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  1. 180th actually, I think that Canada will move back into the 80's
  2. Disrespectful? The current regime that changed Zaire's name to Congo caused the deaths of thousands of people in order to gain power, yet my referring to them as Zaire is disrespectful?
  3. I just checked http://www.ufwc.co.uk/ It seems Angola has a friendly with Botswana in Luanda on the 18th.
  4. Unless they a criminally stupid, they'd've considered this and will probably have armed peacekeepers providing security.
  5. It doesn't really matter to me too much, like I said, I still call the larger Congo Zaire.
  6. You mean Belgian Congo? The big one (which I still refer to as Zaire) was known as the French Congo IRC.
  7. Their next official game is against Rwanda on September 5th at home. They've played 3 games inside a month, so I wonder if they'll attempt a friendly between now and then.
  8. I seems Hargreaves is also being targeted by Liverpool http://www.football365.com/news/transfer_gossip/index.shtml It's at the end of the second article.
  9. In my constituancy, Huron-Bruce (Southern Ontario), we had a voter turnout of 66% (which is pretty good) even thought this riding has been Liberal since the time of Pearson (at least that is what the guy across the street has said and he's lived here all his life, he's in his 80's). So this theory has it's exceptions. BTW, Paul Steckle won the riding for the 4th straight time with 49.9% of the votes, I was one of 1,501 people to vote for the Green Party here.
  10. Call me a sentimentalist, but I like cheering for the underdog.
  11. FIFA is scrapping the Silver Goal rule anyways. The Portugal-Greece game will be the last game ever played with the Silver Goal.
  12. Tremendous, we might actually get to see some games in Southern Ontario other than Toronto. Cities like Hamilton, London, Kitchener and perhaps Windsor may actually stand a shot at getting National Teams games.
  13. Tremendous, we might actually get to see some games in Southern Ontario other than Toronto. Cities like Hamilton, London, Kitchener and perhaps Windsor may actually stand a shot at getting National Teams games.
  14. I too think that Hargreaves' days on the English team are soon to be numbered. After watching the success of teams like Portugal, Netherlands, and the Czech Republic, England will almost certainly start taking pure wingers instead of just sticking Midfielders out wide. Hargreaves will probably lose his spot to players like Shaun Wright-Phillips and James Milner. Frankly I was surprised Hargreaves was taken ahead of players like Joe Cole and Scott Parker this time.
  15. Compared to many Western Countries, a 60% turnout is actually pretty good. For the last US Presidential election I think it was under 50%
  16. My thoughts exactly, and I too voted for the Green Party. Just as I did in the Ontario provincial elections in the fall. I really like their ideas about net metering and and extra taxes on polluting chemicals.
  17. I myself hope Sportsnet also sees it fit to broadcast the team's away games.
  18. After what happened in South Africa a couple years ago, I don't think too many league anywhere allow games to go on in thunderstorms.
  19. Exactly, I gotta mow my lawn twice a week, if they can't grow grass they should be arrested for criminal stupidity.
  20. Sven messed up by taking Gerrard and Scholes off, after those two came off England didn't look to really threaten Portugal. Sven's substitutions were too Italian today. BTW- It seems that Rooney broke his foot and that is why he came off.
  21. I actually thought Hargreaves played rather well today, especially in the defensive end. Too bad he chose not to play for us, he would've been of great help. After watching the game it is quite obvious that if Beckham ever tries to take a penalty kick again, Sol Campbell must tackle him and pin him to the ground to ensure he gets nowhere near the penalty area. He has now missed his last three penalties and completely fanned on two of them. His miss today was eerily similar to his miss in Istanbul. It looks like he is overcommitting on his approach, it looked to me as though his left heel actually touched the ball first.
  22. Southern Ontario didn't get any games, Eastern Ontario did.
  23. I like the idea of Laurentian. I was in Sudbury a couple of years ago and they had a daytime high of 12 degrees in the middle of June, I think our guys would have the advantage
  24. I'd consider all of these results upsets. Especially Cote d'Ivoire beating Egypt in Alexandria. I'd also consider Zimbabwe drawing with Algeria a considerable surprise.
  25. Since he was banned, that is the only way he can get into the stadium.
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