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  1. In addition to pumping money into his pet project in Austria, perhaps Frank Stronach should being offering to build the CSA a stadium in Canada. I find it really strange that Canada has the least altruistic billionaires in the world, they all seem to be money-grubbing penny-pinchers.
  2. Jackasses. What they seem to fail to realize is that Canadians have a couple hundred years experience building in this climate. If construction stopped just because of the Winter, nothing would ever get built in most parts of Canada.
  3. I myself don't mind Brazilian and Argentinian soccer. Last season I watched a game between River Plate and Newell's Old Boys and I thought the game was great. Sportsnet showing more soccer of any major league is only a good thing. As for the earlier comment that there aren't many Brazilian or Argentinians in Canada, you really need get your facts straight. A large part of the Portuguese communities in Toronto and Vancouver are Brazilian and I've also come across many Argentinians living in Canada. IRC, Winnipeg is home to a large Argentinian ex-pat community.
  4. Am I the only one concerned with the courts deciding these things. The make-up of the Leagues should be left to the Italian FA and it alone in my opinion.
  5. Steve Nash has played for Canada virtually every Summer since 1993. Anyone who questions his loyalty is way off base.
  6. Are you forgetting the nickname of Charlton Athletic? Nothing strikes fear into the opposition like playing a team called the Cottagers.
  7. I've heard of them, but I don't really like them. I myself think they missed their era by about 20-25 years.
  8. Sounds like a great fundraiser to me.
  9. I think Olympic Stadium would make more sense that the Skydome for a situation like this for one reason: After this season Olympic Stadium probably won't have a regular tenant, so they wouldn't have to keep putting the grass in and taking it out which would significantly lower associated costs. Take the roof off the Stadium and put in drainage under the grass and the CSA has a large natural grass Stadium. But is there anyone who knows what else Olympic Stadium gets used for other than Expos games and for when the Als host the Eastern Championship game?
  10. http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/06/en/040730/1/1wv6.html Not very often you hear about a keeper under 6' dominating. 1.78M works out to about 5'10", rather short for a keeper IMO.
  11. With the way all the teams are playing right now, I myself think that currently this is Iran's tournament to lose. China may be a home, and has indeed made great strides, but I think Iran is still a level above them. Bahrain is still an also-ran in Asia and their lack of size (re: small population base) means that they will always be behind nations like Japan, South Korea, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Uzbekistan. I think Bahrain is still even a step behind other Gulf states like Qatar and the UAE. Japan's shoot-out victory over Jordan isn't very awe-inspiring either.
  12. I believe it is called the SPL;)
  13. Yeah, that carpel tunnel syndrome can be a b**ch.
  14. The worst part about my injury is that it ended my competitve future in all sports. Before the injury I was a very good basketball player and was receiving scholarship offers from some D2 schools. I was also contacted by a couple of agents about going to Europe instead of college, which I was considering after finding out how much money I could make.
  15. Don't count on it being on TV. When the senior national team plays games at the Tournament of the Americas to qualify for either the Olympics or World Championships we hardly ever see those games on TV except for when they play the US and ESPN shows the game with TSN or SN picking up that broadcast.
  16. I tore ligaments in both my knees. I went up for a header and when I came down I landed on another players foot and as I rolled my ankle I felt a pop in my knee so I lifted my leg up, but my other leg hadn't made it to the ground yet so I hurried it to the ground but landed akwardly tearing ligaments in that knee too. It was the MCL in one leg and the ACL in the other but I can't remember which knee suffered which injury anymore, this was about 6 years ago in a high school game.
  17. ...and Angola holds on to the Unofficial World Championship after beating Botswana 5-3 on penalty kicks after a 1-1 score AET. They now don't play again until September 5th vs. Rwanda. --Edit-- Could've been interesting if Botswana won though. Because when Africa's WCQ resumes Botswana is in a group with both Tunisia and Morocco. Guinea could've also made things interesting there too.
  18. Not really. For such an large and well-known Sporting venture, the tickets were rather affordable. More so at the high end then the low end. The most expensive tickets were relatively inexpensive while the 'bad' seats were kind of pricey. (Edit - Spelling)
  19. Unless I'm mistaken, South Africa is the only African country that has a National Team playing Ice Hockey. The IIHF rankings have South Africa ranked 38th, right between North Korea and Iceland. If you are interested in roughly how bad that makes them, take note of this little (and rather scary) tidbit of information; both France and Italy are ranked in the Top-20 in the IIHF rankings.[xx(]
  20. If you want to follow some of the lesser Leagues and Leagues that aren't at the top of their country I like http://www.coto.at/ As for soccer websites I like some are http://www.ufwc.co.uk/ <---Unofficial World Championship http://www.planetworldcup.com/ http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/06/en/ http://www.scotprem.com/ <---Scottish Premiership http://www.premierleague.com <---English Premiership http://www.thefa.com/ <---English FA, I use it to keep track of the early rounds of the FA Cup Those are the Soccer sites I like best for real life soccer, I also play a pair of on-line Soccer Sims Hattrick and Freekick. They are available at: http://www.hattrick.org <---Has almost 400,000 users worldwide, Canada is among the top National Teams in HT http://www.freekick.org <---Still kind of new, not as good as Hattrick which has a really active community. No national teams, developers keep promising them though Both those games are free to play, although they both have supporter features which allow you to set your team logo and match kits. I don't have supporter for Freekick as it's only a secondary diversion. I have supporter for Hattrick (C$32 a year) and am very happy with all the features.
  21. I don't mind the hosting format that takes place, having just one nation hold the WC of Hockey sounds all nice and good. But there are fewer than 15 nations that could host a succesful WC of Hockey. Hockey isn't popular enough worldwide to allow the WC to be hosted many places. -Canada -USA -Russia -Sweden -Finland -Czech Republic -Slovakia -Germany -Switzerland -Japan -France -China -Austria These are the nations I think could probably host a succesful World Cup of Hockey. Norway may be able to since they built sufficient Arena for Lillehammer and there may perhaps be a suitable Arena in Oslo also. Hockey also enjoys some popularity in Northern Italy and, from what I've read, parts of Spain. Britain too may be able to host a succesful WC of Hockey, they have a Pro League that is somewhat succesful so there perhaps are the venues to host a WC of Hockey there.
  22. Oh yeah, the Swimming events take place during the first half and the T & F during the second half. But I still believe that T & F are a bigger revenue generator at the Olympics than Soccer. I'm not too sure about Athens, but in Sydney the Olympic Stadium held 110,000 people. T & F tickets aren't cheap either, so T & F would'be generated tens of millions of dollars.
  23. I think the thing that really makes the World Cup of hockey a joke is the fact that the teams are appointed and don't have to qualify. If every nation with a IIHF recognized federation was allowed to take place in a qualification set-up, then I'd think it would be more respectable. The BIG-7 of Hockey (Canada, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the US) would probably qualify anyway, but having Germany instead of Switzerland, Latvia or Belarus??? This can be easily explained by the fact that the German city of Cologne is one of the 4 European host cities, and surprise, surprise, it also largest seating capacity (18,500) of the European arenas. The cash-grab greed of this whole thing does truly smell. Personally I think it would've been better for Switzerland instead of Germany to be in the tournament. Switzerland is more competitive than Germany thanks to the fact that for years their Federation and coaching has been run by Canadians. Zurich, Davos, Basel or Geneva would've been just as good as Cologne as a host. Hockey is really popular in Switzerland, a lot more so than Germany.
  24. I believe that it is actually Track & Field that is the biggest revenue generating sport at the olympics. Why else would the T & F events take place at the Olympic Stadium which is always the largest venue. The fact that T & F events take place every day of the olympics is also beneficial to the bottom line.
  25. It's the first one that causes me some unease. A Salvadoran ref in a game against Guatemala. I'm afraid he's more likely to give us negative calls on Guatemalan diving incidents.
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