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  1. I find it really interesting that depending on results, it is possible that British Virgin Islands (currently ranked 207th out of 211 teams in FIFA) has a chance of qualifying for League B. If they beat Bonaire tomorrow, they will be on 4 points and will pass Turks and Caicos based on goal difference. Of teams still remaining on either 1 or 3 points, the only one that seems likely to be able to earn points still is Grenada, but they face a Puerto Rico team that so far has proven really difficult to score on. If the game ends in a draw, Grenada would be on 4 points and -9 GD. If British Virgin Islands beats Bonaire they would be on 4 points and at worst a -8 GD.
  2. If Montserrat do get credit for a 3-0 victory if the Cayman Islands fielded an ineligible player, it is possible for Belize to win and finish behind Montserrat.
  3. There are still so many ways for Montserrat to miss out on the Gold Cup. I want to see them qualify, but I don't feel they will.
  4. With that point they are in the Gold Cup. The only teams capable of getting 10 points right now are the 6 teams that started this round on 9 points.
  5. Montserrat currently up 2-1 on Cayman Islands, but @caribbeanfooty on Twitter tweeted out earlier that Cayman Islands seems to have a guy in the starting line-up who has picked up two yellow cards in previous games and should've been suspended. So there may be a chance Montserrat get a 3-0 walkover.
  6. I think our strongest line-up would be a 4-3-3 that looks more like a 4-3-2-1 -------------------------Borjan------------------------- Godinho--Henry--Cornelius--Adekugbe ----------Osorio--Hutchinson--Kaye--------- Davies--------------------------------------Hoilett -----------------------Cavallini-----------------------
  7. It appears Matoury, Cayenne, Agouado and Geldar are based in the Honor Division in French Guiana. On another note, that league uses are really strange scoring system. 4 points for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss.
  8. But it will give them a lot of opportunity to test out guys outside of their normal pool to see if they have any diamonds in the rough. Especially younger players. Granted, I'd still rather be us in our position.
  9. Well, when elite travel hockey costs $20K+, it sort of throws the average off. DNRTA
  10. It would be sooooo helpful if Fikayo Tomori and Ricardo Ferreira were to choose Canada. I remember when Central Defenders were basically the only thing Canada could produce, now it's the only position we can't.
  11. France used to have a rule that African players didn't count against foreign player caps (I don't know if they still do), perhaps Spain has a similar rule.
  12. On Flighthub I just seen a roundtrip from Toronto to Vancouver that weekend for $406 and change, very interesting........
  13. What is the recovery time from his surgery?
  14. Probably enough to guarantee they don't have to withdraw from the next Nations League. Crazy enough, there is still a chance Dominca could qualify for the Gold Cup as well. They play Sint Maarten (they of the -25 goal differential through 2 games) tonight and in February they play Bahamas (who should be the lowest ranked team in the world by that point). If those pacy wingers, that were looking somewhat threatening in the 2nd half last month in Toronto, can create some havoc in the offensive end they might surprise us all. They -5 GD they took against us may be their anchorweight though. Although it may also explain their parking the bus in the 2nd half.
  15. I also find it interesting that Dominica still has a (admittedly small) chance of qualifying for the Gold Cup. They should easily beat Sint Maarten tonight, and then in February they play Bahamas who should, by that point, be the lowest ranked team in the world. So Dominica could end up on 7 points, which may be enough to qualify for the Gold Cup, depending on results elsewhere.
  16. Anyone else find it kind of interesting that all three of Puerto Rico's games have ended the exact same way, them losing 1-0?
  17. Is that the first save a Canadian keeper has had to make in the Nations League so far?
  18. That was the first positive thing I've seen from Tabla tonight.
  19. Also I thought it strange that the talking head was acting like St Kitts beating Suriname in February was a foregone conclusion. Other than the game vs. Dominica, Suriname has looked decent. Plus, the game is in Paramaribo, it wouldn't surprise me to see Suriname win that game. Who knows, by February, Suriname's government may allow dual-nationality and Suriname could be buffed by adding some Dutch-based players.
  20. But he seems much better going forward than Tabla tonight. We need a left-footed fullback to go in for Tabla so Davies can just go forward.
  21. Turks and Caicos was ranked last (211th), so regardless of the outcome of the Bahamas-Anguilla game, we're likely to have a new team at the bottom of the rankings.
  22. Who else has a left foot? I feel like Tabla should come off. He's been pretty weak so far.
  23. St Kitts is making a lot of hard, late challenges to not have a yellow card.
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