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  1. Work day ending here on the west coast. Already looking forward to that first pint at Doolin's tomorrow. Can't get here fast enough.
  2. Small and largely meaningless gesture, but can we send our best wishes as a group to the members of the Women's team and let them know how proud we are of them? Suggest hashtag #Voyageurs4CanWNT Does someone have a comprehensive list of player Twitter accounts?
  3. And I actually saw a lot of that. And appreciated it. And am (as of now) following. IMHO it just needs to come from one place. It can be multiple people with one voice tweeting under the Voyageurs umbrella. But that I saw your tweets and still didn't feel as though there was a concerted social media strategy is what I take away. In my mind, I was getting your tweets because I followed the Voyageurs rather than because I was a potential fan. (Again, I hate sounding like I know what's going to work. I just feel that if there was a more effective Canadian supporters social media "brand", it would move the pebble forward.)
  4. My comments are more content/style related than platform related. Yes, this site is clunky, but if the challenge is awareness/ticket sales to engaged fans, that can be done on the existing Twitter feed/Facebook page. Casual fans just need to be given a reason to follow/like. I am a chronic-retweeter; I think it is an incredible tool to easily share things that interest me with people who I think might also be interested. In the weeks leading up to CMNT games, I want to be able to retweet interesting/informative/funny/provocative tweets (or links to similar content) that will get my followers ineterested (notwithstanding that the bulk of my followers are already interested). And I would love it if there were someone out there who wasn't already pulled in a million different directions who took responsibility to make the feeds all that they could be. Again, I'm playing armchair quarterback and in no way am I trying to criticize the incredible efforts put in by those already getting involved. Just throwing stuff out there.
  5. Just my 2 cents (and forgive me for getting into business-speak here), but the Voyageurs' (and the CSA's, but that's another issue) social media strategy and presence should be looked at. Jamie, I know how much work you do and don't want this to be seen as a criticism in any way, but we should have a dedicated person (or team) to actively maintain the Voyageurs' presence on Twitter and Facebook. There should be a couple of social media-savvy marketing types (or those looking to get into that line of work) willing to ensure that the Voyageurs are a compelling presence on social media (on Twitter, I'm thinking a cheeky voice, akin to the LA Kings Twitter feed). I'm not expecting these to be world-changers. But why not have a goal of doubling (tripling? quintupling?) the number of followers of the Voyageurs on Twitter and Facebook. Compelling content (articles, pictures, videos, comments from the boards, etc) to grow awareness. Through sharing and re-tweeting, there should be no excuse for Voyageurs content (and awareness of CMNT games) to show up in the feeds of every person in Canada with even the vaguest interest in sports. Again, not a panacea. But an opportunity to take advantage of cheap, relevant media to build awareness.
  6. The Podium in Victoria will no doubt be showing it. Not sure what the sound situation will be like with the basketball but you can always request a table upstairs or downstairs and they can put the sound on there (if it's not on in the whole place).
  7. Actually, Americans have no problems getting into Cuba. The US has a problem with Americans going to Cuba and spending money there, however.
  8. Awesome initiative. Only question is: is it 100% that the game will be in Havana?
  9. Article in today's Victoria Times Colonist: http://www.timescolonist.com/sports/Victoria+goalkeeper+lands+with+England+Huddersfield+Town/5275590/story.html
  10. Gonna try and make this. On the 1 pm ferry for an event in Vancouver Tuesday night. Should be able to fit the game in.
  11. Gonna try and make it out. Work-demands pending.
  12. At least as recent as the 2007 U-20s. That was the Adidas kit with the wonky neck and the black side panel on the right side.
  13. Qwest is conspicuous by its absence.
  14. He's cleaned up his act since last week then, when his naive slide in the box against Will Johnson led to an RSL penalty.
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