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  1. Be prepared to change your lists of Top-10 keepers in the Premiership if the rumour I just read has any validity. Apparently Man U have decided not to make a bid for Iker Casillas and are instead about to offer £35M to Juventus for Gigi Buffon. This makes some sense after another rumour I read earlier today stating that Juve were about to make an offer for Roma's Italy U-21 keeper Gianluca Curci. I have read that Man U, Monaco, and AC Milan have taken a very keen interest in Curci.
  2. I just read that the owner of Welsh Premier League Champions TNS has offered to play Liverpool in a one-off tie in Cardiff for TNS's spot in the First Qualifying Round of the Champions League if UEFA, the English FA and the Welsh FA agree. He believes such an event would raise the profile of the Welsh Premier League.
  3. Wasn't mentioned that he was married. It's a bit presumptuous. I don't think Iain Hume is married but he's still a father.
  4. His finishing couldn't have been any worse than Van Nistelrooy's, now could it?
  5. I read that he may be on his way to Newcastle as a replacement for Kluivert and a successor to Shearer.
  6. I don't think they're complaining. It's the same situation Man U and Everton are in and Liverpool and Bolton fought so hard to get to.
  7. Stuttgart lost, Hertha Berlin drew and Werder Bremen won. By my count, that means that Werder Bremen finishes 3rd and gets back into the Champions League.
  8. 2-0 West Ham A pair of goals for Bobby Zamora
  9. devioustrevor


    What I don't understand is why Stephen Harper thinks Canadians want him to be Prime Minister? In the last election the Conservatives got something like 28% of the vote, any sane and intelligent man would realize that what that number means is that over 70% of the population in fact DOESN'T want you to be Prime Minister. What I really find strange is why he's so determined to call an election when all the poll numbers I've seen have indicated that the Liberals are rebounding and any seats they lose in Quebec look to be made up in Ontario, BC and the Maritimes. A few weeks ago I seen polls that indicated that the Liberals and NDP would get enough seats to form a majority governing coalition.
  10. How busy are those roads around Lamport? Are those other large parking areas for public parking? I ask because the earlier suggestion of a South Stand would seriously effect Parking right at the stadium. To me it looks like the stadium would've been better built East-West instead of North-South. Because if televised games were to be played there having the views behind the goals being parks instead of parking lots would've had much greater aesthetic value. I routinely get told I overthink things too much sometimes. Although, come to think of it. Putting up a South Stand at the south end and a large scoreboard (intentionally built oversized with ads and perhaps video scoreboards)at the north end could go a long way in negating the aesthetic issue I brought up.
  11. In cases like this it is commonplace for young players to be loaned out to get first-team experience.
  12. First - West Bromwich Albion beat Pompey 2-0, so the Baggies stay up. Second - Preston beat Derby 2-0 today, so they look pretty comfortable heading into the return match on Thursday. Go Whites!!!
  13. After today's games, the German Bundesliga is in for quite the final weekend. Bayern is the only team that is guaranteed to make the Champions League right now. Schalke can still fall into a UEFA Cup spot if they lose and Stuttgart and Hertha Berlin both win. Werder Bremen still also has a shot at getting to the CL. **NOTE** Only the Top-3 teams in Germany qualify for the Champions League
  14. I thought I'd point out that Ipswich and West Ham finished 2-2 in the first leg of their playoff. Now if Ipswich can win at home in the return they'll be off to Cardiff to play for promotion.
  15. I didn't know Glazer was Jewish until just reading it here. But I've always thought Glazer buying Man U was a bad thing. In American business circles he's a well-known shark. He'll buy companies and sell off their assests piecemeal to make as much money as possible.
  16. Agreed. They F@ck it up no matter what, even if it meant buying TV and billboard space in Botswana advertising the game.
  17. While it would be great to see Peters, JDV, or Pesch in the Premier League I have to go with my favourite non-Premiership team and give all my support to PNE. If Glazer succeeds in buying Man U Preston will have my undivided loyalty.
  18. I agree with the 'starting small' idea. Starting a National League up from scratch will kill it right away. Having to travel from Vancouver to Halifax is too much to ask for what would be a league that starts on shoestring finances. It would be like a team in Berlin having to play Leauge games in Bangalore. It would just be too much. A better idea would be to have about 4 modest regional leagues with the top 1-2 teams from each regional league taking part in a Champions League-like competition. If approached cautiously with perhaps 10 teams in each league comprising a 36 game schedule with average ticket prices of about $10. When I say a modest league I truly mean it. At an average price of $10 a ticket clubs would still have to average about 5600 fans a game to generate $1M for the regular season. Also, I don't think TV would be much of a problem. We have three 24-hour Sports Channels in this country and they all need to meet the 35% Canadian Content Quotient, so they'd be more than happy to televise games. As a revenue source it would take time to be of significant benefit to teams. Also, nationalism would have to take a back-seat to financial reality. Canada's best players are always going to go overseas and for economic reasons a potential league would have to be viewed mostly as a showcase for Canadians. This could be helpful though for the teams as they'd be able to collect the transfer fees associated with players going overseas. Teams would also have to consider alignment deals where for a negotiated fee allied European teams would always get the rights of first refusal over players developed by teams. Some may disagree with these views and say we should be doing whatever necessary to keep our players here so that they are more easily available for the National Team, but because of the general indifference Canadians have to soccer a professional league here in Canada would probably be nothing more than a minor league to develop players to play in Europe, but this shouldn't be viewed as a negative. There are only about a dozen magnet leagues in Europe with the rest basically existing to develop players to feed into those leagues. Some of those 'feeder' leagues qualify for the World Cup and Canada doesn't. That itself should be a good enough example of the benefits of having such a modest pro league. Africa is a great example, most African nations (perhaps even all of them) have pro leagues that are little more than a tool to develop youngsters. South Africa and Egypt are probably the only two that have leagues capable of being magnet leagues in Africa with the rest being mostly just feeders. Countries like Nigeria, Cameroon and Senegal seem to be doing just fine on the international stage though. Modest That is the word that must always be the first consideration when starting up a League here in Canada.
  19. Also, what is the name of the Austrian team Frank Stronach owns? I'm almost certain it is Rapid Vienna, but I'm not 100% sure.
  20. Someone I know mentioned that he was certain that one of the big clubs in Italy was owned by a Canadian. Is there any truth to this? I told him that I couldn't think of any Canadians owning a big Italian team.
  21. I've recently been reading and hearing that UEFA will consider adding a 5th English team to the Champions League if Liverpool win this year. My understanding is that the 5th team (Liverpool) would be forced to start from the early qualifying rounds, which would force them to play a lot of games just to get to the group stage. Although I bet teams in the smaller European Leagues (Iceland, Faroe Islands, Belarus, Malta, etc.,) would just be chomping at the bit to play a tie with a team like Liverpool. They'd probably be able to charge outrageous prices for the home game knowing full well the fans would pay dearly to see their beloved team play a European giant like 'Pool.
  22. That is my feeling too. Gallas' left foot was basically on the goal line and he had to reach into the net to 'clear' the ball. ergo.....
  23. I think the idea is to avoid stadiums with running tracks around them.
  24. What the CSA brought to the table was the 2007 WYC and all the Public financing that was promised for that tournament. Those claiming the CSA didn't bring anything to the table in this case are fools.
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