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  1. I like the idea, but with a few changes. I think all AHL and ECHL teams, American-based teams included, should also be allowed to participate (will make for the best hockey). It should also involve all the teams involved in best-of-three series' The final should be a one-game winner take all championship played at Maple Leaf Gardens.
  2. I should also add that I don't see Man City selling Shaun Wright-Phillips under any circumstances. Apparently some Spanish and Italian teams, also Monaco, are interested in Nicolas Anelka. I think it is much more likely that Man City would sell Anelka and use that money to bring in a couple of players to help the team improve. I suggest a few new defenders are in order. It seems that Man City is possibly looking at Dean Ashton of Crewe Alexandra as a potential replacement for Anelka. 17 goals in 22 games seems like a decent strike rate.
  3. I hear Man U is looking at Middlesborough's Stuart Downing as a replacement for Ryan Giggs who they may sell to Newcastle.
  4. http://ezshare.de/files-en/147955/Paulo_Diogo.jpg.html Link goes to a picture of Paulo Diogo and his unfortunate incident.
  5. Do you know where in Canada to get FM 2005, or Championship Manager? I've been looking forever for them. None of the stores I try seem to have it (London, Ontario area)
  6. Personally I think Henry should've won it last year. But I don't think he should've even been Top-5 this year. As for Ronaldinho vs. Shevchenko, I think it is almost too close to call. But if I had to pick one over the other, I'd vote for Shevchenko. While Ukraine doesn't dominate like Brazil does at the international level, they would be nowhere without him. Take the current WCQ for example. Sheva has 4 goals in Ukraine's 5 games, including 2 in a huge win over Turkey. Plus, his presence makes AC Milan arguably the best team in the world. What more does one need to do?
  7. Of course he's happy, he's finally going to get to play in the Premiership. Of course it looks like if he had've stayed at Wigan he'd be going up anyways.
  8. So perhaps we need to find out who this puppet master is and go Colombian on him instead;)
  9. Frankly I expected Boca to sell him to a European club, not a Club that they could end up facing in Copa Libertadores (or whatever it's called, not too familiar with SA club soccer)
  10. I don't think the Work Permit issue would be much of a problem. I believe there is a caveat about players developed in your youth system being exempt from being classified as non-EU
  11. Nothing like pulling an Al Jolson so as not to be offensive [xx(]
  12. I was actually a bit surprised when my question popped up on the screen. I can honestly say that it was the first time my name has been said on National Television. Frankly I wasn't very satisfied with the answer. Holding development camps in Canada and Florida will almost certainly exclude participation by many of our European based players and they will always form the backbone of our National Team in World Cup Qualification. The fact is, most of our best players ply their trade in Europe (and will almost certainly do so in the future) and for all intents and purposes ignoring them in favour of A-Leaguers doesn't seem sensible to me. One of the things that really stood out to me during the qualifiers is that our players didn't really seem comfortable playing together, and most wouldn't make the trip to this side of the Atlantic for friendlies against teams like St. Kitts & Nevis, Aruba, Guyana and the likes. Despite what FIFA's rankings suggest, Canada is more on the level of countries like Scotland, Estonia, and Austria than North Korea, Turkmenistan, and Indonesia. What they ought be doing is playing the same group of players together as many times as possible so they get used to playing with each other and learn each others habits on the field, it would probably lead to them making and recieving better passes amongst each other as when I watched the games it looked like none of them knew how to pass or recieve a pass. Paying for a handful of North American based players to travel to Europe is probably a lot cheaper than paying for 15-18 European based players to fly to North America too so I don't really buy the suggestion that it is an inefficient use of resources.
  13. How many head injuries has that guy suffered? This could potentially be the stupidest thing ever!!
  14. The sporting injury that still gives me the willies when seeing it was Willis McGahee's knee injury in the Ohio State-Miami game a couple of years ago (2003, not real sure which bowl it was) As for Cisse's injury, I myself have suffered worse. It wasn't sports related, but it was still bad enough that three years later whenever my doctor looks at the x-rays he still gets a chill down his spine. (A very noticable shaking when he looks at it)
  15. China should be a good game, but we should still be able to handle them. I'm interested in the possible Semi-Final game. Realistically the Quarterfinal should be Brazil-Russia, but Spain still has a very remote chance of advancing to replace Russia in that match. Brazil should be able to win that match, but does anyone know of any recent meetings between Canada and Brazil at this level?
  16. So assuming that the Tournament will probably be spread across 5-6 cities, who does everyone think the cities will be? (Other than the obvious Toronto and Edmonton) Isn't Halifax currently building a 10,000 seat natural grass stadium? If so my choices would be: -Toronto -Edmonton -Vancouver(Burnaby) -Halifax -Montreal -Calgary
  17. If anybody misses the NHL, just read 'The Tropic of Hockey' by Dave Bidini. You may take another look at Hockey outside of North America.
  18. Seems like a decent group to me. Canada always does well at the youth level.
  19. The University of Toronto is obviously run by asshats. Instead of getting a 25,000 seat stadium for virtually no coast, they will instead get a 10,000 seat stadium that will cost them ~$30M. BTW - This is my first post in a long while. I just got so frustrated after the horrible refereeing of Benny Archundia.
  20. That was probably the most amazing goal I've ever seen. I wonder how it must feel to be the guy that got faked out twice at the top of the box.
  21. Taiwan won the Silver Medal in Barelona, they are not the Baseball equivilant of Belize.
  22. Frankly Canada has looked impressive while noone else has. Cuba, Japan and Australia all have already lost(Ironically enough, they are all responsible for each others losses). I think Canada could realistically run the lot and take the Gold.
  23. From what I understand the Argos are going to pay the interest on the bonds that U of T is going to issue to cover the costs of building not paid by the various levels of government.
  24. I don't know what Real plans on doing now. Morientes is Cup tied, and Eto'o is going to Barca. Real may be forced to pay straight-up cash for Owen and I don't think that is what Real or Liverpool wanted. All this is even stranger considering Baros seems to want to go to Spain.
  25. That scoreline has really got to be great for the job security of the Mexican coach.
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