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  1. I don't mind the duke for the most part but the TV's there are just AWFUL. Actually it's probably the signal (not HD or even digital). Literally can't tell who the players are. Unless someone tells me they've upgraded things I wont be going
  2. Ok I updated my shipping info. I also selected a shirt, and shirt size as my membership item... Any other action needed? When are these things being shipped?
  3. I got my tickets too.. still no Jamie around though? very strange, hope all is well.
  4. So have we determined the health and status of Jamie, and thus our ticket shipment?
  5. So I'm an official member now!... when does my Certificate of Personal Awesomeness come? I'll be waiting by the mailbox for that one!
  6. If Jamaica makes it through I will smoke a "Jamaican cigarette" in celebration... Come to think of I will do the same if they miss out as well.
  7. It 100% should have stood. Occean was miles onside. Oh well.
  8. Its great to have "the right people" in the front rows but it needs to spread out more so there aren't dead zones. We'll see what happens in the hex (hopefully) wherever we end up playing! I really didnt find it that cold actually, especially since I was bouncing around a fair bit. I spent the first 60 minutes of play in a tshirt. The temps did definitely drop towards the end of the game though!
  9. Thoughts on the crowd last night: I was in row 15 of 113 and I did my best to follow the capos and sing loud, and it seemed like there were a small group behind me that did the same, but it seemed like there was a massive dead zone in front of us who either didn't know what to do or didn't bother. This made it really hard to follow the songs from the front. Maybe a more organized parade would have solidified us a bit more and given any new people time to hear and learn our songs. Watching the game on TV you can mostly only hear the drums which are out of time and sync with our songs. I don't know if these drums are coming from our section or not but they are really overpowering on the TV. Overall I had a fantastic time and I was in full party mode for 90 minutes. The 2 newbies I brought contributed well... I think they are hooked now too!
  10. uno99


    I hope we still sing the De Ro song cause its probably my favorite!
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