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  1. Hey, i'm having a debate about Canadian soccer elsewhere, and I was wondering, did Edmonton Strikers get any sort of compensation of transfer fee for Davies when he went to Vancouver? Can't find any articles that mention it, but I was pretty sure something happened.
  2. Unless they change formation into a 2 striker setup. They did exactly that in the 2nd half of the philly game.It worked well. They might do it again. I think the more likely is keeping the same formation but replacing oduro with Ballou, and AJH on the bench. But thats a pessimistic view.
  3. MLS salary information came out this week: http://www.mlsplayers.org/images/April 15, 2017 Salary Information - By Club.pdf Mancosu is making $700k, so no way he sees the bench unless he's REALLY unproductive. Only way AJH starts is in a 2 forward setup. With the weak performance of Oduro and the improvement last week when they replaced Bernardello with a forward, I think some sort of 442 or 4-1-3-2 makes sense. This week will be instructive. Biello has never been one to play the kids unless he is forced to. Let's see if that changes.
  4. Standing up for your opinions is perfectly acceptable. But I hope you understand that your tone and attitude in this discussion has played no small part in the response you are getting. I was not aware of your existence before an hour ago, but what I see is you making very serious statements that provoke strong reactions. A discussion on what are productive strategies for supporters or the team to employ can be very fruitful, and definitely necessary, everyone here wants to expand the base of support as wide as possible, but i'm hoping we can do so while toning down the rhetoric.
  5. Hey, very infrequent poster chiming in. I've been hanging around for about 5 years now, in that entire time I couldn't tell you anything about "leadership" I mean, a few people take responsibility for some stuff, but otherwise it's pretty anarchic. Anyways, in terms of ticketing, I think the CSA's plan was clear from the start. It's very similar to how the Impact manage tickets at the BigO. They start with the lower bowl, being very conservative and not prominsing any increase in tickets. Then, if demand is there, they open up, bit by bit, but never promising more sections till the ticket sales show that it'll sell. The CSA further did what federations and teams all over the world do and keep an eye on who is purchasing tickets, using various means to limit sales to the opposition. You see it for Hockey playoffs all the time, to give one example. The president stated explicitly that if it looked like most of the demand seemed to be Mexican support, he would NOT open up more section. But they had evidence that it was the opposite, so they did. Pretty simple.
  6. fuzzx

    2015 Impact Season

    Saw a random comment elsewhere that Johnathan Grant has left the Impact to join Dos Santos in Kansas City. Anyone hear the same? Can't find any news on KC's social media. NVM: https://twitter.com/4totera/status/669188903438524416
  7. Nothing else going on. I've been meaning to ask, didn't get around to it. I didn't have plans, but if you're going I'll try as well.
  8. Hey, I only pass by here once every few months, just catching up. Love the new format, great work. Enjoy your contributions on 2 solitudes as well. FC montreal signed 8 players from their academy this past summer, but i'm not seeing them in the list: http://www.impactmontreal.com/en/news/2015/07/fc-montreal-signs-eight-academy-players 4 of them are are Canadian born, no information on the status of the others. Saw the news while searching for Ottawa native Alexandar Kulic in particular. I read on another forum that he got a tryout for a club in Italy at 17, but since he didn't have citizenship he needed to wait a year, so it fell through.
  9. The cool thing about this post-Youtube live world we are in is that it's lowered the barrier for entry. Seems to me that from now on, if SN/TSN/CBC won't put the resources in, but it's in a place with good internet, then Gavin will do PbP. No reason not to,
  10. Gavin is simply taking the raw feed from their camcorder and passing it onto Youtube Live. No ability to add graphics. Of course there is plenty of broadcasting software out there, but it requires a higher level of technical knowledge. Recall this he's doing this in a place with no wifi, and apparently no electricity, and he also needs to post social media updates. This on top of play by play and camera work. There is only so much we can expect from one person. Ideally they'd have more, but thats not the reality right now.
  11. huh, just checked the FIFA rankings calculator for this match. It's worth quite a bit, Guatemala is a relatively high ranked team. We all know how faulty those ranks actually are, but its the number everyone looks at. it'll only bump us up ~3 sports though. Slow and steady.
  12. The chat box on the side was overwhelmingly Guatamalan.
  13. Desso is not plastic, it's very much grass, zero players have issues with it. Here are some other teams that have "settled" for desso: Bayern Munich Cardiff city Swansea Ajax AC Milan, Inter Milan Wembley Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool Arsenal Chelsea Everton check the full list here. TFC would be in decent company: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desso_GrassMaster
  14. A new voice in this debate might make this productive... I'm not a TFC supporter, and I don't particularly care for the CFL. I have visited the stadium and think its a great place. While i'm not an expert in landscaping or environmental managment per se, I have a background in urban design, architecture and impact assessment that gives me some insight on the logistics and efforts required for this. While I fully admit I have no evidence for it, I am convinced that BMO field will have a natural grass field in 5 years, and probably in 10 as well. My opinion mainly comes from one example no one has brought up yet, which is Houston. BBVA Compass stadium is a natural grass field that is partially owned by local school boards, who use it very often for Football. It sees very heavy use in the fall and is an excellent "worst case scenario" to compare our situation to. How bad is it? bad enough that in October people notice on TV, and this article: http://www.mlssoccer.com/news/article/2013/10/20/houston-dynamo-players-admit-bbva-compass-stadium-field-conditions-will-be-f shows that there are some legitimate concerns, yet there no plans to move to artificial turf. nor shift anyone's schedule. To my eyes it has some visual damage, but not close to as bad as RFK was 2 weeks ago or any number of other early season catastrophes. So, how is BMO similar and different from this example? -BMO will host substantially less football games, during peak season BBVA hosts up to 5 games a week(source: http://sturf.lib.msu.edu/article/2012dec20.pdf) In contrast Argos games will be carefully scheduled to allow for the maximum time possible to heal the grass(ex: TFC on a Saturday, then Argoes on Sunday, then nothing for 6-13 days). This type of schedule also means zero chance of any lines of the grass during TFC games. -BMO will have a reenforced Desso surface, in contrast BBVA plays on a generic grass surface. -Houston has to deal with very high heat and high humidity that hurts the grass in the peak summer season. While BMO is eexcellent weather for grass until fall, when a mix of cold, rain and heavy use is a concern(as so many here have noted) Another thing I'll point out is that despite how bad BBVA gets in the fall, it always bounces back and becomes pretty great the following spring. Neither side here has ANY crystal ball here, no one, probably not even MLSE, knows for sure how this will go, but in my opinion the staff at BMO will do their upmost to foster a quality surface, and I think no matter what happens, it will never become poor enough that the team would be forced to switch back to Artificial turf.
  15. I think it's just reality. Every time this comes up one of the first responses is how the USA has the infrastructure advantage. It's better to address that issue head on and get it out of the way. We know plenty of bids that won over others thats had more resources. There are many components to a bid, and "growing the game" is a huge part. A WC could really grow the game in Canada, while it's already pretty much done that in the US.
  16. Its not about the number of games, it's about matchdays that teams have to schedule around. home and home round robin means a 10 matchday tournament. Do you want 8 more guaranteed wednesday games on every schedule? Transportation costs alone (especially for NASL teams) would be hard to deal with. Right now MLS teams have 2 or 4 match days. NASL 2,4 or 6. A single game 5 team round robin would mean every team plays 4 games over 5 match days. (2 home 2 away for each team)is more doable. But either way the big concern is that this means much more difficulty having an open tournament. If they were to switch, how would you then make room for the L10/PLSQ champion? Calgary? BC semipro champion? Round robin does not scale. My suspicion is that they are not considering such a thing for this exact reason. They want to add more teams in 2017. which is easier if they keep things the way they are.
  17. Courtesey of Grant Wahl: https://twitter.com/GrantWahl/status/566349984367669249
  18. um, no. Those are the US domestic rights, Canadian broadcasters are totally independent in bidding for Canadian rights, so it doesn't mean anything nessessarily. If you want to try guessing a bit, You could say if the US stood a strong chance of getting the games, then FIFA would wait till 2020 to award these rights since they would go for a much higher price than whatever Fox presumable paid. On the other hand the same is the case for Canada. So there must be other factors we don't know(obvious) Edit: Just saw that Bell reached a similar agreement over here. huh.
  19. As far as residual paint goes, it's only a problem if the schedule makes it one. 6+ days between games is more than enough time for the grass to grow and for them to cut off the paint, and most cases we've seen of a bad field are because of tight scheduling. If they can organize themselves properly, I don't think there is much to worry about.
  20. Was just reading through the previous pages of the thread here and saw the debate over Wembley and the self-interest of their groundskeeper. It reminded me that at the 2015 MLS draft( held as a part of the American National Soccer Coaches Association Conference) John Torres, the head groundskeeper at Phillidelphia's PPL park hosted a seminar called "Playing Surface Management" This was by an expert talking to other experts in the field with no discernible financial stake. PPL park is also interesting in that it hosts Football, Lacrosse, Rugby and other random events. Tannelwald tweeted the seminal last month and I went back and found them: thegoalkeeper John Torres, PPL Park's head groundskeeper, went to Ohio State then worked for the Crew - whose field quality has long been highly-regarded. thegoalkeeper Torres has been part of the groundskeeping crews for the last three U.S.-Mexico games in Columbus.17 Jan from TweetDeck thegoalkeeper Torres says that, though it surprises some people, soccer does the most damage to a playing field of the sports he's worked with.17 Jan from TweetDeck thegoalkeeper Torres says they are going to try to have bluegrass, renowned for its high quality, in PPL Park, but weather is a challenge...17 Jan from TweetDeck thegoalkeeper A question about the benefits of grass over artificial turf: Torres, with a wry smile: "It's a very controversial topic."17 Jan from TweetDeck thegoalkeeper "Nobody wants to play on synthetic turf, but there's a certain need for it at a certain time," Torres says.17 Jan from TweetDeck thegoalkeeper Torres quips that it wasn't a subject that he especially wanted to talk about, but he knew he was probably going to have to.17 Jan from TweetDeck thegoalkeeper Torres says his budget for field maintenance at PPL Park is "pretty lenient. It depends on the amount of events that we have"17 Jan from TweetDeck thegoalkeeper Torres declines to give a specific figure, but says "we're given a green light for what we need."17 Jan from TweetDeck thegoalkeeper John Torres confirms a hunch I've had for a while: PPL Park drains straight into the Delaware, so at high tide it drains more slowly.17 Jan from TweetDeck thegoalkeeper Torres says he's tried to use washable paint for football, rugby, etc. "I've probably tried two or three different ones and they don't work"17 Jan from TweetDeck thegoalkeeper "These paint companies need to step it up,"Torres says. He knows those residual leftovers look bad.17 Jan from TweetDeck thegoalkeeper And now Torres moves on to the new training fields.17 Jan from TweetDeck thegoalkeeper Torres says the practice fields, in terms of drainage, might be flatter than the stadium field.17 Jan from TweetDeck
  21. Doesn't say, but I hope the Impact have scouts there as well. It's a great opportunity to pull in talent no one else will chance.
  22. The expos coming back has no bearing on the future of the Big O, in fact it's very positive. Without question a new team would only happen with a new smaller outdoor stadium, but the prospect of a team coming back means we keep the bigO in baseball configuration as a temporary facility and to host the Jays games. I would hope that there is a way to permanently reconfigure the stadium while still allowing for baseball, but it definitely makes things more complicated. BTW, any serious work would include totally rebuilding the stands which means better sight lines. The point is the core of the stadium is sound and it's not going anywhere. Dressing it up in one way or another is a straightforward process which is much easier than many other projects we've seen around the world. It's basically BC place 2.0
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