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  1. An Observer

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    Interesting that 280 seats are available in 108B, the supporters section. It is possible that in some of the sections where no seats are available, they haven't released those tickets yet or are keeping them for match day walk ups
  2. My recollection was the turning point came in 1988 Olympic qualifying when we lost a two leg match to the US and didn't qualify. After those two matches, it was the first time I remember thinking: "Damn, I think they are better than us." And unfortunately, I have been thinking that ever since.
  3. An Observer

    CPL General

    Ignore is a wonderful feature on this Board. I suggest you add him to that.
  4. An Observer

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    I don’t have a dog I this fight but man have you heard of the word “brevity”.
  5. An Observer

    Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

    Being a born and bred Hamiltonian who hasnt live there for 30 years, I am impressed. I remember the Steelers trying to scratch together 2000 fans when they were top of the league (or at least the East)
  6. An Observer

    Robbie Aristodemo

    He was on the same CNT U20 side as DeRosario, Stalteri and Bent. And one of the better players in the World Cup for that age group. Never quite panned out as well as the other 3. Clarke was the other really good player on that side who played somewhat professionally but not as high as the others; whereas Hastings had a decent career from that age group and Brennan even better although he didnt make that side
  7. An Observer

    Canada-Dominica Game Thread (R)

    Not working for me. I just get an error. Tried on two devices as well. Maybe because I am in Hong Kong
  8. An Observer

    Impact 2018

    i think this answers your question: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/sports/1129753/joey-saputo-impact-montreal-mls-taxes-ville-montreal-chronique-martin-leclerc
  9. An Observer

    General - CONCACAF Nations League

    Considering all the Nicaraguans that have recently emigrated to Costa Rica, it will still probably be a home game
  10. An Observer

    Milan Borjan

    Come on. Do you think someone who accepted a bribe wound tweet it out? Anyone who puts any credence in that being true isn’t really using their head.
  11. An Observer

    CPL Stadium Thread

    The other thing is that Europe plays mostly in fall to spring schedules where it is cold and grey with a lot of rain. Roofs keep that rain off. We play spring to fall where most of the time it’s sunny so you want to maximise the days that fans can be sitting outside in the sun rather than under the roof. Obviously, that means that you get days where it’s cold and wet or snow that you have to suffer through
  12. An Observer

    CPL Stadium Thread

    The problem in Canada is due to the CFL. The end zones are so deep that the view is that you need to put the vast majority of seats between the goal lines. Whilst I get the mentality, it does kill the atmosphere. The best compromise is to put temporary stands / beer gardens over the CFL endzones. Or build small soccer specific stadiums as in this thread. I think the lack of roofs is down to owners / governments being cheap and trying to get maximum seats for lowest cost. That just simply is short sighted as it results in less fan atmosphere and therefore less fans interested.
  13. An Observer

    CPL Season Schedule

    The US Cup has MLS sides starting in the fourth round but they only play single elimination games
  14. An Observer

    CPL Season Schedule

    There was an interesting article pre World Cup in the Econmist about GDP and size of the country in relation to World Cup performance over the years. We were one of the significant under performers with the US. A lot of the speculation in the article was that the MLS encourages mediocrity rather than excellence. I took that with a grain of salt as if that was the case Canada would be a significant under achiever in hockey and the US in basketball as both those top leagues use a similar structure.
  15. An Observer

    Best XI

    If we want to see the best players on the field especially against good sides, we might see Larin or Cavallini up top with Hoilett and Balla on the wings, Arfield and Osorio in midfield and one of Piette or Hutch in front of the backline. That would leave Davies as left back and what an attacking left back he could be with his speed and ball control. That still leaves the issue of the right back position. Didn’t MAK play some right or left back in the Gold Cup. Could be an option?