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  1. Fucking garbage play. Our guys seem completely clueless going forward. Guys just walking the ball up the field until a Kittian player takes it away. Our guys just stand around waiting for a pass rather than moving trying to create space. Unlike us, when St. Kitts has the ball, they actually seem interested in getting forward. This is Dale Mitchell-era level trash from us.
  2. It's over. Turks and Caicos 3 - 2 St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  3. ....and Turks and Caicos gets a third goal in the 89th minute. 3-2.
  4. ...and Turks and Caicos almost scored at third, also in the 88th minute.
  5. For me the big problem is when the players are in the shadow, it is hard to tell the green and the blue uniforms apart.
  6. Well, St. Lucia had a pretty straightforward route to the Gold Cup, and blew it. They drew 0-0 with Cayman Islands.
  7. Yeah, that is the same Suriname that drew Dominica 0-0. Jamaica looked pretty pedestrian vs. Cayman Islands as well.
  8. Since Nations League is a qualifier, I'm going to assume no.
  9. San Jose is totally believable, and perhaps Panama City, but I don't see Honduras or Guatemala hosting for financial reasons. But Panama would have to end up in Group C for that to happen.
  10. Agreed. They have a very winnable game on Matchday 4 (vs. Cayman Islands), Montserrat could be playing in the Gold Cup in the Summer. El Salvador risks not being in the Gold Cup. If they can't come back vs. Bermuda, they risk missing out as they play Jamaica on Matchday 4.
  11. El Salvador losing could make things really interesting on Matchday 4.
  12. In what must count as an upset, Cayman Islands just beat Guyana 3-2.
  13. The Cayman Islands goalkeeper is their penalty taker. He just scored on a penalty late in the first half vs. Guyana to make the score 1-1. I realize Chilavert for Paraguay scored lots of penalties and free kicks, but don't often see keepers as your set piece guy.
  14. I do have one going, but I've watched all the other games without issue and almost every Nations League game.
  15. I haven't been able to watch a single minute of this game. It's just constantly in a buffering state. First time I've had any troubles with OZ and I've watched almost all of the Nations League games.
  16. That makes sense though. Why use a restricted slot for a bit player when you can use it on a difference-maker?
  17. So far this competition seems to be the opposite of the Nations League. Only two teams have failed to score so far.
  18. I knew the Trinbagonian one from Football Manager. As for Vicentian, my college roommate, although born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, was Vincentian, that is how I knew that one.
  19. Final Score: Antigua & Barbuda 6 - 1 Sint Maarten Trinidad & Tobago 3 - 2 St. Vincent & the Grenadines The Vincentians took a 2-0 lead inside 20 minutes, but the Trinbagonians fought back and scored the winner in the 90th minute.
  20. We're Canadians dammit. We will complain about anything and everything.
  21. Well shucks. It looks like there may be goals aplenty in the Antigua & Barbuda vs. Sint Maarten game. Antigua was up 2-0 in the 14th minute, should've been 3-0 after 15, but was 2-1 in the 17th minutes.
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