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  1. They forgot one member coach Mitchell - Monkeyfart
  2. when the national team goes to Jamaica, someone should sneak some weed into mitchell's luggage before coming back to Canada. He will be caught, it will get media attention, and he will be fired.
  4. I reckon the voyageurs do the same tonight while the CSA and Dale are still in charge.
  5. Volunteers should not be at the top. A salaried President should be at the top. The president should good great at business, should love soccer, but does not necessarily need to know it that well. President hires knowledgeable soccer people under him. Those soccer people hire an experienced international coach and allow him to bring his staff to run the national team. in layman's terms, that's the way most soccer centric countries do it in the world... a lot hire a domestic coach, but we can't afford to go that route in Canada anymore, we need to look abroad. Canada's model is ass backwards.
  6. greating ****..got me all riled up for nothing.
  7. Simple Jack will do a better job than Mitchell. I guarantee it.
  8. With Mitchell - 0% With HART - 25%
  9. Chile under Bielsa has only lost (and lost big) to the teams that are predicted to be the top 3 in CONMEBOL... Argentina, Brasil and Paraguay. However, Chile did go down swinging and I can honestly say that I liked how they played and approached those games, they missed their chances for gol, and those teams converted with less than half a chance. Chile under Bielsa is looking great, but we gotta remember that this core team is a very young team...virtually the under 20's with a few guys ranging from 22 to 27 years of age...so slip ups with the top 3 teams are easier to digest. But playing the same way versus the rest of the teams has gotten them great results.... thus 4th place so far. the moral of the story here is that Chile cleaned their futbol association's house, hired a smart president, who then did the right thing and got the best possible (and available) coach and his staff to run the show. Bielsa was best solution for a team that lacked everything including discipline. And b/c of this new found reputation and organization, Chile now has more exhibition games versus better teams (Turkey, Mexico, Spain, Russia..) Change can be quick when the talent is there. Chile has talent. Canada has talent. CSA is messed up and thats where the problem lies.
  10. regardless of what we put out there, you still have a BIG problem behind the bench. begin with the starting 1: Mitchell out, Hart in.
  11. Carver is not even the solution for TFC... TFC hired some latinos for the attack, but Carver doesn't know how to use those pieces!
  12. Carlos Bianchi And His Staff http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_Bianchi i think he's unemployed
  13. $3 million my ass! go to South America (Argentina) and you get a solid coach and staff for 1/3 that price. Chile is paying Bielsa and his guys $1 million per year.
  14. VMontagliani@soccercan.ca,DMaestracci@soccercan.ca, VUrsini@soccercan.ca, ABarrett@soccercan.ca,MTraficante@soccercan.ca, RNewman@soccercan.ca, FKern@soccercan.ca,SReed@soccercan.ca,JKnox@soccercan.ca, SDrain@soccercan.ca,DRedmond@soccercan.ca, BLaver@soccercan.ca,SDalziel@soccercan.ca,GMacDonald@soccercan.ca, DMadonis@soccercan.ca, JKuc@soccercan.ca,BGillen@soccercan.ca,RVail@soccercan.ca,NFillippone@soccercan.ca This is my best guess at what their emails would be, if at least 1 is right and the message gets through, it'll be worth it.
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