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  1. Skate Canada, that organization that needs strong personalities (-ie- Browning, Stojko) to have any real public relevance? This could be frightening. So I am not surprised. If they wanted relevance, they should've stuck with Nykamp in his role. Granted the NBA coming to Canada and Steve Nash's rise to prominence played a very large part, but did anybody take Canada's national basketball team seriously before Nykamp? He brought in corporate sponsors and actually got our games shown on TV, even when they were played in locales like Santo Domingo and San Juan.
  2. Criticize Mo? Why, just because trader Mo seems to have become Where's MoJo? What the hell is his job title now anyways? If his job is to find and acquire talent wouldn't that be like Technical Director, and shouldn't his network be a little larger that England's League One?
  3. I don't see Canada netting three without DDR bagging at least one of them.
  4. Manny Gomez's parents are from Mendosa, Argentina? Wasn't that the city Margaret Thatcher was going to nuke if Mitterand didn't give the British the disarming codes for the Exocet missiles the Argentinians were using (quite successfully) against the British fleet. Interesting to think how that might have affected the Canadian soccer pool.
  5. For most of the Tournament Guatemala's keeper looked quite good, but he really struggles stopping penalties. In the Honduras game the talking heads mentioned he was without a club, I don't see that lasting too long.
  6. This game was an embarrassment. The only players who deserved to be on the pitch tonight were Dichio, Samuel and Gall. Velez and Edwards looked mediocre, and tonight mediocre was 2nd best. Completely unacceptable. Cunningham is stealing money at this point.
  7. I agree that it is unlikely, I was making a point about CONCACAF acting all Mickey Mouse by naming it's All-Tournament team while there are still multiple games to play.
  8. Yep, I think he now has 4 minutes PT this year.
  9. Only three spots available total. Canada's group should be easy enough. South Korea is largely a joke, 10 years ago they were a power in Asia, but now it's all about China. Iran actually took Asia's qualification spot for this Summer, which says all that needs to be said about Asia other than China. Slovenia could be tricky, but really we should beat them. Slovenia has a number of players in the NBA, but none are truly impact players and some don't even play for Slovenia. The problem is our Quarter-Final game would be against either Puerto Rico or Croatia and neither of those would be easy games. If we manage to win that game we would have to win one of the next two games against likely Germany, Greece or Brazil all of which would be difficult games. Among those Germany would be the most beatable and then probably Brazil. Brazil is probably better than Greece, but we've played Brazil so much that we know them well enough to know how to play against them. In fact I think in the Tournament of the Americas last summer they were very lucky to beat us by something like 1 point.
  10. No, I just seem to be angry about something today for some reason that remains hidden from my conscious mind. I'm very creative with a deviant mind, and when I'm angry my filter seem to get turned off and I'll spew whatever comes to mind. Sometimes it comes out funny, but it's just as likely to come out twisted and disgusting.
  11. How the hell are they going to release this list before the final two games are played. There I go venting again. It would be horribly funny now if a Honduran striker scored 6 goals against the US tomorrow and get's left off the All Tournament team because CONCACAF is ejaculating so prematurely that even a 14 year old who blows his load before he can even get his pants off with his naked girlfriend in bed would be able to point and laugh at this poor excuse for a Confederation.
  12. I'm just very angry today for some reason. I'm venting a little. But I am truly pissed that Keegan is stunting Edgar's development by denying him an opportunity to play actual games.
  13. I'd love to see CBC become the official broadcaster. Soccer may be a little new to them, but CBC Sports always approaches all broadcasts very professionally whereas many of the RSN broadcasts seem to be a little thrown together and given little actual effort. The Venezuela game looked more like they just used the host feed and put their own graphics over a stripped down video feed.
  14. Could MLSE give him a secondary job as a liason with the OSA teaching soccer to kids? Although if they are paid $250 an appearance I guess they could live pretty comfortably by making 4 appearance per week as I assume they get paid for appearances in the off-season too. Perhaps some of the team's sponsors could help the kids on Dev contracts by giving them the opportunity to be in some of those commercials as they probably pay a lot better than normal appearances. Also, if the Dev contract players show up at a game and sign autographs for fans and pose for photos, does that count as an appearance?
  15. Also, hasn't Serioux been playing some CB recently? How's that going?
  16. I'm not yet 100% sold on Hainault. It sucks big, fat monkey balls that Edgar hasn't played a true competitive game in a year, it's probably royally F@cked his development in a key developmental age. After not even letting him get some actually game time with the U-23 team I hope Kevin Keegan gets horribly painful bulbous tumours on his penis that leave him in crippling pain. The very least the SOB could've done was send Edgar down a division in January to get some honest-to-goodness playing time.
  17. I'm not sure it matters too much. I really wasn't all that impressed with any of the commentator teams last summer for the CBC.
  18. Also, what is the point of a Third Place Game if there is no 2nd chance tournament? On that note I got to double-check to see who Canada is going to have to play against in the Men's Basketball 2nd Chance tournament in July.
  19. I thought Sanchez was a regular bench contributor at Puebla.
  20. F*ck RSN. Let CBC get the coverage full-time. Only makes sense that the National Broadcaster would show National Team games. Some will bring up the argument that a public broadcaster shouldn't be competing with private broadcasters for content, I'll pre-emptively say 'get bent', if RSN wants to show the National Team games, then maybe they should actually show the freakin' games.
  21. Isn't it a mandatory 2 game suspension for a straight red in the International game?
  22. Hell, if you want a weather advantage and pro-Canadian crowd play the damn game at Laurentian University in Sudbury. Last time I was in Sudbury it was 8 degrees in June.
  23. Why is everybody using the U-20 as a justification for attendance? Turnout was absolutely massive. Our poorly attended matches last summer would be considered epic turnouts for most U-20 World Cups. I forget which site I did it on but I had listed attendances for previous U-20 World Cups and rare was the game where there were games not involving either the hosts, Brazil or Argentina where 10,000 people would show up. In fact most years many games have attendances in the 2,000-4,000 range. The year Portugal hosted, games with Portugal had upwards of 100,000 in attendance and another game on the same day drawing something like 3,000.
  24. I've heard some rumours that Sutton may not be able to come back, any updates as to this?
  25. Isn't part of the agreement with the city that MLSE manages the stadium. If so I don't see them cheesing off fans to appease a competitor for sports dollars (both box office and corporate support).
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