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  1. Borjan Peters-Mckenna-Hainault-De Jong Johnson-Hutch Jackson/Dero Dero/Jackson Simpson Friend I think De Jong is still the man to go with despite a bad game vs the US. Johnson is a little more composed with the ball than Dunfield. Both Jackson or Dero would be a good link between Hutch and the front three and can run on to balls coming off of Friend. Friend up front because he holds the ball up way better than Gerba and gives the wingers a legitimate crossing option. In his shape Gerba looks like a sub to me. When he comes on I think the pressure is on the mid/wingers to create more for Ali while Friend fits into the a 4-3-3 system better allowing more space for the wingers. I also like the idea of Jackson making clever runs off the ball with Friend, Simpson, and Dero sending him through.
  2. The match seems to be up at Maxxed forums. http://www.fbtz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=179902
  3. I refuse to get my hopes up that he will play for us. It is fun to dream though. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11676_5525067,00.html
  4. A bit of a sleepy affair there for a while. Both teams seemed a little sluggish and disinterested for parts of the game. I thought we had great control in the first half but Jamaica really weren't pressuring us much. Forrest said we needed quicker, sharper passes and I agree. Sutton scares me almost everytime I see him. He had a great save and seems a capable shot-stopper but is a horrible distributer; long balls to nowhere, scuffed kicks, a wayward throw. Jakovic is in mid-season form and it showed. He had a little more pep in his step than the rest of the backline. Klukowski was solid as usual and Stalteri looked a savvy vet. Mckenna is a little slow but did his job and was the only one who looked confident dealing with set pieces I thought. Our defence was pretty good but I was dissapointed with our midfield. Deguzman was definately not in top shape and looked sloppy out there. Bernier I thought brought the ball out of the air really well with some good touches but didn't contribute much other than that. I have seen some great play from Hutch with Kobenhaven but rarely with Canada. He always seems to end up being merely satisfactory but at least he is consistently so. Up top we seemed to have lots of energy with Johnson (mid-season fit) and De Jong but not much flair or creativity. We could have used DDR roaming around up there. Simpson and especially Jackson brought a little more danger when brought on. Jackson looks quick, with quick feet and a little pace. I really do like Johnson's work rate however and may be better in Bernier's role. Now my two cents on Gerba. I have always felt that Gerba is a pretty average player. He is lazy in bringing balls out of the air, doesn't have a great first touch, doesn't make particularily good runs, but has maybe THE one skill a striker really needs and that is finishing. I find that he is only as good as the service is to him. Although it only seems to take one good ball for Ali to put it in the net which is something Canada, and TFC for that matter, has desperately needed in the past. All in all I think the game could have gone either way. We don't look as good as we did last Gold Cup but we got our 3 points. It is so nice to see Canada get the result from these balanced games for a change. No phantom call or horrible back pass screwed us on this day.
  5. Readers at www.twtd.co.uk have Peters rated as Man of the Match. I was wondering what the hell happened to him. I always thought once he started to develop a mind for the game he could be a great player.
  6. Just a warning. I clicked on the gladbach highlight link and my computer security went haywire. It popped up claiming it was blocking some attacks and trojans.
  7. Just a warning. I clicked on the gladbach highlight link and my computer security went haywire. It popped up claiming it was blocking some attacks and trojans.
  8. That is a pretty inaccurate match report. Friend didn't head his goal in and it was a rebound from a Friend attempt that was cleared off the line.
  9. I watched the game as well. Friend could easily of had a hat-trick in this game. A combination of great goalkeeping and nervous finishing attempts kept him to just one goal.
  10. I think in the current setup Friend would be the best choice. He creates space for our wingers to attack and holds up the ball well for our midfield. He isn't much of a goal-scorer at the national level but he seems to be developing that part of his game at the club level while partnered with Neuville. We should maybe try teaming him up with Radz or Hume up front. Gerba and Occean seem to be finishers. If we can build up the play and get either one of the those two the ball in good positions they would really shine in my opinion. Gerba showed this at the Gold Cup. I think if we wanted to throw one of Gerba or Occean up front Mitchell would have to tweak the system a bit. The creativity of our midfield would have to be firing on all cylinders.
  11. Here is a nice clip of Julian controlling the midfield in the Teresa Herrera pre-season tourney final. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW9OLae18nQ Looks like he is gaining confidence and improving his skills which has me excited to see how he progresses for WCQ. Edit: I guess I should have posted this in last weeks thread.
  12. Came across an interview with Jonathan De Guzman on youtube. The interview is entirely in Dutch so I have no clue what he said but I think he mentioned passport (if the word sounds the same in Dutch as in English). May be interesting if you understand it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRH_a8beF54
  13. LOL I have not seen that thing in quite some time. That Fur "Traitor" is from the town I grew up in. As for Jono, I for one still have blind optimism and think JDG2 is getting a Dutch passport just to further his club career and will still suit up for his country.
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