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  1. Is Infantino functionally retarded? There is nothing remotely similar between the US, Canada, and Mexico engaging in trade negotiations and Qatar's neighbours engaging in an air and sea blockade against them.
  2. First game of the competition is in the books. Cuba 6 - 1 Belize
  3. That's cool. It gets boring if everything is FC Team or Team FC.
  4. You and me both. Canada has 5 wins and a draw in the six games I've attended. The draw was the Gold Cup game in Toronto vs. Costa Rica that really, we should have won. At least two glorious chances wasted in the final few minutes.
  5. 6 for me, all MNT 2014: vs. Jamaica 2015: vs. Dominica, vs. Costa Rica, vs. Belize 2017: vs. Jamaica 2018: vs. Dominica In 2015 I also attended the Jamaica vs. El Salvador game at BMO during the Gold Cup.
  6. Wow, the Belizean keeper made a pair of bad gaffes in the first half, both leading to Cuban goals.
  7. Looks ludicrously expensive. The CanPL needs to be financially solvent before we start fanciful wishlists.
  8. NHL players don't get paid during the off-season either. A guy making $6M a year isn't getting $500k each month, he's getting $1M a month for the 6 months of the season and then playoff bonuses if the team makes the playoffs.
  9. When we played in Estonia way back when, I felt that the stadium in Tallinn would be perfect for a Canadian team. It was right around 10000 seats at the time, and watching the game on SportsNet I thought I heard one of the talking heads mentioned it was $45M to build. I feel that is the sort of price range Canadian cities are likely to find palatable. Apparently that stadium was increased to 15000 to host the UEFA Super Cup game between the two big Madrid teams in August. http://www.worldstadiums.com/stadium_pictures/europe/estonia/tallinn_lillekula.shtml
  10. Seriously though, I thought we'd win by more as well. It's tough to criticize though because Dominica, especially in the 2nd half, were parking the bus and putting all 10 guys behind the ball. The only thing I think might've helped us is if we had a Rob Friend or Oliver Occean type forward that our guys could send crosses in to. They packed their box so tightly that getting something in the air was going to be our best opportunity. Although I feel like I responded the same way to this already. I feel like I've read this article on another source, or it could be one of those weird deja vu situations.
  11. I felt our formation was more of a 3-man formation with Atiba playing as a CD that would move up to an almost CM position on attack.
  12. When we hosted the U20 WC in 2007, I seem to recall Freddy Adu, Sergio Aguero and Alexis Sanchez (at the very least) had already made their senior debuts and guys like Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani and Arturo Vidal either already had, or made their senior debuts shortly after the tournament.
  13. Suriname could be similar if Suriname's government ever gets around to allowing dual nationality.
  14. I remember something similar, but it was Davies making a pass to Hutchinson and hitting Hutch's backside.
  15. From the Dominican Republic's association Twitter
  16. Apparently there is talk that the Dominican players may boycott next months important game vs. Cuba unless the Dominican association gets them insurance for games. I think they are also asking for insurance for the U20 players as well.
  17. Is he not one of the 5 extra guys called to the pre-tournament camp? Perhaps we have more depth than we thought.
  18. Maybe they get a discount by flying both him and Busti over. \I keed
  19. Dude has been capped 4 times and been through at least 4 separate training camps, if he is eligible for another country I suspect he'd have already attempted his chances with them. That said, can't hurt to officially cap tie him since he's a left-footed player comfortable with all the wide positions. Even if it's just for depth behind Alphonso Davies.
  20. I'm guessing Herdman wanted Tabla, Millar, David, Davies and Brault-Guillard for the St. Kitts game.
  21. Shaffelburg's Twitter states he's heading to the University of Virginia. May he already be there?
  22. In the press release, it mentioned players Olivieri invited, invitations are usually at teh coach's discretion, are they not?
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