock and roll) this past semester. What is happening today is not so different than what happened with Elvis, or before him the big band/front man focus.
  15. BradMack

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    It is a comic character that the alt-right tried to make their symbol but never succeeded in doing so. It is much more commonly known as a dumb meme. The media like to highlight that the alt-right use it as a way to smear trump who used pepe in his campaign earlier. They play it up just like how they play up the size of the alt right. They're just a bunch of losers who can't even get numbers together for a public display. I for one don't think we should give them the credit or let them have any symbols. If they took the Canada Soccer logo and decided to start posting that online and use that as their symbol would it all of a sudden be theirs?