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  1. Silvio

    Is MLS Toronto dead?

    There is still plenty of enthusiasm for this new team! There just hasn't been much news to talk about in the last 2 weeks.
  2. I doubt they could truck in that much sod and not have it turn into mush at this time of year. It was a sensitive enough operation during the summer. It will be played on the fieldturf, just like the Rangers v. Dynamo Zagreb match was earlier this year.
  3. http://sports.yahoo.com/sow/news?slug=reu-francefriendly&prov=reuters&type=lgns Well it looks like France will be playing Costa Rica on November 9th .... in Martinique?? I wonder if they'd ever consider playing Canada in St. Pierre & Miquelon! []
  4. I'd say it's pretty high profile - both clubs are expected to bring their first team. Tickets are pricey at $70 a pop (plus taxes and service charges) for a middle of the week game. But I have a good feeling that they will still get a good crowd. Anyone interested in going let me know! ___________ Santos FC vs Sporting FC Wednesday November 09, 2005 Rogers Centre Sporting Event - Santos FC vs Sporting FC Event Details: Sporting Club de Portugal and Santos Futebol Clube of Brazil have long and illustrious histories with many titles to their credit. Sporting, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2006, has won 22 Portuguese league titles, 13 Portugal Cups, five Portuguese Super Cups and one European Cup Winners' Cup. It boasts such stars as Liedson, Ricardo and Joao Moutinho and has a worldwide following of more than three million supporters. Santos FC is the eight-time and defending Brazilian league champion and the club with which the legendary Pele spent most of his career. The club has produced some of the world's greatest players including Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo and Robinho. Laser pens/video cameras are not permitted. Cameras (including digital) are permitted. Fans subject to search upon entrance. No designated supporter sections for this match. Gates Open: 7 p.m. Date & Time: November 9 at 8 p.m. Ticket Prices: $70.00, $60.00, $45.00, $30.00* Family Pack (minimum 4 tickets): $25.00/ticket*(Restrictions apply) Youth Tickets (2yrs. - 12yrs. old): $8.00* discount (Restrictions apply) *Above prices exclude service charges. Group Sales: Groups of 10 or more: call Lori Parker at (416) 341-2255 Ticket Information: Tickets for this event are available at all Ticketmaster outlets or charge by phone at (416) 872-5000 or visit at ticketmaster.ca to buy tickets online.
  5. ^HL:Vancouver, Montreal says CSA is rushing towards Toronto MLS franchise@< ^By Neil Davidson@=< ^The Canadian Press@=< The Canadian Soccer Association is rushing toward a Major League Soccer franchise in Toronto and the domestic game could suffer as a result, according to the Montreal Impact and Vancouver Whitecaps.< They applaud Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd. for getting into soccer. And they welcome the possibility of another soccer-specific stadium in Canada _ the Impact have already announced plans for a new 15,000-seat home while the Whitecaps have a called a news conference for Thursday to announce their own 15,000-seat stadium project.< But they say the time for an MLS team in Toronto is not right.< "I think we're rushing to it too quickly," Impact owner Joey Saputo said Wednesday from Montreal.< "I think there's a lot of good to it, but at the same time I think there might be a lot of bad in it and may affect us negatively. And unfortunately we're making decisions today without really looking at the full scope of how it's going to affect the game, not only in Montreal and in Vancouver and Toronto, but across the country."< Bob Lenarduzzi, director of soccer operations for the Whitecaps, is on the same page as Saputo.< "We seem to be putting far too much emphasis on one MLS team in our country, and that being a cure to our woes at the international level. I don't think it's going to work that way," he said from Vancouver.< A former national team coach, Lenarduzzi knows firsthand how Canadian soccer has paid the price for poor infrastructure.< "Everyone can blame the national team coaches, but as far as our game goes we have not been doing a good job from bottom to top," he said from Vancouver. "We need to start at the bottom. We need to build a strong foundation and move on from there.< "I think we're starting to do that. MLS coming along at a time when we're putting the bricks in place, it just seems like it's too soon."< He says Canada's pro clubs, the provincial soccer associations and CSA should be working together "from the bottom up."< Added Saputo: "I don't think we are ready. I don't think Canada is ready. . . . I don't think that by having one MLS franchise in Canada are we going to really develop the game we need to develop it." <<Break>> < Lenarduzzi worries a single MLS team in Toronto will continue the fragmentation that has hurt the Canadian soccer.< "That's not a knock on MLS either," he said. "I think MLS has done great things for the game in the United States. And at the appropriate time, anyone in the soccer world in Canada would love to be a part of playing in the best league in North America."< But both the Impact and Whitecaps, considered model franchises in the second-tier United Soccer League, stand to lose if the first-tier MLS comes to Toronto.< "What is going to be the reaction from the fans in Montreal, knowing they have become a second division (team)? What's going to be the reaction from the fans in Vancouver when the Whitecaps become a second division (team)?" asked Saputo.< Top players will be drawn to the MLS franchise because of its higher profile and pay.< "It's going to do that, that's a fact," said Lenarduzzi. "It's also going to probably result in, if we want to keep some of those players, spending more money than we have been spending.< "The broadcast side of it, if they're on national television, that comes back into our markets.< "What I don't want to portray is that we're upset with MLS or MLSE, We just feel the time is wrong. And it should be more of a co-ordinated approach. Especially when you've got two owners like Saputo and (Vancouver's Greg) Kerfoot."< Kevan Pipe, the CSA's chief operating officer, responds by saying the Impact are already seeing domestic talent like Sandro Grande leaving for the greener pastures of Europe.< And he argues the opportunity to hook up MLS, MLSE and the Toronto stadium project could not be missed.< "We can't wait," Pipe said. "To buy into that argument says that we wait for another five years. MLSE has many opportunities to move in many other different directions. . . . That argument has to be categorically rejected. We cannot continue to wait for other rainbows occurring on other days. The time to move is now."< Saputo doesn't see it that way.< "If it's good today, I think it'll be better in the future," he said.< "If there's an opportunity for Kevan Pipe and the CSA to have their stadium and at the same time that they have their stadium, they're able to get an MLS franchise, you grab it when it's hot," he acknowledged. "But that's not necessarily the best thing. I think what you need to take a look at is how is this particular decision going to affect development of the game across the country."< The Toronto Lynx, the third Canadian USL franchise, had previously objected to MLS in Toronto but seems to have come round to the idea of playing in the proposed new stadium, according to local reports. <<Break>> < ^Notes@: The Whitecaps are planning to announce a 15,000-seat stadium on the waterfront by the cruise ship terminal near the Pan Pacific Hotel. The team, which has already bought the land, hopes the federal government may be interested in getting involved like it has with the Toronto stadium. No price tag has been set, but it is expected to be in the ball park of the $60 million the Toronto facility will cost.<
  6. Peter LiPreti, city councillor for Ward 8, is having a community meeting on next Wednesday Oct 12 to discuss the new stadium. Yes, Ward 8 is Downsview, and no, I don't know what's going on either. Anyone interested should probably call his office to get the time and location.
  7. look harder http://www.the-afc.com/english/national/default_NA.asp?action=newsDetail&nationalID=46&newsID=4035
  8. According to the AFC's website, Japan will be training in the U.S. and playing friendlies against countries from the Americas to prepare for the World Cup. China is also rumoured to be visiting the U.S. and Mexico for friendlies. What do you folks think - would it be worth if for the CSA to invite these teams to play a match in Canada? We don't have a World Cup (or any other significatnt tourney) to prepare for, and a lot of the team is based in Europe. I think either team would be a good test for the N. American based players - certainly better than Luxembourg! And probably a good way to revive the team's profile in this country. I'm guessing these matches - if they happen - would be played at Swangard.
  9. Sorry Elaine, didn't see your reply! I think you got the scores right.
  10. CONCACAF Women's World Cup 1999 Qualifying Tournament Hosted by Canada at Centennial Park Stadium in Etobicoke during August 1998. I saw Canada thrash Puerto Rico 21-0, and then took it a bit easier on Martinique beating them 18-0. That 21-0 scoreline was a FIFA record for a while. Canada had a pretty easy go of it, I think they might have given up maybe 1 goal during the entire tournament, probably against Guatemala. The final was pretty close, the women beat Mexico only 2-0. The place was jumping for the final - it's been 7 years and I've never seen Centennial that full or that loud for any event since.
  11. Soccer United Marketing yesterday completed its acquisition of the name, logo, Web site and contracts of New Jersey-based ChampionsWorld, which promoted tours in North America of European clubs the last two summers (N.Y. TIMES, 5/17). In case you're wondering, SUM is the same company that organizes and promotes other international exhibition games in the U.S. and CONCACAF tournaments including the Gold Cup. IMHO, they are larger and better run than ChampionsWorld so this is good news.
  12. Word is that the promoter of this game is Stefano Pucci of San Marco Sports Events, an event marketing firm based in Italy. http://www.sanmarcosportevents.com/societa_pucci_ing.html The event is less than a month away, I hope tickets go on sale soon!
  13. SSS? Soccer only? The York U football team just might object to that. Now that the plans are scaled-down, my guess is that they will not include the luxury suites, and probably make the whole thing bench seating (if it wasn't before).
  14. N.Y. BUSINESSMAN SAYS HE WILL MAKE OFFER FOR AN MLS FRANCHISE The SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS reported that Medallion Financial President Andrew Murstein, who at one time “considered buying the Spurs,” said he will make an offer to MLS this week to buy either an existing or expansion franchise and bring it to either San Antonio or N.Y. Murstein said Houston is another possible home for an MLS club, and noted that the price could amount to $13.5M. (SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS, 4/30). Take note MLSE! The price keeps going up every year, so if you're actually serious about wanting a team better get one now before all those US billionaires beat you to it.
  15. Actually, those were hard beer bottles they were throwing in Cleveland. Thankfully they remove bottlecaps and prohibit glass bottles in stadiums now. Some of the fans I met in the endzone known as the 'Dawg Pound' in Cleveland would fit right in with the idiots from Inter. Actually that city used to see some pretty rowdy and disruptive fasn at Indians baseball games too many years ago before they cleaned things up. Speaking of baseball, does anyone remember reports of bad fans at Yankee stadium during the 80's? I remember that they sometimes would throw batteries at opposing teams' outfielders. Anyway, It's a shame that media think this is just a problem with Italian soccer. It's a problem with bad stadium security that can happen anywhere. Just ask NBA fans in Detroit. And I agree, UEFA's punishment is way too lax. They have to send a strong message so this dangerous behaviour will finally stop. Every true fan hates to see a game ruined by some morons.
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