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  1. I can be there before 4:30 to make sure we get the set up.
  2. I'll be there but I've got soccer right after the game so I wont be able to stick around.
  3. ^^ I don't know about that Jeffery seems like its an established part of SA soccer games according to the commentary. I can only go by that since I've not seen soccer from SA before. So a quick view of youtube highlights horns are well established at club games, purhaps the "damage" has been done over a few years now.
  4. I think fans have been great at this confed. Clearly there is a lot of horn blowing but there's way more going on, large and small group choreography with dances/arm movements some chants could be herd in the Spain Iraq game. One dude even was all dress up and had a dictionary...I don't understand but I think it's awesome. About the horns I'll defer to Red Card below and mention even the broadcast crews have mentioned horns being a particular of SA soccer games. I am a little discuraged by Jeffery's take on the horns because they clearly haven't wiped out other forms of support but rather are the "natural fan ambience" of SA creating the context from where other forms of support arise. I personally love to see how other regions get behind teams. Africa in particualar, especially during African nations cup, the bands, dances, drums. SA style is different from Europe and while that might not be everyone's cup of tea it not an illigitimate or cheap form of atmosphere.
  5. Good to hear. I believe he'd feel some loyalty to Newcastle with his connections to that club but if he's got a chance to remain in the prem he should take it. As a pro you have to take your chances at the big time and have the belief you can push into the first team.
  6. Bearcat makes a good point. I highly rate Beye as a right back but several times this season Beye's been pushed into CB because of injury/sending off or even starting once or twice ahead of Edgar. I would put that down to bizare management, but it also suggests the staff probablly love Edgar attitude wise but aren't so keen on him skill wise. I also agree with trueviking that despite faults at CB players continued until they were injured when perhaps giving others a chance could have been better.
  7. Edgar. I consider myself a NUFC fan and from that point of view I can see why the fans appreciate him. He is what so many of his higher paid and more famous teamates are not: commited, honest and willing. He is not very talented, at least in the prem context, so like others I'd like to see him in the championship, how he stacks up. He certainly had a bad game on Sunday, but I can't think of too many fullbacks stoping Ashley Young this season, and we all know Edgar is not natural fullback. I'm mixed on what he should do. I think staying makes sense, he'll be welcome, he's practically a local living there since his teens and his Dad playing there. He should get more playing time, although I'm not sure of starting time (depends who left around) in my mind he'll be the John O'Shea, 3rd CB/back up fullback if he stays. But, NUFC is in trouble, it is a mess in the backroom and like above I'm not sure he'd start. Purhaps at another Champ team, maybe a Prem contender like Shef U, Reading or WBA size club he'd get a better shot. It's a tough choice for him to make. Really it will take time to see how much of an exidous there is.
  8. We had Umbro in the mid 90s after the score jerseys of 94 qualifying. I don't remember the above style though, doesn't look like it even has a CSA logo.
  9. I might be going to Columbus, any ideas where we'd sit? The same end as TFC supporters? I have no idea what my life will be like in July so I'm curious if I should buy a ticket soon, like friday, and hope for the best. It'd be great to know where people were sitting. thanks
  10. I might be attending this game, I've not made any plans yet. Does anyone expect a quick sell out? Is there a lot of competition for section 101? I know how empty the giant football stadiums are for these games but HomeD has half the seats. I'm tentitive at best this week so if there is a list people are being added to you might add me with astrix.
  11. Name: Martin Gourlie Age: 23 City: Regina Profession: Game Farm Statistic Clerk until May Voyageur since: I remember the 1994 qualification run but lets say in spirit from 2000 Gold Cup, in action WCQ 2004. First Match: Canada vs Honduras (Edmonton, 2004) Last Match: Canada vs Mexico (Edmonton, 2008) Current Club: I just finished playing tier 2 co-ed indoor. Currently I'm clubless Guilty of: - Not liking international soccer yet, ironically, having no real association with any team other than Canada. - Disagreeing with Toronto MB's tossing Hondurans, took flack for that from some of you. Understandable. - I'm a supporter of a Canadian league, but have no idea how to make it happen other than becomeing a billionaire. - Lots of other stuff
  12. Club you supported as a kid: Newcastle United Domestic club you support now: You know that small semi-pro club out of Regina that has the 3000 seat stadium in the park, the one that exists in my day dreams... Foreign club(s) you support now: Newcastle and Nantes Atlantique Favourite lower league club: I don't really like any lower league clubs, at least not to follow their results. For general non interest and dodgey o'l country origin myths it'd have to be Sterling Albion. Guilty pleasure you'd only admit to your closest internet friends: Barcalona, I enjoy watching them destroy teams these days, and I usually dislike the biggest teams so that's out of character. Most Hated Club(s): Man U, then its more about politics (Lazio), style (Bolton under Allidice/Megson) or local rivals (absurdly Rennes [i mean what do I have against Rennes, really] Sunderland, and Concacaf) National Team(s) other than Canada: I'll cheer for whichever West African team is the most stylish in the world cup. Best kit (worn by a team you don't support): I like St Etienne and Real Betis Worst kit (even if it is a team you support): I don't know, the 90's everyone. Um... 97-98 Newcastle had a navy blue second strip with a orange and green stripe running down the right-hand side it was unfortunate, just like that season. Best ground you've been to: Westpac stadium Wellington NZ Worst ground you've been to: I haven't been many places, the only soccer venue I really dislike is the Credit Union Event-Plex.
  13. "even the party stand doesn't seem in the mood to drink responsibly" I know how that feel.
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