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  1. Goals have to come from somewhere though eh? This life without Piatti was supposed to start next year - this injury sucks!
  2. That's a snowy welcome - 10 cm on the ground as of today! Yikes, good luck to grounds crew
  3. Whitecaps need a real pitch man...it's not like there's snow in Vancouver. I was disappointed with that game versus Galaxy. But I'm willing to have some patience with Dos Santos because he's proven himself. That Korean kid is fun to watch though!
  4. forget MLS all-star - he's going to get poached to Europe with showings like these...
  5. Sure - why not start a partnership with every single small market team and get right of first refusal for every player in the planet? It's not like Barca doesn't already have right of first refusal on most players from Ajax! this is silly - Ajax already have a "special" relationship but that doesn't mean they want to give a discount on transfer fees to their "special" Catalan partner. Meanwhile, Barca just want to load up their stable and then loan out underachieving players until they figure out which ones will be superstars? I thought Chelsea were also well on their way to doing that.
  6. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/03/20/montreal-impact-announce-forward-jack-mcinerney-trial-club Interesting to have him back. I thought AJH would get some looks off the bench this season, but now he has more competition.
  7. Orlando seem to suck without him...
  8. Ruud

    TFC 2019 Season

    Yikes Ciman with some attempted slide tackles that went badly, just like his days in Montreal.
  9. This is where I disagree. Yes, UEFA gets a nice bid from DAZN, and in the true nature of winning bidder gets the lot, I have no problem with that. Where I would argue is that those same providers of content are trying to grow the game, the viewers, and those who passively watch and may become fans. There is a risk of segmenting the market too much. This is why Sportsnet keeps some hockey content on CBC (okay, it's not costing them much, and it highway robbery, but still). So I guess what I'm saying is I would have expected a deal to have DAZN get rights, but TSN and Sportsnet to keep rights to certain matches and continue to grow the sports viewership. I see the point about the future of content, and viewership, but until a market is saturated with online viewers, the move is still risky. Champions League may decline as a valued content in the future in this country.
  10. No doubt for fans of the game - (including me as of next year), I'm sure I will love it. But will this kind of streaming grow the overall market for the game in Canada and bring in passive watchers? Most of my friends will only watch if they see it's on, or have heard of some players or have seen a few highlights. That's getting dropped from mainstream media.
  11. Me too - Champions League has fallen off the radar for me personally and also in this country - so aren't they slowing depleting their revenue source? It can't be the same as buying rights in well established markets in Europe (including to pubs etc). Plus, I don't even think of buying Heineken anymore....
  12. So here's my question though. How do they grow the market for soccer viewers? This is segmenting fans into streams and extracting as much economic rent as possible from each one. Might work in sports which are really well saturated but is it going to work in sports for which viewership is nascent and has the potential to expand? Or will they just count on the general "sportsfan" to eventually sign in for all their sports needs? Not that advertisers care, but my mother is one who loves soccer but who will clearly be left behind by our 21st century market segmentation in sports
  13. Visual platforms which means what? Seems to me they both have streaming services akin to DAZN? They put up replays and highlights and can get ads based on clicks and views on their sites. What am I missing?
  14. Seems like there is a story here somewhere - did Bell and Rogers underbid for these assets? Are the advertisers bailing on Saturday morning or Wednesday afternoon content? Did they expect to be undercut by internet only channels? And what's next? Seemed to me that the sports channels were the ONLY assets worth keeping on the old cable TV subscriptions?
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