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  1. Cblake

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    Or you could do a separate CONCACAF League qualifying tournament for just the 2020 entry to not affect the league schedule. In future years it would be the champion from the previous season. It's likely not ideal but may make the most sense. Take the seven teams. Have a draw with team drawn as 1 getting a first round bye. It would be a random draw with two pots, one with the team names and the other being a numbers 1-7. 2 vs 7 3 vs 6 4 vs 5 winners are joined by team 1 in the semi-finals. Winners advance to the final, with qualification for CL on the line.
  2. Cblake

    Ottawa CPL Club

    I apppreciae that but as a TFC supporter I don't care who is on the field for the Reds as long as they win, find success etc. TFC in their 12 seasons have seen 203 players suit up for the club, some Canadian, some American, Italian, English, French etc. Some of the Canadian kids in the system just do did show they were up to playing at the MLS level and that is where the CPL can step in, filling a gap that has long esisted in the Canadian setup. For instance from Matt Stinson, Keith Makabuya, Oscar Cordon, Emery Welshman, and I can go on, Canadians who failed to make the most of their TFC/MLS opportunity, but then on the other many others from around the world have found themselves in the same boat too.
  3. Cblake

    Event suggestions for Voyageurs attendance

    From all my years making the trek down to Hamilton many times, the End Zone is much better. It also is well equipped to handle big crowds.
  4. Cblake

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Thunder Bay will never be told they have to go L1O like KW United was. All you have to do is look at a map. It's a 15 hour bus ride from Toronto/GTA where a majority of the L1O teams are to Thunder Bay. It's out on its own postage stamp of sorts. It's just not realistic at all. I really believe L1O and USL League 2/PDL are very different beasts and serve different purposes. L1O is a development league, that plays a longer season while the other is essential a college summer league. I completely agreed with Barry McLean on that point when he made it. London happily made the move while Kitchener did not ultimately deciding to close up shop instead.
  5. Cblake

    CPL General

    That would have nothing to do with the CSA, only the USSF can decide that. You can't compare the Welsh situation at all really. Cardiff, Swansea and the other clubs that having been playing in the English system for years, long before the Welsh Premier League was formed in 1992. Because the Welsh teams that play in England qualifying through the FA they no longer take part in the Welsh Cup. That decision was made by the Welsh FA. In a nutshell the spots in the CCL and CL are held by the countries respective FA and not anyone league. Technically a USL team could qualify for the CCL by winning the US Open, something that has only happened once in the MLS era. Rochester in 1999.
  6. Cblake

    CPL General

    The only way I could see the TFC, Impact and Whitecaps not involved in a second spot is if they decline. I can only see that happening if it were for Concacaf League and such would cause some major fixture congestion for them as it takes place during August thru October.
  7. Cblake

    CPL General

    If Canada were to get a second spot, either in CCL or the CONCACAF League I can only see it going to the runner up of the VCup. Can't see it being only for CPL teams. No way they can't involve the MLS teams.
  8. Cblake

    Nail your colours... 2019 CPL Edition

    Totally neutral here as TFC season ticket holder and supporter. Will have a keen eye on the guys who have suited up for the Reds in the past.
  9. Cblake

    CPL TV Contract

    They way I would at is that you want to maximize your exposure for the first match in league history especially from a media standpoint. A lot the media who will be covering the TFC match that day. Regardless The Spec, which is a TorStar paper will be there and others but it will limited it from standpoint. The first game is the first game, so it will get pumped, but moving forward at least with York I do hope they veer away from TFC kickoffs etc.
  10. Cblake

    CanPL Opening Game - Group Tickets and Post Game Party

    After great reflection ( : I have decided even as TFC season ticket holder I will be at the Forge York 9 CPL opener. Figure there will be about 20 other times I will be down at BMO this year, so what's the big deal with missing one all in the name of Canadian footy.
  11. It has got me thinking , are a lot of CPL supoorters not on this board, is this the go to place for CPL supporters to come and discuss this new league and the comings and goings of each supporter group in their respective city, a catch all of sorts? What do the groups think of it, from say the lads on Barton street, out east to Halifax and west to Victoria with everyone else in the middle? Some of the discussion or just should say one sided negative posts got me to the point of wanting to ask this question? I am a TFC season ticket holder and for sure will be checking out some CPL action in both Hamilton and York. Even thinking I will forge the TFC Timbers game to be at the CPL opener. In my eyes the more footy and opportunities for players in this country the merrier. Let's celebrate this amazing time.
  12. Cblake

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    I agree, when TFC did this for season ticket holders for Montreal, every season ticket holder was offered tickets. At the end of the day about 3,500 of the 5,000 or so tickets that were issued were used. TFC had about 18K season ticket holders that season. So I would not be alarmed at all, people could take the tickets and drive themselves.
  13. Cblake

    CPL TV Contract

    I just hope they don't cheap out and do a community TV level of broadcast, for instances by using Cable 14 in Hamilton to produce it with TSN branding. In these cases it's usually 3-6 cameras depending on the setup. One high, two low etc. The Fury were on Rogers TV in Ottawa at one point. Back in the USL days I remember when Sportsnet had a conflict during the VCup and GOLTV picked up the TFC at Whitecaps. They used the Whitecaps local setup for it.
  14. Cblake

    CanPL Opening Game - Group Tickets and Post Game Party

    Nice read, enjoyed it. Just one thing, it's Kurt Larson, not Lawson.
  15. Cblake

    CanPL Opening Game - Group Tickets and Post Game Party

    I would recommend The End Zone if you plan on having a big crowd. Having been there a number of times, it would work perfectly. About a 5 min drive from the stadium. Maybe even have a bus from the bar and back.