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  1. Haven't been here in a while so lost touch mebbe but do you know how sad a read this is[V] Hoping for a player to fail just enough so we can claim him for our own? That's crushing.
  2. Was in Turkey last week and saw the name Simpson in the Team of the Week. No picture, no first name, but played left wing. Thought it could be Josh? Anyone confirm?
  3. That is the best news I've heard in a long time!
  4. Under my proposed system the international calendar would become more exciting. In France speculation about which players could be picked to fill out the roster would sell a ton of papers. Would they do better to bring in Kanoute and Diarra, or the Senegal pair of Diouf and Bouba Diop. Morocco's Chamakh has declared for France now that his first choice nation is out of the running. All were born in France and are dual citizens. Now that Canada has finally qualified for the big show, largely thanks to the talents of Jono, Hargreaves, Nsaliwa and Begovic; all reclaimed under new FIFA rules. They have also already contacted Hoillet and White of Jamaica, Fernandes and Vittoria of Portugal and American Landon Donovan might even be in line after the USA were crushed mercilessly by Canada four times in WCQ.
  5. It's half baked I know but I'm starting to think I'm on to something. Let's loosen the rules a little more: when a player is out of favour with a national side then he can go back to his second nation. Maybe there's a minimum number of caps, say 12, which create a cap tie situation or time lapsed between call ups. So Diarra falls out of favour with the manager after a year of no appearances he can join Mali even though he's been capped ten times for France. Or maybe it's as easy as a player declaring for two nations. So Vieira could appear in a tournament for Senegal when not needed by France. One nation gets precedence but there is a second nation which could benefit. When the Repbulic of Ireland went to Euro 88 they went looking for English players with Irish grannies who weren't good enough for England and built a really good team with guys like Houghton, Townsend, Cascarino, McGrath, Staunton, etc Take that precedent and expand it. If we're not going to qualify then we can give our young players a chance to play in a World Cup without losing them forever. If we're going to keep losing our best players then we can at least keep a door open for their return. Of course if we do qualify not only do we exercise first option one all those who declared Canada as their first nation (apologies to aboriginals) but also go looking for Canadian grannies ie Bircham. I'm going to make a petition for FIFA. ahem Dear Sepp,...[]
  6. We're not the only nation of immigrants, but we are the youngest with the least established footballing tradition. It would be tremendous benefit to have young players garnering experience with other national sides, if they could then come back and play for us. What if England just had an option to borrow Hargreaves for major tournaments and then gave him back when we need him for WCQ? If Jono DeGuzman gets three caps for Holland is it really fair to say he can never play for Canada after that? If he is not making the team then Canada should be able to reclaim him. As FIFA continues to relax the rules we'll see more and more players looking to opt out of thier national affiliation. Anyone who watched the UEFA U-21 tournament could see there is a lot of players at the youth level who could qualify for more than one country. Few of the Germans who held the tophy will hold a spot in the senior side, should they not have an option to represent their "second" nation? One nation is not enough. Canada is not indivisible under FIFA rules, we are a pluralist society and everybody comes from somewhere else. Let's make that work to our advantage.
  7. It's a global village FIFA, get with it. The New world order makes it impossible to identify yourself with just ONE country. Players should be allowed to represent more than one nation. There is a tier of contenders that players would be able to compete for spots with and then there is everybody else. Why not let the qualifiers borrow players from the teams who don't make it? So in the next World Cup, Cameroon can give Ali Gerba a chance to make the team without impacting his ability to play for Canada. If Bosnia make it then call up Begovic. If Scotland want to borrow Hume and McKenna then I say let them go. It's not like we're going to be using them.
  8. "Its bizarre but the only people I've seen arguing it was a foul is on this board" After a long period of regular abuse the victims start to believe it is their fault and they deserve to be beaten and abused.
  9. That was a fun day for Canadian soccer fans! Seriously, misery loves company and I was in good company to share the misery that we all knew was coming. One of my friends had just came over to Canada and had no idea about the CONCACAF inner workings and conspiracy. He is a long time football fan, very knowledgable about the game and was shocked at the incompetence of the call, saying that was one of the worst he's ever seen. Just couldn't figure out what had happened. Well...did I ever have a good time helping him understand what he was seeing. I showed him the rest of the whole sad story on youtube, the Attiba equalizer against the US, the Occean equalizer in Edmonton against Honduras and penalty call against Watson just before that...I then went on a rant that lasted most of the second half about Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer and the CSA and only stopped when I got to the part about Iain Hume getting carded because he had to leave the field with a cracked skull...that always chokes me up... ...gimme a second, I'll be ok.... ahh, there, anyways the next day I woke up smiling and realized that I am happy in my new role as The Canadian Conspiracy guy. Basically one of those tinfoil wearing crackpots who has lost grip on reality and is barely able to function in society. Tolerated, barely, by close friends who know better than to bring up certain topics. I can hear them whispering in the next room, "Just don't talk about Canadian soccer and he'll be ok"
  10. and we are an exotic nation! little bit of Africa, little bit of the Caribbean, little bit of Holland, some Serbian flair...even a wee dram of the Highlands! we're an exotic polyglot. we're mutlicolored. we're sexy football! OOOH AAAh CA NA DA
  11. he is 6'6 and that surely doesn't help. I missed ya here, being tall doesn't help goalkeepers?
  12. Congrats to the Nats. I cancelled cable recently so I didn't even notice that it was pre empted. But like Redhat says if you a fan then you spend a lot of time searching...and wandering...lost in a forrest of indifference. It was 1am when I saw Benito rob Attiba of his equalizer. I woke the neighbourhood."You did it to us again. You cheatin bastard." I wonder where I'll be when the Concacrap conspiracy stops us this time?
  13. He won't get off the bench, friggin great lump of steroid contrived neandrathal knuckle dragger.
  14. It also says we qualified 9 times...when we qualified automically after winning it in 2000.
  15. "...not remembering bad performances of the past." OK sure but can anyone forget it? Onstad and DeRo may be legends of the MLS but for Canada fans that legacy is tainted. The Gold Cup kids look good though!
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