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  1. Apocalyptic destruction in the homelands of hundreds of thousands of Canadians and our government has seen fit to donate $1M. Can't wait until the Liberals are forced to run for re-election. Millions of people are devestated by a natural disaster of biblical proportions and they see fit to donate about 3 cents per Canadian. If our government gives any less than $100M, I will never, ever, vote Liberal again.
  2. Not intending to freak anybody out, but Eastern Canada itself could possibly be looking at such an occurance in the future. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5652141/
  3. The AP is saying that the earthquake itself was actually a 9.0, and Indonesia's Vice President is saying that the death toll in his country alone could reach 25,000. The Tsunami also reached African shores killing three in Seychelles and "hundreds" in Somalia. The United Nations has also said that this will become the largest and most expensive relief effort in history.
  4. I don't know about that. The biggest event on the 2004 calender was the Euro Cup, and despite being a boy among men, Rooney played like a man among boys. After going through the list I want to share some of the first-place votes that had me scratching my head. Robert Pires - Vietnam Coach - Mexico Captain Didier Drogba - Togo Coach, Captain - Malawi Coach - Swaziland Captain (Strange that all his First place votes come from Afica) David Beckham - Thailand Captain - Singapore Coach - Israel Captain - Cook Islands Captain Kaka - Mexico Coach - China Coach, Captain - Colombia Coach Roberto Ayala - Palestine Coach - Madagascar Coach Samuel Eto'o - Malawi Captain - St. Vincent & The Grenandine Captain Cafu - Nepal Captain - Bhutan Captain (who had Cafu, Beckham, and Oliver Kahn ranked 1-2-3) Roy Makaay - Poland Captain Henrik Larsson - Singapore Captain Raul - South Korea Coach - Colombia Captain Frank Lampard - Iceland Captain (who just happens to be Eidur Gudjohnsen) - Bosnia & Herzegovina Captain Ryan Giggs - South Korea Captain Michael Owen - Bolivia Coach, Captain
  5. My Predictions: Real Madrid v Juventus Porto v Internazionale Barcelona v Chelsea Werder Bremen v Lyon Liverpool v Bayer Leverkusen PSV Eindhoven v Monaco Manchester United v Milan Bayern Munich v Arsenal
  6. My predictions: Graz AK (Austria) v Middlesbrough (England) Heerenveen (Netherlands) v Newcastle United (England) Basel (Switzerland) v Lille (France) Parma (Italy) v VfB Stuttgart (Germany) Sporting Lisbon (Portugal) v Feyenoord (Netherlands) Alemannia Aachen (Germany) v AZ Alkmaar (Netherlands) Austria Vienna (Austria) v Athletic Bilbao (Spain) Partizan Belgrade (Serbia & Montenegro) v Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) Valencia (Spain) v Steaua Bucharest (Romania) Ajax Amsterdam (Netherlands) v AJ Auxerre (France) CSKA Moscow (Russia) v Benfica (Portugal) Fenerbahce (Turkey) v Real Zaragoza (Spain) Panathinaikos (Greece) v Sevilla (Spain) Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) v Schalke 04 (Germany) Olympiakos Piraeus (Greece) v Sochaux (France) Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine) v Villarreal (Spain)
  7. To me the Shakhtar - Schalke game looks most interesting.
  8. So perhaps someone like Brian Budd?
  9. Every single time I play I get 8/10 I keep mixing Togo and Benin up. I also keep clicking on Micronesia every time a Pacific nation is to be located.
  10. I like the tactical aspect of games where there is a convergence of teams playing two different styles. So then the team that executes better will usually get the result they're after, and that is the way it should be. I also like the one-on-one battles between players. The one-on-one part of the game is ruining basketball, but I think it works great for soccer.
  11. A couple of other rumours from different sources: -Roman Ambromovich still wants Steven Gerrard in January, but Jose Mourinho has said he isn't interested in Gerrard. -A potential bidding war could errupt for Iker Casillas, who has so far refused to even talk about an extension with Real Madrid. In addition to Manchester United, who have already held discussions with Casillas' representative, Inter Milan also is quite interested in the Spanish first choice keeper. Milan supremo Massimo Moratti will sign a new keeper for next season and has Casillas at the top of his list. He also is quite interested in Parma's Sebastian Frey -Manchester City boss Kevin Keegan has admitted they could sell striker Nicolas Anelka in January. "If a Champions League club came along and put down a massive bid the board would have to look at it," said Keegan. -Arsenal midfielder Edu says he will only leave Highbury for a club that is regularly "challenging for titles". The Brazil international is off contract in the summer and is high on the shopping list of Barcelona president Joan Laporta. "Of course it would be great to go there (Barcelona)," Edu revealed to AS. "The most important thing is that I am playing regularly. -Livingston boss Richard Gough is running the rule over Jamaica international Craig Ziadie. The New York MetroStars defender was recommended to Gough by his coach and former Rangers striker Mo Johnston. Ziadie will spend the week at Livi in a bid to win a contract. -Hertha Berlin are close to finalizing a deal with Celtic centre-forward John Hartson, who is out of contract at the end of the current season. I figure soccer needs it's version of MLB's Hot Stove League, so I'm just doing my part. Oh, one other rumour that I forgot. Steve Brunce wants to bring Benni McCarthy to Birmingham in the January transfer window.
  12. I'm not 100% sure, but if Uzbekistan qualified would they be the first former Soviet state to do so?
  13. But who wants to spend 8 hours on a bus? I myself hate buses. A few too many bus trips from Huron County in Ontario (just north of London) to places like Winnipeg; Sudbury; Montreal; Madison, Wisconsin; Philadelphia; Wilmington, Delaware; and Missouri for tournaments in various sports. Long distance travelling is the worst part of youth sports.
  14. Anyone else thinking Juve may need to score a bit more if they want to win this year's CL?
  15. That North Korea-Japan match in Pyongyang should be interesting.
  16. I loved the part about the team-naming contest in Albuquerque
  17. According to http://www.football365.com Leeds are interested in acquiring Paul Peschisolido from Derby.
  18. Doesn't the MLS have a salary cap of something like $1.9M per team?
  19. I think Nolan Ryan overpaid for the Trappers. $10.5M for a Triple-A team?, plus a $2M buyout of the lease? To think, when he played everyone was making such a big deal about Jose Canseco making $5M a year. Nowadays teams have to pay that much to their 5th starter.
  20. Does anyone know whatever came of the proposal to allow people to get tax incentives for sports equipment and registration fees? I always thought that the proposal was a brilliant idea. I was raised by a single mom on social assistance and she always told me that she could only afford for me to play 1 sport per season. I chose baseball in the Spring/Summer and Basketball in the Fall/Winter, if the sports equipment/registration fee tax refund ever went into effect other children in that situation wouldn't have to be as limited as I was. If it wasn't for my Aunt and Uncle, I never would've been able to afford to play soccer when I was a kid.
  21. Depends if I have any money. I should be getting about $250K in the next six months if all goes as planned. But perhaps I should use that money to go back to school instead and get a real job.
  22. Sober But that is because I don't drink alcohol. Ever.
  23. Well then scratch that idea. I still like my idea of the final being a one-game winner take all championship game.
  24. As far as I recall the grocery store plan was discarded after an uproar by hockey fans all across the country. So it should still be a hockey rink.
  25. 2-3 times a day. More on those days when the forums are active and there are many updates to the threads.
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