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  1. Because we'd rather have a liar than a treasonous, Republican lapdog that will do everything possible to force the population to be conformist to his ultra-conservatism. By the way, the Conervatives are full of liars too. In order to get elected Leader of the PC party, Peter MacKay promised no merger with the Canadian Alliance. Within months Canada's oldest political party ceased to exist. As for Stephen Harper's claim that if he was Prime Minister the American border would be open to Canadian Beef. It proves he's either a liar or too stupid to be the leader of a country with one of the worlds largest economies. The American border is closed to Canadian beef because of economic protectionism. There is nothing Stephen Harper could do about that. American cattle ranchers like the higher beef prices they recieve as it means more money for them.
  2. I say York and the CSA should sue the Argos. It wouldn't be resolved in time to build the stadium for the WYC, but they should do it just to spite Sokolowski and Cynamon. Hopefully MLSE will step up with an MLS bid and cover the $30M that the Argos were going to put up.
  3. Actually I think this could be better for the CSA in terms of deciding the playing surface. Now the CSA can demand grass is left in if they go out and find the $30M that the Argos are pulling out.
  4. Another interesting fact that bluemaster revealed in the forums of an on-line game we play (it's how we know each other outside of this forum) The pictures were taken in ODD's game against Ă…lesund, it was the first game played in that stadium which is brand new and holds 10,600. I've asked him whose stadium it is, I asked him because I got the impression that it was a home game for ODD, but in the pictures I see more people in the Red and Blue of Ă…lesund.
  5. Does anyone know what king of artificial surface that is? It may just be the pictures, but it doesn't look like field turf, at least not the stuff they use at the Skydome.......err, Rogers Center*. *-That still doesn't sound right. I can already tell I'm going to be one of those cheesy sentimentalists who always refer to it as the Skydome.
  6. For those that don't want to go to the website here are the pics with OO that I could find (and weren't redundant -ie- there were two pics of him standing there during what looked like the National Anthem) This looks like the header he scored on: His celebration: Here's a great sight, a giant red Maple Leaf flag/banner at the game.
  7. There is a guy named Cecil that works with my mom and stepdad and I've known the guy for years but it was only tonight when he seen me watching soccer highlights on Sportsworld that he started talking with me about soccer. It was at this point that he mentioned he used play soccer. Professionally. In the 70's and 80's he played in Guatemala's top league for a team called Communicaciones and occasionally for the Guatemalan National Team. He told me some stories about when he played against players like Beckenbauer, Zico, and Carlos Alberto. Needless to say I was floored as like I mentioned I've know this guy for years and I never knew anything about this. Pretty cool though.
  8. Changing to a Republic would require a constitutional change. Does anyone remeber what happened the last time we attempted to make a change to our consititution? It wasn't pretty. Besides, Parliament isn't going to give up any of it's power to a President if we became a Republic. So what's the point replacing one powerless figurehead Head of State for another powerless figurehead Head of State. Especially since we don't even have to pay the current one. Another point is that with our current system of a consitutional monarchy we a Governor General and 13 Lieutenant Governors. If Canada became a Republic, every province and territory would have to change it's political system. It would be confusing, costly and any attempts to change the constitution could potentially rip the country apart. I see no benefits to becoming a Republic.
  9. My grandfather went over to Britain after WWII to work on reconstruction projects, was there for about a decade and became a citizen. I've seriously considered immigrating to Britain after I go back to school.
  10. I didn't say the ban should extend to the other Italian teams, I merely suggested that they be put under probation. Be under constant probation for a couple of years might force the Italian teams and FA to take security seriously. If players and match officials can't be guaranteed their security when on the field, the games shouldn't be taking place. You shouldn't have to risk your personal safety just to play a soccer match, or referee it for that matter.
  11. If UEFA doesn't hammer Inter over this they will lose what little credibility they have left. Inter need to be banned from European competition for at least one year and perhaps as many as 5. UEFA need also put all Italian teams under a probationary period of about 5 years with the threat of a European ban. Perhaps a total ban on Italian teams would be a good thing though as it would be crippling for the teams necessitating a major re-organizing and forcing the teams and the Italian FA to take a hardline stance on security. I don't think it's a coincedence that English fans are a lot better behaved now than before Heysel and the ban UEFA imposed on English teams.
  12. Vassel and Johnson are two very different types of Forwards. Johnson is a big target-man that is good in the air and Vassel is a smaller player with speed to burn. Vassel is on England's team as when he is subbed on for Owen it doesn't really involve a tactic change as they are somewhat similar in style (but definitely not quality). Johnson should be ahead of Hesky though.
  13. ...and his syntax is horrible. Odd for someone supposedly with 7 years of Post Secondary education.
  14. I'll also note that I wasn't aware of any organized Indoor Soccer Leagues until a couple of weeks ago I was looking in the sports section of the local weekly where I live and noticed that there is actually a regional Futsal league with a team in the next town over. Makes me wish I didn't have a gimpy ankle.
  15. I'd say indoor is easier. Not so much running I remember when I was in high school, it was one of those do-nothing days where senior students (Grades 11, 12, and OAC) could basically do whatever the hell they wanted at school and a bunch of us decided to play indoor soccer in the big gym 3 hours later the score was about 200-150. A couple of us got close to 20 apiece. We also used to play intramural indoor soccer in the Winter, I remember a guy at my school once netting 15 goals in a single 30-minute game.
  16. First of all, it's debatable whether or not Spain has the best League. Second, the NFL, NBA, and MLB are worlds apart from all other leagues on the planet in their given sport. Even if Spain has the best league in the world, it is not significantly better that Italy's or England's.
  17. Aren't those the ones made by Adidas? Perhaps he's just a brand-whore.
  18. In baseball, basketball and football they have the best leagues in the world, so it's not too much of a stretch.
  19. Landon Donovan's return to the MLS was eased when Bayer Leverkusen, the German team for which he has been playing since January, agreed that he could head back to the U.S. That probably will be the Los Angeles Galaxy rather than the San Jose Earthquakes, for whom he played four seasons. The Los Angeles Times reported that the Galaxy were close to acquiring him from FC Dallas, the MLS team that apparently now has his rights, in exchange for Guatemalan forward Carlos Ruiz. -- San Francisco Chronicle
  20. A) He rarely plays for Bayer. Since coming over from San Jose he's only made two starts and most of the time he is subbed on late in games. Bayer's coach and the German media have been very critical of him. I think Donovan's MLS contract was up at the time. I remember something about MLS trying to re-sign him for an amount that was almost the entire Salary-Cap level for a team.
  21. It takes a bit to get the timing down.
  22. I'll also add that when you play as ODD Grenland, whenever you score it says: "Only one Olivier Occean"
  23. Not sure if anyone has ever heard of it, or if it has already been mentioned here, but I myself find it a mildly-addicting game. You just need the left and right arrow keys and the space bar. http://www.playforyourclub.com/index.php
  24. I've read that the CAF has already awarded Togo the 2-1 win, but FIFA still has to accept it too.
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