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  1. and ya i have been watching empoli, they have been on a roll with maccarone looking like his best old self. Sassuolo has a game in hand on all the 6 times above them so a win in the makeup game would put them alone in 6th. What is nice about Sassuolo is that they play pretty much all Italian players. They have kept that mentality since entering serie a a couple years back. It just goes to show you that teams can do well with low budgets and local players with the right system, coach and project. I hope they can make stay at top of the table
  2. Hopefully Milan can get into a groove and Sassuolo has a good start to new year to keep 6 or 7 teams close up there. Juve will be first by february, probably sooner.
  3. Cool option I was not aware of. I believe the answer is 99 beers
  4. I hope these emails worked and a bunch of people bought tickets. Fuck. I really hope so.
  5. Can someone post the email that the CSA supposedly sent out to whitecaps season ticket holders about this game?
  6. Roma is going down hill for almost a month now. Squeezing by in champions league with i think the lowest point total ever to pass, knocked out of coppa italia by 2nd division team and 4 games in a row in season without win I think. It is nice to see a bunch of teams fighting at the top but looks like its only a matter of time before Juve regains 1st place. Hoping Inter Juve Roma Napoli and Juve will all be in the fight still come march or april
  7. Don't get your hopes up. He said he was gonna stop posting during his rant last week. He will pop back in here soon enough
  8. Mike, we gonna go? When is the last time we played mexico or USA in a world cup qualifier in Canada?
  9. I am not sure but there is hospitality tab on the euro 2016 site so maybe through there something is available. AirBNB is what I am going to look into or sleeping in a car or on the beach or in a ditch.
  10. lol i like to stay civil but this guy is a clown clearly trying to get under our skin. Lets just move on from his posts.
  11. LOL its most definitely a PC rant. If it was 100 percent mexicans he still wouldn't be happy
  12. Tickets are flying on ticket master. Starting to get a bit nervous now.
  13. It definitely would be the best route but I just prefer the cheapest tickets lol although its not a huge difference. Group stage tickets for category 4 tickets are 24 euros a ticket and category 3 tickets are 55 euros a ticket. Both are still super cheap although being poor id like to reduce costs as much as possible. So since he follow your team tickets can only be bought in category 1 or 3 it gets a bit confusing. But I will maybe just go for category 3 as I agree with you saying its the best way to go. Te only reason i brought this up bc i applied for brazil 2014 tickets in the follow ur team section and was able to get all group stages at the cheapest pay category so its slightly different here. Thanks General stadium designations for euro2016 although every stadium will be slightly different obviously. Category 1-PINK Category 2-orange Category 3-blue Category 4-green
  14. Either way. Good matchup. We tied the last two times we played them. We'll get a glimpse of how well look in march
  15. Here it is: February 5th in Carson, California http://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-will-face-usa-in-february-men-s-international-friendly-p158978#.VnB2FW8bI-o.twitter
  16. Previous thread for this i believe http://www.thevoyageurs.org/forums/topic/28885-jan-friendly-against-the-usa/
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