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  1. Hey, i'm having a debate about Canadian soccer elsewhere, and I was wondering, did Edmonton Strikers get any sort of compensation of transfer fee for Davies when he went to Vancouver? Can't find any articles that mention it, but I was pretty sure something happened.
  2. Unless they change formation into a 2 striker setup. They did exactly that in the 2nd half of the philly game.It worked well. They might do it again. I think the more likely is keeping the same formation but replacing oduro with Ballou, and AJH on the bench. But thats a pessimistic view.
  3. MLS salary information came out this week: http://www.mlsplayers.org/images/April 15, 2017 Salary Information - By Club.pdf Mancosu is making $700k, so no way he sees the bench unless he's REALLY unproductive. Only way AJH starts is in a 2 forward setup. With the weak performance of Oduro and the improvement last week when they replaced Bernardello with a forward, I think some sort of 442 or 4-1-3-2 makes sense. This week will be instructive. Biello has never been one to play the kids unless he is forced to. Let's see if that changes.
  4. Standing up for your opinions is perfectly acceptable. But I hope you understand that your tone and attitude in this discussion has played no small part in the response you are getting. I was not aware of your existence before an hour ago, but what I see is you making very serious statements that provoke strong reactions. A discussion on what are productive strategies for supporters or the team to employ can be very fruitful, and definitely necessary, everyone here wants to expand the base of support as wide as possible, but i'm hoping we can do so while toning down the rhetoric.
  5. Hey, very infrequent poster chiming in. I've been hanging around for about 5 years now, in that entire time I couldn't tell you anything about "leadership" I mean, a few people take responsibility for some stuff, but otherwise it's pretty anarchic. Anyways, in terms of ticketing, I think the CSA's plan was clear from the start. It's very similar to how the Impact manage tickets at the BigO. They start with the lower bowl, being very conservative and not prominsing any increase in tickets. Then, if demand is there, they open up, bit by bit, but never promising more sections till the ticket sales show that it'll sell. The CSA further did what federations and teams all over the world do and keep an eye on who is purchasing tickets, using various means to limit sales to the opposition. You see it for Hockey playoffs all the time, to give one example. The president stated explicitly that if it looked like most of the demand seemed to be Mexican support, he would NOT open up more section. But they had evidence that it was the opposite, so they did. Pretty simple.
  6. fuzzx

    2015 Impact Season

    Saw a random comment elsewhere that Johnathan Grant has left the Impact to join Dos Santos in Kansas City. Anyone hear the same? Can't find any news on KC's social media. NVM: https://twitter.com/4totera/status/669188903438524416
  7. Nothing else going on. I've been meaning to ask, didn't get around to it. I didn't have plans, but if you're going I'll try as well.
  8. Hey, I only pass by here once every few months, just catching up. Love the new format, great work. Enjoy your contributions on 2 solitudes as well. FC montreal signed 8 players from their academy this past summer, but i'm not seeing them in the list: http://www.impactmontreal.com/en/news/2015/07/fc-montreal-signs-eight-academy-players 4 of them are are Canadian born, no information on the status of the others. Saw the news while searching for Ottawa native Alexandar Kulic in particular. I read on another forum that he got a tryout for a club in Italy at 17, but since he didn't have citizenship he needed to wait a year, so it fell through.
  9. The cool thing about this post-Youtube live world we are in is that it's lowered the barrier for entry. Seems to me that from now on, if SN/TSN/CBC won't put the resources in, but it's in a place with good internet, then Gavin will do PbP. No reason not to,
  10. Gavin is simply taking the raw feed from their camcorder and passing it onto Youtube Live. No ability to add graphics. Of course there is plenty of broadcasting software out there, but it requires a higher level of technical knowledge. Recall this he's doing this in a place with no wifi, and apparently no electricity, and he also needs to post social media updates. This on top of play by play and camera work. There is only so much we can expect from one person. Ideally they'd have more, but thats not the reality right now.
  11. huh, just checked the FIFA rankings calculator for this match. It's worth quite a bit, Guatemala is a relatively high ranked team. We all know how faulty those ranks actually are, but its the number everyone looks at. it'll only bump us up ~3 sports though. Slow and steady.
  12. The chat box on the side was overwhelmingly Guatamalan.
  13. Desso is not plastic, it's very much grass, zero players have issues with it. Here are some other teams that have "settled" for desso: Bayern Munich Cardiff city Swansea Ajax AC Milan, Inter Milan Wembley Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool Arsenal Chelsea Everton check the full list here. TFC would be in decent company: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desso_GrassMaster
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