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  1. hottoddy7

    TFC tomorrow

    Hey My girlfriend and I are going to the game against Chicago tomorrow and I was wondering if there are any places people go for a few drinks first and also what time can you actually get into the stadium? thanks
  2. Referee having a laugh with Guevara. Interesting
  3. hottoddy7

    TFC Tickets

    Hi guys. Going to be in Toronto in October and I had a few questions about seeing a game. We have decided on the October 23rd game against Chicago and I was wondering 1. Where is the best place to sit? My girlfriend will be there but no kids. 2. How much are tickets and where is the best place to buy them. It isn't possible to buy them on the tfc site yet but my girlfriend said she saw them on another site already. Also any ideas on good hotels in Toronto? Doesn't have to be super swanky not looking for a dive either though. Thanks.
  4. I agree the other fullback has been brutal as well. But jgl is just terrible perhaps some of that is being out of position. But I haven't seen any of his class on the ball. Fair enough though the whole team is looking crap out there.
  5. I've never seen jgl play aside from three games in this tournament but he has been awful.
  6. Yes I am. Played in St.John's and Mt.Pearl.
  7. It's my birthday. Not only did I get a fallout 4 pre order but a skilled winger to help us score. Not bad.
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