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  1. Army of Darkness was indeed great if you don't think you're watching a movie on the same level as Citizen Kane. Since that bad Syndicated TV show he was in a few years ago where he was a quasi-Pirate I haven't heard much of Bruce Campbell except for that really bad Elvis/Mummy movie called Bubba-Ho-Tep. Although I do recall reading a while back that he was being considered as a potential candidate for doing a few Batman and/or Superman sequels.
  2. I think they figured it was the best way to try and get Steve Nash back into the National Team program. He was kind of miffed when Basketball Canada fired Jay Triano.
  3. We didn't deserve to win that game, but my impressions of it were: -The ref was bad enough to be from CONCACAF, he either missed too many calls or called them wrong. -We actually look quite strong in the air -Occean looks more like a target man than a player that can run with the ball -That was a horribly coached game by Yallop, Occean should've come off at around 60 minutes with either DeRo or Hume up front. At least they can run with the ball. -We still can't pass. We spend more time just kicking the ball than actually passing. -Gervais may end up being a liability. He seems to play the man instead of the ball. -Sutton looks good at controlling the area. With the exception of the one at the very end, none of Northern Ireland's corners or free kicks looked to have any danger. -Imhof needs to use better positioning around the area. -Perhaps it's just because Norway's league is out of season, but Occean looked slow and out of shape. -Hume and Peters offer hope for our future. They look like they'll give opposition defences fits for years to come. -We really need Hutchinson on the field to act as a Midfield general.
  4. Really, because I watched the Fox broadcast on Cable and got the American ads. Although the ads were really disappointing this year after last years Nipple-gate 'fiasco'
  5. Any reason you couldn't have just watched the Fox broadcast instead? That's what I did when watching my beloved Patriots prove their supremacy.
  6. Rogers Centre I guess we can call it 'The Ted'
  7. I didn't say it was being built specifically for the W-League team, just that it is going to be the home of London's W-League team. It wouldn't surprise me to see Western's Soccer teams playing there.
  8. Doesn't really matter what the age of consent laws in Canada are. Any grown men try anything with my 14-year old sister and they're going to have to deal with the unpleasantness of being hooked up to a ventilator while in a hospital bed.
  9. The stadium proposed for London is getting built whether or not London is chosen as one of the host cities (I'm hoping it is) to be the home of the London team that is joining the W-League.
  10. Parachute payments probably are made from this portion of TV money.
  11. Yeah. Beating Yugoslavia and then Russia within days of each other in the 2000 Olympics is probably the greatest success in the history of Canadian Basketball.
  12. The fact that Fulham and Portsmouth each have billionaire owners probably doesn't hurt them either.
  13. Nash's contract also had a team option for a sixth season at $15M if I recall.
  14. Really? I also thought what we needed most is creative players in the Midfield.
  15. I am also of the opinion that CONCACAF shouldn't invite teams from other federations into the Gold Cup. Sure, whenever the Brazilians play in the Gold Cup it adds a certain lustre to the proceedings but this is the tournament used to determine the champions of CONCACAF. I also think qualification for the Gold Cup needs to be streamlined. There are 41 nations in CONCACAF which makes it really easy to make a 16-team tournament. It is even possible to undertake this in an economically accomodating manner. -First off, the Gold Cup must only be awarded to a single country. Therefore there is only one host nation and only one automatic qualifier. -Then, in order to fill the remaining 15 qualification spots you put the remaining 40 teams into 5 seperate 8-team groups. To save travel expenses for the smaller nations the group qualifications would be held at a central location (CONCACAF would determine the host on factors such as availability of facilities, and financial resources to stage) with each of the 8 teams playing the other 7 teams in their group just once. The top three teams from each of the five groups would qualify for the Gold Cup leaving you with your 16-team field. I acknowledge that because of scheduling, this could conceivably interfere with World Cup qualifying. But I also don't think that it would be too much of a problem, because World Cup and Gold Cup qualifying could be done in a somewhat symbiotic way. One example would be: -The Gold Cup hosts, and the 15 qualifiers could would be randomly drawn into 8 individual match pairs with the paired teams playing a standard home-and-away set. The 8 winners from these draws would then be drawn into two 4-team qualifying groups in which each of the 4 teams plays the other three teams once at home and once on the road. After these six games the top team in each group would grab two of the three automatic World Cup qualification spots CONCACAF gets. Then the two second-placed teams would play a further home-and-away series with the winner getting the last automatic qualifying berth and the loser being forced to play a home-and-away series against a team from another federation in an attempt to qualify for the World Cup. I'm not sure whether or not I made this sound more complicated than I see it in my head, but not only do I think it could easily work in a standard 4-year World Cup cycle but I think it would not only make the Gold Cup more important in nature because of the dual qualifying structure, but I think it would raise the level of competition among CONCACAF teams as teams may be less inclined to play second-tier line-ups in Gold Cup qualifying. It would also greatly increase the number of games nations like Canada would have to play with CONCACAF referees allowing our players to get more aclimitized to the style of refereeing that pervades throughout CONCACAF. As for how this would easily fit into the 4 year World Cup cycle, my vision would be along these lines. (As an example I'm using the 4-year cycle leading up to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa) 2007 - CONCACAF's dual World Cup/Gold Cup preliminary qualification takes place 2008 - The Gold Cup would be played starting in late Spring. In the fall, the 16 teams would play their two games in their home-and-away series. 2009 - The remaining 8 teams would play their 6 group games during FIFA mandated international dates starting in the Spring and finishing before August 31st. The two second-placed teams would play their home and away during openinings in the calander during the fall. 2010 - The loser of the pairing of second-placed teams would play their home-and-away last chance qualifying early in the calender year. The World Cup would be played in South Africa during the summer. Future World Cup/Gold Cup qualifying and tournaments would follow on a similar schedule. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not sure if I was able to properly articulate my proposal into something easily understandable. Feel free to point out any faults you see in this proposal. I've never been able to properly convey my intentions.
  16. I guess if all else fails they can start a water polo team.
  17. I read earlier today someone proposing a 35-yard offside line instead. I like it because it would reward quick attacking players and would force teams to play quicker, more athletic defenders instead of the big, slow defenders who's only job seems to be winning headers on defensive set pieces. As for using instant replays on goals. One suggestion I rather liked was that there would be a television official (in addition to the current 4 in a game) who's only job would be to watch for balls crossing the goal line and hand balls in the penalty area. If not called properly by the referee or his assistants play would go on normally until the TV official notified the 4th official who in turn notifies the ref. The person who proposed it also suggests that the TV official be able to hand out yellow or red cards for simulation and be able to overturn the ref awarding penalty kicks when a player is judged to have cleary gone to the ground to easily (or as Pierre McGuire would say 'Going down faster than free beer at a frat party') . Although I admit such a system could be disruptive to the flow of a game. I too agree that punishing an attacking player for getting the ball out of the net is absurd. They are actually trying to speed the game up. They shouldn't be punished for that.
  18. Is there any video clips of that goal available?
  19. Which is probably why in all those lower-tiered tournaments Mexico always gets to play host.
  20. Actually it is Latvia and Norway that promote to the Elite group next year. Ukraine finished 5th in their group behind such hockey powers as Slovenia, Poland and Denmark. At least they finished ahead of Estonia.
  21. Interesting site I recently came across by way of a post on the conference forums of an on-line game I play. http://www.national-soccer-teams.com/ If you check out their information on Canada at: http://www.national-soccer-teams.com/php/land.php?landid=36 you can see that the information on Canada's players is rather incomplete. Perhaps we as a group should undertake the task of helping them properly fill it in. It doesn't seem like a very well-known site, but the least we can do as the community of Canadian fans is help these uninformed people present a better database of Canadian players.
  22. If anyone in Canada hasn't already given to charity, or even if they have, I encourage with the utmost conviction that they go out and give. The Federal Government has announced that in addition to the $40 million they have already given, and announcing an indefinite debt moratorium on affected nations, that they will will match dollar-for-dollar all donations made to approved charities before January 11th. Check the 6th paragraph down. http://www.canada.com/national/nationalpost/news/story.html?id=65dd3f3f-544a-475e-bcd7-3e7877bd12dc&page=1
  23. I believe the kid you're talking about is Kent O'Connor http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20041231.wxsoccer-teen31/BNStory/Sports/
  24. I would put Czech Republic and Slovakia as the 2nd and 3rd best teams in the tournament right now. If you want irony, the Czech and Slovaks are the two teams, after Canada obviously, with the most CHL players in their line-ups.
  25. Funny thing is, I know people that were saying that the US was the team to beat. Beating Slovakia 7-3, and Sweden 8-1 wasn't a fluke. Our team is just so much better than anyone else's this year.
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