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  1. Some of those players might be eligible to count as Canadians under MLS rules. Have any of them taken out Landed Immigrant status here in Canada?
  2. Isn't Shaun Saiko a member of FC Edmonton?
  3. He's coming off major knee surgery. He's going to have to re-prove himself somewhere before big Euro clubs regain interest in him.
  4. I'm thinking I'm going to break two ducks with this game. My first game at BMO and my first NT game. Well, my first footy NT game. I've seen plenty of Lacrosse and a few hockey games.
  5. Who cares? If they're Generation Adidas then it's not like they are a drag on teams' payrolls or salary caps. The only thing that is really important is that the condition was discovered before he ended up on an MLS field and theoretically putting his life in danger.
  6. Nobody discovered it until after he was drafted. MLS and other teams' doctors would've looked at him too.
  7. I've heard Kerry Baptiste (Trinidad & Tobago), Andrew Ornoch and some dude from Serbia. There's also a rumour that TFC has completed all the paperwork on a 2nd DP but they're not announcing who until everything is offiical.
  8. Champions League draw was today. The Canadian Champion faces Honduran side Motagua (led by former TFC Midfielder Amado Guevara).
  9. Considering the ones the letter was addressed to weren't the ones invoking litigation, but rather it was the guy who Maestracci put on the CSA board as Alberta's rep that began litigation, then yes, it does indeed blow me away.
  10. The photo's I took on Wednesday are Here. Some of them are better than others.
  11. As part of TFC's traveling fan support I'd be delighted to see Montreal play with that backline. Frankly though other than Jordan in goal, Di Lorenzo on the left side and Placentino up front doesn't have any players that worry me. Jordan because he's quite capable of stealing games, Di Lorenzo because he's quality and Placentino because he is that pesky sort of forward that only half a chance to create a good scoring chance.
  12. O'Brian White too if he chooses to play for Canada. .....and improves his first touch.
  13. A friend from India once mentioned about Goa sort of being the epicenter of Indian footy. That's why when you looked at Indian teams (this was about 8 year ago) you seen a lot of Portuguese names like Gomes, Perreira, Ferreira, Dias. Looking at the make-up of the Current Indian NT it doesn't appear that holds true any more.
  14. If VIA allows me to exchange my ticket I'll stay in Montreal for an extra day and catch the Impact Academy - Milltown FC game. --Edit-- I just checked the Impact site and unless there is a typo it only costs $2 to watch Academy games at Saputo. Quite the deal.
  15. Racing is from Haiti and they didn't drop out. They were eliminated the old fashioned way.
  16. I bought my train ticket weeks ago. London to Montreal (round trip) for ~$230. Quite reasonable in my opinion.
  17. There were Haitian teams in the Caribbean Qualifying. As for Jamaica I'm not buying the travel expenses part seeing as clubs from Guyana, Grenada and St. Vincent & Grenadines participate. Something else is afoot I would think.
  18. I don't blame Vancouver for wanting MLS to have changed the system a little. Their academy system blows away anything that any MLS team has. TFC has a lot of catching up to do. Hell, even Montreal a player from TRA that is likely to make their 1st team this year.
  19. All this makes me wonder whatever happened to Oliver Occean?
  20. It was a buyout, so I imagine he's free to sign wherever. I don't imagine too many MLS teams are super high on him right now anyways. If he were to land in Montreal or Vancouver they're different leagues anyways so TFC wouldn't be able to do anything unless there was a clause in the buyout saying he couldn't sign for a Canadian team until a certain date. If TFC were smart, they'd have added such a clause preventing him from hurting the team in the NCC this season. But then again MoJo has proven time and again he isn't smart.
  21. ...they also signed a Cameroonian Midfielder to a development deal today. Nane Joseph, he's a big Midfielder too at 6'2".
  22. http://www.torontofc.ca/news/2010/04/toronto-reaches-gerba-agreement He and TFC came to an agreement to terminate his deal today.
  23. http://www.torontofc.ca/news/2010/04/toronto-reaches-gerba-agreement This should free up around $300K of cap room for TFC.
  24. Hensall, Ontario It's a pissant little burg about 45 minutes north of London. The most interesting thing to ever happen around here were some crop circles a few years ago.
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