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  1. Might also mean that clubs didn't want to release guys for 3+ weeks.
  2. Roster was announced. Busti is in, but no Millar, Tabla, David or Brault-Guillard. https://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-announces-squad-for-the-concacaf-men-s-under-20-championship-p161897-preview-1
  3. Are Caniggia Elva and Ryan Telfer players with an actual future with the CMNT though? I'd hate to cynically cap-tie them and rob them of opportunity to play international football. Guys like Dan Fernandes, Asmir Begovic, Owen Hargreaves, Jon de Guzman, and maybe even Teal Bunbury in the past and Ricardo Ferreira, Stephen Estaquio and Fikayo Tomori presently are guys that would've definitely been important players for us. Are these two of the quality that their loss is going to impede us?
  4. Is it not possible this is a roster positioning in anticipation of him spending November in Florida?
  5. The Nations League is a Gold Cup qualifier. Simply give the nations the option to not enter if they don't want a chance to qualify for the Gold Cup. If they'd rather preserve their resources for World Cup qualifying, so be it. I hate to sound heartless, but if they don't have the resources for this competition, then they should realize that and choose to withdraw. Many nations around the world withdraw from World Cup and continental qualifying for just that reason. There is nothing to be ashamed of, I think most rational people realize that nations of 20, 50, 100-thousand people just lack the financial ability to field a team in competition. CONCACAF and Oceania are the two federations burdened with the problem of having so many of it's associations being sparsely-populated, remote islands.
  6. Besides, a West Indies soccer team would probably be made up enitrely of players from Jamaica and T&T. With the exception of maybe Atiba Harris from St. Kitts and Nevis, I can't off the top of my head think of anyone that could displace the best players from either of the two Caribbean giants. I forgot Nakhi Wells from Bermuda as well.
  7. Will there be sweet, sweet OZ money? I still haven't seen or heard anything about subscription costs.
  8. It looks like it probably would've made sense for CONCACAF to do what UEFA did and just assign levels based on FIFA rankings. Montserrat is really the only team I can think of that defintely is punching above it's weight.
  9. I suspect those Honduran pitches are still better than some of the ones in the Caribbean. One was as flooded as a rice paddy, some had barren spots that made them look like they belonged to underfunded high schools in podunk rural towns in Northern Ontario.
  10. I'm guessing Montserrat (which only has a 1000 seat stadium) and the other 9 are all currently in the bottom-12 of Nations League qualifying table. I don't suspect Puerto Rico or Bahamas to be among the 10 either.
  11. Conveniently spread across just 600 time zones. 😁
  12. On the CONCACAF Nations League website, they list BMO as the host of the French Guiana game in March. Has anyone seen the CSA mention anything? Is it possible CONCACAF is just using BMO as a place holder until something official is announced?
  13. Agreed. But I suspect many of our young guys will be in Florida and it will be a more experience team going to Bassterre.
  14. Glad to see we got all our dual-natioanl teenagers capped. It was a decent game for Canada, I feel we should've scored more goals. I felt we didn't use our pace down the wings enough, very few killer balls to spring our wide players. I was so disappointed that Brault-Guillard didn't score on that amazing ball from Atiba, because that was the type of play I felt we were lacking last night. Hoilett and Osorio were amazing going forward all night, constantly being threats to Dominica. But the player that left me most impressed was Teibert. We was all action all over the field and constantly sticking his nose in when Dominica had the ball near him to disrupt any attempt they made to cleanly move the ball forward. He also made several nice runs forward. Really my only, ever so slight, complaint about him last night is there was an opportunity late in the game (I want to say about 75-80 minutes in) where he was all alone a couple yards outside the box where I thought it was a great opportunity to let loose a hard shot at net, and he instead pulled the ball back in and sent it over to Brault-Guillard near the corner. Alphonso Davies made some great runs and created some goals off those runs, but he also seemed to give the ball away far too easy, especially in the first half. Against any of the hex teams or the likes of Jamaica, Haiti or El Salvador those sorts of giveaways can be punishing. I don't know why we took so many short corners. When our corner takers actually put the ball in the air and into the box, we constantly looked threatening. Something I felt the team was lacking, especially in the second half when Dominica played with a big 10-man box, was a big, strong, target man that we could whip crosses into. A guy like Rob Friend or Oliver Occean. Something non game-related. I was thoroughly pissed off with all the late arrivals and early leavers in the stands that caused people to constantly be standing up while those asses were going to or from their seats. My friends missed two of the first half goals because of people standing up in front of them, blocking the field of play. We were sitting in a portion of Section 108 where the tickets were almost $60 apiece. Why spend $60 on a ticket to show up 15, 20, 25 minutes late?
  15. Labour Day weekend last year vs. Jamaica is the last one I remember.
  16. Full Time: Montserrat 1 - 0 Belize Second pretty significant upset of Matchday Two.
  17. Belize is playing a kick and chase style that would give Sam Allardyce an enormous erection. When they have the ball, the guys in the attacking end are just standing around giving the backline nobody to pass to. Very poor play.
  18. I had predicted Belize would surprise and make League A. Tonight's Belize side look like they will struggle to score next month vs. Puerto Rico, especially if Puerto Rico's keeper is as good as he was yesterday.
  19. ....and Montserrat just scored a very pretty goal. 1-0 Montserrat.
  20. Ooh. Belize just had a goal called off for offside when their player was clearly onside. If they don't get a winner in the final 20 minutes, they have a right to feel aggrieved.
  21. What is up with Montserrat? They are one of the lowest ranked teams in the world, but last month they gave El Salvador a hell of a scare, and are now holding what was looking like a solid Belize team 0-0 with less than 30 minutes left.
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