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  1. Anyone have a video clip of Colombia's keeper scoring on Poland from his own penalty area in their friendly on Tuesday?
  2. I was reading a soccer transfer rumours site a few weeks back that mentioned that a couple of Premier League teams were interested in him and that Sheffield United was going to try and get him during the summer.
  3. My Predictions (right 'em down) Group A Germany Costa Rica Group B England Sweden Group C Netherlands Argentina Group D Portugal Mexico Group E Czech Republic Italy Group F Brazil Croatia Group G South Korea Switzerland Group H Spain Ukraine Round of 16 Sweden over Germany Mexico over Netherlands Czech Republic over Croatia Ukraine over South Korea England over Costa Rica Portugal over Argentina Italy over Brazil <-- Yep, that's right. I can really see the Azzuri stepping up for this one Spain over Switzerland Quarter Finals Sweden over Mexico Czech Republic over Ukraine England over Portugal Italy over Spain Semi Finals Sweden over Czech Republic England over Italy 3rc Place Match Italy over Czech Republic Finals England over Sweden** **-Strangely enough, before today's draw I wouldn't have picked England to win the World Cup. Strange.
  4. Well, Hume scored a pair (11,90) against Sheffield United on the weekend in a 4-2 win. Perhaps that'll give him the boost he needs to kick up his scoring rate.
  5. Wasn't trying to be devious, just interested
  6. The difference being it has already been decided that the 2014 WC will be going to South America. It's been awhile since South America has hosted a World Cup too.
  7. Do players have to be French to represent Canada at the Francophonie Games?
  8. Switzerland? I thought we were talking about Swaziland!
  9. One of Norway's best young players got taken out in a hatchet job today. The injury looks like the type that can end a career. Per Ciljan Skjelbred was taken out by Ieroklis Stoltidis
  10. Oh, and 2022 will probably come down to China and Australia. For cultural reasons (-ie- you're never going to get Brazilian women to wear 'conservative dress' at a World Cup) Iran and the Arab countries probably aren't ever getting the World Cup or Olympics. Qatar possibly being an exception, the only other two Arab nations where 'cultural differences' wouldn't probably wouldn't be a huge factor (Lebanon and perhaps Oman) just lack the size and money to pull off such an event.
  11. I've read that the 2014 is all but already awarded to Brazil.
  12. ...going to Gol TV Canada http://www.goltvcanada.com it seems we'll have to wait until Thursday (Nov. 10) to find out whether or not the games on the 12th and 16th will be shown on Gol TV.
  13. I usually have it on while I'm doing homework. I'll be keeping this channel for sure. It'll be that much better if Rogers includes it in their Digital Sports Pack as it won't cost me any more money. If not, $2.49 a month is peanuts.
  14. They are the best team in the Welsh Premier League, but the best Welsh team is Cardiff City who play in the English Championship
  15. That Iranian-born millionaire with Canadian ties that bought Corinthians not too long ago seems to be about to buy West Ham United for £70M. Could be interesting considering his reported very close ties with Roman Ambramovic. This was reported in the Daily Express and I got it off of 4TheGame http://www.4thegame.com/features/feature/174889/what_the_papers_say.html
  16. The thing I don't get is awhile back Yallop said that he wouldn't be playing people out of position anymore yet he had played Atiba as a Central Defender in both games. As much as I thought he'd be what Canada needs, I am now officially on the 'Fire Frank' bandwagon.
  17. I should know by this Friday wether I'll be able to go or not. If I do go I'll be going to all 3 opening round games. I'm not sure if Canada will make it to the quarters, but even if they do I can't go as school starts on July 18th.
  18. It was about a civil, not criminal, matter. I'll have the money to go to Seattle and Boston if I can arrange to start my classes in August or September instead of July. Even if I can't I'll still be able to go to the opening round games, but if Canada make it to the Quarters I won't be able to stay in Boston for them.
  19. After hearing from my lawyer today and looking into some other things I may now be going to the Gold Cup next month.
  20. The Blue Jays as baseball giants. Let's all party like it's 1993!!
  21. Prices like that aren't likely to scare off teams like Ipswich. Perhaps Coventry, because I believe they have been having some serious financial issues related to relegating out of the Top Division after 20-something years.
  22. Or an easily reachable minimum fee release clause.
  23. Anyone read that one of Costa Rica's NT strikers, Whayne Wilson, was killed as a result of injuries suffered in a car crash? Apparently the accident happened May 14th when he was driving home to see his family.
  24. Perhaps the consideration should also be given that the players themselves may also rather have a central location instead of having to play in a different city all the time. Knowing they're going to Toronto for each home game would make travel a lot easier for them than if they had to go to Vancouver one time, Kingston the next, Edmonton after that, back to Vancouver for the next, then on to Montreal, etc., etc., etc.,
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