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  1. It just seemed odd to me, considering I got a ticket in 223 no problem last year without going through one of the Supporters Groups.
  2. I ordered my ticket on Monday too. For whatever reason they wouldn't let me buy a ticket in Section 223, so I had to order one in Section 123 this year. Like last year I'm turning this into a mini-holiday. I'm coming to Montreal on the Wednesday and staying until Saturday.
  3. Interesting. I actually figured Racing would've finished 1st in Group A seeing as Haiti's club teams did rather well in CCL qualifying last year. I wonder if the Earthquake in any way affected their play. It must've made prepartations and practices a nightmare.
  4. I also find myself wondering why Jamaica hasn't entered any club teams since 2007.
  5. Anyone else notice how it sets up for the two Trinidadian teams to have relatively easy 2nd Rounds? Whereas Tempete (who were a semi-finalist last season) likely have to play PR #2 Bayamon and Leo Victor of Suriname. The Islanders also seem to have a relatively easy 2nd Round too. The Winner of a very weak Group D and the 2nd place Group A team.
  6. No kidding. There is a reason I haven't yet made preparations to make the trip to Montreal for the May 12th game. I'd probably make the trip to Montreal regardless though. I've enjoyed every trip to Montreal I've ever made. I enjoy the opportunities for hedonistic encounters along Saint Laurent and Ste. Catherine.
  7. Was the stadium used for the Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse a permanent facility?
  8. Does anybody know when the schedule for this year's event is to be released. I'd like to know to make arrangements to travel to Montreal for the TFC-Impact game again.
  9. I didn't even realize there was a regional U-20 for the ladies. Looking at the Groups though Canada is looking good. The other group has the Americans, Mexicans, Jamaicans and T&T while we get the Ticos (or is it Ticas since it's Women?), Guatemalans and Cubans.
  10. Djekanovic really? Not that it precludes him from being an effective keeper, but he is pretty damn short. Wikipedia lists him at 6'1", but he's probably 2 inches shorter than that. I stood beside him and talked to him once and I'm 6'1" and he was obviously shorter than myself. Height isn't everything, but do you think it's a coincedence that the best shot-stopping goalkeepers always seem to be 6'3" or taller?
  11. http://www.goal.com/en/news/12/spain/2009/07/05/1364232/report-deportivo-la-corunas-julian-de-guzman-wanted-by Checking some rumour sites and Marca the consensus seems to be that it's for $3M per year which blows away the offers from Hamburg and Espanyol.
  12. So because I've never seen a game at BMO I'm a plastic fan? Wow, I wish I had've known that before. Then I wouldn't have had to spend $1000 to travel for a 4-Day Weekend in Montreal in order to catch my first TFC game (after all, tickets at BMO are almost impossible to get ahold of). If somebody had've let me know beforehand that I'm a fake fan I could've stayed home and watch the game on TV instead of being there to watch TFC lift it's first trophy.
  13. Some may consider it to be in bad taste, but since the game will be nationally televised on the national broadcaster as part of 'Soccer Day in Canada' I will be going to the game in TFC red. Since it's 'Soccer Day in Canada' I will also be rocking my FC London scarf at the same time.
  14. It did indeed happen. I'm told that during an after game interview one of RSN's talking heads had to explain to Bruce Arena what all the noise was about. I'm told Arena actually commented in a positive way about the passion of TFC fans to do something like that. But MLSE has since that protest said that getting grass down at BMO as soon as possible is the goal. The hold-up is with certain municipal bureaucrats in Toronto alone. Even Mayor David Miller (an unabashed TFC fan and season ticket holder) wants grass down at BMO.
  15. That is completely unfair. It is also more than half full when Boston is in town.
  16. I'm a TFC fan who was gutted that we didn't lift the Voyageurs Cup last year but I still cheered for Montreal in the Champions League (check out my posts on BigSoccer if you want, I use the same username there) but if Montreal or Vancouver fans don't feel like cheering for TFC in the CCL then who gives a flying frak.
  17. I'm still in Montreal after coming here to Watch TFC lift it's first-ever trophy. I'm thinking of going to the Montreal-Vancouver game tomorrow afternoon so I probably won't be watching.
  18. I agree. I don't know how the game looked on TV, but I was in Section 223 and it looked like TFC could've scored 10 last night. Vitti had a couple of decent looks, Dichio probably should've had a Hattrick if his finishing was a little better. DeRo flashed on at least one great chance, Barret (as usual) wasted a few opportunities.
  19. Did you get rid of them? I was in Section 223 last night and 123 looked pretty damn empty until late in the game when 223 surged down to 123 to be field level.
  20. I have WSM06 and like it so much I see no need to get a newer version. I even found mine as a Hard copy in an actual store. The EB Games in the Westmount Shopping Centre in London. I'd be playing it right now, but my PC is drek (I really should get a new one) and my laptop, which I use to play WSM, recently had a monitor failure and for whatever reason when I hook up a PC monitor to it I can only run it with 800x600 resolution without crashing my laptop. It's about time I replace it anyways, but I'm currently setting money aside to make the trip to Montreal on June 18th for the final game of the Canadian Championship.
  21. I was just about to order tickets for the Montreal-Toronto game in Montreal when it occurred to me to find this out. Does anybody know which section is for away supporters?
  22. As a TFC fan I am completely ambivalent towards Portland. Now, if you were to replace Portland with Columbus I'm sure you could get me frothing at the mouth with hate.
  23. Does anybody know if there are any such trips for the return leg on May 18th other than those of the TFC Supporters Groups. After the incident in Columbus you now have to be a paid member of the Red Patch Boys to partake in their away trips.
  24. Do these new rules effectively mean Tam is once again eligible to play for us. Apparently as of April 17th anybody who was forced to give up their Canadian Citizenship after being naturalized in countries that do not allow dual-citizenship had their Canadian Citizenship restored. I wonder if it means we now get Tam for the Gold Cup?
  25. By July 7th people will need a Passport to cross the border even by bus.
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