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  1. What's wrong wtih having MLSE come in. They are professional and results-driven which is exactly what the CSA needs right now.
  2. I have an account there too. I just never log on. I only signed up because after the VT shooting there were some VT students that put video up on their Facebook account before CNN or any other news outlet got ahold of it.
  3. I have an account there too. I just never log on. I only signed up because after the VT shooting there were some VT students that put video up on their Facebook account before CNN or any other news outlet got ahold of it.
  4. Well we can hope that JDV is serious about making a comeback with the Canadian NT and wasn't just jerking us around with that interview he gave.
  5. Jason De Vos is 'retired' from International Football. Nash, and probably Hastings, were surprise inclusions in the current Gold Cup squad. As for Jack Stewart, I don't know enough about him to comment one way or another.
  6. I thought Lensky was a right-sided player.
  7. Okay, based on what I've seen so far there isn't a lot of consensus (but I didn't figure there'd be). But based on what I've seen thus far (based on names mentioned) here is the updated list thus far. Goalkeeper:</u> *) Lars Hirschfeld *) Pat Onstad *) Greg Sutton 4) Joh Wagenaar *) Asmir Begovic *) Srdjan Djekanovic *) Roberto Giacomi *) Kenny Stamopoulous (sp?) Leftback:</u> 1) Mike Klukowski 2) Ante Jazic Righback:</u> 1) Paul Stalteri *) Adrian Serioux *) Nik Legerwood Central Defender:</u> 1) Kevin McKenna *) Tam Nsaliwa *) David Edgar *) Adrian Serioux 5) Andre Hainault *) Marco Reda *) Jim Brennan Midfield (Left):</u> 1) Jim Brennan 2) Josh Simpson *) Iain Hume *) Dwayne De Rosario *) Tomasz Radzinski Midfield (Right):</u> 1) Tomasz Radzinski 2) Jaime Peters *) Iain Hume *) Patrice Bernier *) Issey Nakajima-Farran Midfield (Centre):</u> 1) Julian De Guzman 2) Atiba Hutchinson *) Dwayne De Rosario *) Patrice Bernier *) Daniel Imhof *) Sandro Grande *) Kevin Harmse Forward:</u> *) Rob Friend *) Ali Gerba *) Oliver Occean 4) Iain Hume As it should be obvious. Numbers are only provided when (based on which postings thus far it is reasonable to guess) there seems to be some consensus on a players ranking at a given position. A * instead of a number indicates a lack of consensus.
  8. I hadn't yet considered Djekanovic. Other than that weak goal in his first TFC game he's looked pretty good. Seems to be a keeper in the Onstad mold. (-ie- Doesn't win you games, but doesn't lose you games either)
  9. The thing with Radzinski though is would he accpet a wide role with Canada, or would he rather play up front?
  10. His club form is another reason I have lost faith in him. He gives up too many goals that other keepers would save.
  11. I completely forgot about Legerwood and Peters. This thread is already serving it's intended purpose.
  12. An issue I have with the Canadians Abroad list is it doesn't take into account positions. I think what this forum could use would be a Depth Chart list for each position that allows members of this forum to be able to refer too. The idea occured to me becuase I was wondering if Stalteri got hurt or suspended in World Cup Qualifying, who the heck is our #2 Right Back? The only player that immediately came to mind is Adrian Serioux and I couldn't think of a player as a #3 Right Back that could inspire any confidence whatsoever. Plus, creating a Depth Chart allows discussion and debate among members on what skills and attributes are most important for given positions and/or roles. I'll start with a basic 11 (plus back-ups), feel free to add to, or rip apart, my choices. GK #1 - Pat Onstand (His by default right now) GK #2 - Josh Wagenaar (I've lost all confidence in Sutton, so Josh is #2) LB #1 - Mike Klukowski (Would've like to have seen him in the GC, but it has allowed for Jazic to prove himself in the NT set-up) LB #2 - Ante Jazic (Has played well in the GC, no significant mistakes to point to yet) RB #1 - Paul Stalteri (One of the easiest choices to make) RB #2 - Adrian Serioux (Unfortunately, depth seems worryingly thin after him) CD #1 - Kevin McKenna (Big, strong player and a leader. Lack of pace is worrying) CD #2 - David Edgar (Leader of the U-20, has shown flashes of brilliance with Newcastle, has earned a spot with the Big Team) CD #3 - Andre Hainault (Some worrying lack of decisiveness in the GC, still seems to be a Sum plus defender. Perhaps a rumoured move to Germany will help him develop) ML #1 - Jim Brennan (Hasn't played the position with TFC, but still has to be considered Canada's #1 here) ML #2 - Josh Simpson (Played well in Germany, including some impressive highlight-calibre plays) MR #1 - Patrice Bernier (I've always thought of him as a Central player, but has done well out wide in the GC thus far) MR #2 - ??????? MC #1 - Julian De Guzman (Brilliant thus far in the GC, easily the best player in the tournament thus far) MC #2 - Atiba Hutchinson (I remember Midfield being a weakness in qualifying for Germany, now I think our midfield is too good for us to be prevented from qualifying) MC #3 - Dwayne De Rosario (Should almost be considered a Foward with how attack-minded he is. Our midfield should tear CONCACAF defences to shreds, it will be fun to watch) FC #1 - Oliver Occean (Disappoint, but understandable, that he stayed with his club instead of donning the Red and White for the GC. A true Hoss) FC #2 - Rob Friend (Great target man, holds up the ball pretty well. Would like a little more ruthlessness from him in front of goal) FC #3 - Ali Gerba (Has earned a full time spot on the NT with his showing in the GC. That first Canada goal vs. Guatemala should've been buried by him instead of guided in by De Ro. Ruthless and efficient otherwise)
  13. Well, you being German, should know about our young talent. Most of them seem to be in Germany recently.
  14. A little ridiculous. Victoria almost didn't even get chosen, I always thought, and still do, that London would've been a better choice. Last I heard London was intending to build a 10,000 seat stadium as a legacy project related to last Summer's World Lacrosse Championships. If London had've been chosen I have no doubt a stadium would've already been built, Ellis-Don could've put up a 10,000 seat stadium in months. Considering all the recent construction in the Hyde Park area of the town, a new stadium would've made a great community anchor.
  15. If he plans on playing yet in the Gold Cup, I hope he is putting off his honeymoon. Chicago doesn't see a great destination for one.
  16. To be perfectly honest I don't think of the Argentines being all that theatrical. I actually look at there style as quite similar to the French. Combining Latin flair with European physicality. In fact as far as National teams go I would say there's is a steel-filled and uncompromising style. They play technical without getting pushed around by European teams.
  17. I think the problem with qualifying for the Gold Cup is how drawn out our World Cup Qualifying is. It is already possible for a team to have to play two qualifying rounds before playing two group stages. That means upwards of 20 qualifying games for a team finishing 4th in the final qualifying round would have to play a further 2 games in a cross qualifier, so 22 games. Realisitically that number could only be reasonably dropped to 14 games total. So unless you move the Gold Cup from a 2 year cycle to a 4 year cycle and have the Gold Cup in the even numbered year between World Cups and use Gold Cup qualifying as an early round of World Cup qualifying I don't see how it could work. The way I could see that working with a 4-year Gold Cup cycle would be play the 2009 Gold Cup as Normal but then move the next one to 2012. The 2012 Gold Cup would be a 16 team tournament where all 16 teams would be forced to qualify. The 40 CONCACAF nations would be drawn into 8 seperate 5-team groups with there being 8 "Home Seed Nations" that would host their Qualifying group (based on the FIFA seedings at the conclusion of the previous World Cup Qualifying cycles) over an approximately 2-week period the summer before the Gold Cup (in this case 2011) with the Top 2 finishers in each group qualifying for the Gold Cup. Since only 35 of the 40 CONCACAF members are eligible to qualify for the World Cup, it would be possible to fail to qualify for Gold Cup and still move on to the next round of World Cup qualifying. Assuming all 16 Gold Cup qualifiers were FIFA members (in the event a non-FIFA member finished 1st or 2nd in their qualifying group the 3rd placed team, also assuming they are a FIFA member, would move to the next round of World Cup Qualifying) after the Gold Cup they would be randomly drawn into 8 head-to-head home-and-away qualifying ties. Standard rules would apply for advancement (-ie- Best Aggregate > Away Goals > Shoot-out) down to 8 teams, repeated to 4 teams (-ie- Semi-Finals) repeated to Finals (which actually would be inconsequential and therefore rather unnecessary to play) with the losers of the Semi-Final round to play home-and-away to determine 3rd and 4th place for qualifying purposes. Under such a scheme, the absolute maximum number games required to qualify for the World Cup would be 14 (4 Gold Cup Qualifiers, 8 knock-out games, 2 Inter-Confederation Cross Qualifers) and as little as 10 or 12 games (depending on whether or not the final round would have to be played since they would both already be qualified for the World Cup as teams 1 and 2, although the round could still be played for bragging rights). One definite problem with such a set-up would be making it very difficult to also undertake a Caribbean and Central American championship. Unless of course the only reason for such a tournament to be currently undertake is for purposes of Gold Cup qualifying. Also, it leaves open the possibility of a random draw draw pitting the US and Mexico against each other in the round of 16 or round of 8 assuring that one of the regions superpowers fails to qualify for the World Cup, although it would also make games more important as teams couldn't afford a 'off' day.
  18. Considering what grass-roots hotbeds they are I'm a little shocked that Indiana, North Carolina and Albequerque aren't under consideration. Success at a grass-roots level in soccer seems to be a good indicator of potential success at the MLS level.
  19. The Army of G-Prime (107073) V.157 I am currently forgoing personal success to continue training Canadian NT Defender Josh Mattox, who should in short order be the highest trained Defender in the world. I also currently train Kyrgyz U-20 Defender Vitold Dovgiy.
  20. Are you 100% certain? For some reason 4-2 is the scoreline that pops into my head when I think about that game.
  21. I could be wrong, but I don't think you need an EU passport to play in Holland. I'm not 100% certain though, my knowledge of player restrictions in most leagues is mostly based on playing FM06.
  22. When I lived in London it was on Rogers Digital.
  23. Too bad Canada couldn't play as well in real life as I have them playing in Worldwide Soccer Manager. Is it too much to ask for Canada to be ranked 4th in the World and Oliver Occean to be one of the most lethal goalscorers in International Football? As for these FIFA rankings, we need to be realistic and acknowledge that Canada was overranked at 54. I think at 82 we may be a bit underranked. Even that is hard to argue due to our inability to beat the likes of Honduras and Guatemala. The CSA really needs to get it's house in order and actually have the NT play games. If anybody ever did put together a National League here in Canada I would hope to god they'd be smart enough not to let the CSA have any say whatsoever in it's day-to-day operations.
  24. Of course they don't want him to get hurt. He makes almost as much as all the players in the league combined.
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