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  1. I feel the same about my TFC. Good to see another team building a solid foundation in the GTA. Good on Jimmy, the original Red !
  2. Can we convince the Forge FO to print us hard tickets so we have a keepsake from this historical match? I believe the York 9 are getting them to hand out to everyone on their buses. Just an idea. Can't wait for the big day.
  3. You would want to go with Cuba in Montreal in my mind, a match that is not going to draw anywhere as close as the US match would. Or maybe even try Hamilton or Winnipeg on the his heals of the first CPL season. The US match on so many levels makes total sense for Toronto where you can maximize it exposure and for Canadian soccer in general. Its a big opportunity for the CSA, hopefully the don't pass it by.
  4. I think you want to use the US match to maximize exposure for the CMNT and with that, play in Toronto at BMO. You could have guys on all the major media outlets, all the major morning shows, talk shows etc during the week. CTV, Global, TSN etc, this would be hugely valuable for the program. The US match offers the CSA the platform to really up its game and push the envelope like the never had before. With the World Cup only 7 years away, take advantage of it, start the momentum now.
  5. What ever happened to him, as you said he is only 31 years old and has not played in years, last club and national team appearance was in 2012. He just fell off the map.
  6. Absolutely. The $56K is a drop in the hat for TFC. Opening up the roster spot is what's important for them while getting a team where Ryan can get regular minutes. York is a good fit for him as a former York Lion, where he played for Carmen Isacco.
  7. Tickets purchased Jamie, can't wait. Have already moved on my TFC tickets for that day. Cheers to you on surviving the three hours of confusion !
  8. Thought it was 113. Regardless two tickets have been purchased, my buddy Derek and I will be in attendance for this historic match.
  9. The Ryan Telfer signing/loan is very similar to the Mo Babouli where a guy with college exerpeince was signed to MLS deal after initially suiting up for the USL side and lasted a season. Now the difference is that the CPL exists now so there is a place to loan him to rather out releasing him.
  10. Loans are a reality of football, the Fury will have them, CPL will too. Just look at the number of players Chelsea has out. TFC has some young kids like Julian Dunn, Aidan Daniels and Noble Okello who will need to get minutes so if its Ottawa, York or elsewhere who cares.
  11. Or you could do a separate CONCACAF League qualifying tournament for just the 2020 entry to not affect the league schedule. In future years it would be the champion from the previous season. It's likely not ideal but may make the most sense. Take the seven teams. Have a draw with team drawn as 1 getting a first round bye. It would be a random draw with two pots, one with the team names and the other being a numbers 1-7. 2 vs 7 3 vs 6 4 vs 5 winners are joined by team 1 in the semi-finals. Winners advance to the final, with qualification for CL on the line.
  12. I apppreciae that but as a TFC supporter I don't care who is on the field for the Reds as long as they win, find success etc. TFC in their 12 seasons have seen 203 players suit up for the club, some Canadian, some American, Italian, English, French etc. Some of the Canadian kids in the system just do did show they were up to playing at the MLS level and that is where the CPL can step in, filling a gap that has long esisted in the Canadian setup. For instance from Matt Stinson, Keith Makabuya, Oscar Cordon, Emery Welshman, and I can go on, Canadians who failed to make the most of their TFC/MLS opportunity, but then on the other many others from around the world have found themselves in the same boat too.
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