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  1. I kind of like the logo in the upper Left-Hand corner. It would be more likely to attract attention.
  2. I also like how they suggest that the atmosphere of The Office is going to overwhelm our lads, many of whom are used to playing in places like the Santiago Bernebeu, Camp Nou, Old Trafford, Anfield, St. James Park, Celtic Park, Ibrox, the San Siro, Mestalla, Westfalenstadion, Amsterdam ArenA, Estadio da Luz, De Kuip, Luzhniki, Allianz Arena and Veltins-Arena but somehow are supposed to fold up like a chair at Independence Park.
  3. My prediction over on Big Soccer was Mexico - 14 Canada - 10 Honduras - 8 Jamaica - 1 I had us Winning at home vs. Jamaica and Honduras with a draw vs. Mexico On the road I had us winning vs. Jamaica, drawing Honduras and losing to Mexico.
  4. Brennan seems to be constantly very forward. Is he playing more as a Midfielder rather than fullback right now?
  5. Onstad hasn't looked horrible. He hasn't looked very good either. Frankly I think he went down too early on the Vincy goal.
  6. Jules yes, Gerba, not so much. Our next game will be late August and if Gerba picks up a knock Friend will be back to full fitness and we will have Occean or Johnson to call in.
  7. Yeah, where are our other 2? Friend is injured but what about #18.
  8. OK, DM needs to get JDG off now. Put Bernier or de Jong on.
  9. FIFA's match tracker only shows us having 5 available subs. What's up with that?
  10. Ooooooooooohhh That would've been nice for Jimmy.
  11. Man this crew sucks. Radz was fouled. Since Cann isn't in our long-term plans, I'd like to see him go hard into a Vincy player late in the game to send a message.
  12. A Ronaldinho Nutrilite commercial. I wonder if he or his agent realize just how closely tied Nutrilite's parent company is to Blackwater Security?
  13. I think we need to really turn the screws now. Make our Group Stage opponents fear our attacking.
  14. Crap, this crew is Salvadoran. We could see this piss-poor lot in the Group Stage.
  15. ....and our third goal. But because this is CONCACAF only two have counted.
  16. Our lads are dancing now. I could see a big night.
  17. F@cking hell. Vincy seems to be beating us in the air, we need to keep the ball on the carpet.
  18. This doesn't seem a very eventful Game Thread.
  19. Just back spasms. A few days of pain and stiffness (in my experience) but nothing serious.
  20. Talking heads just confirmed the arm bands are a memorial to Budgie.
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