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  1. Interesting other links on that news story. Especially about how the North York Astros can go out and hire a coach with experience in the Turkish Superliga, but the CSA gives Dale Mitchell the top job in Canada. More than a little frustrating there.
  2. Just thought I'd throw out there that as far as I know FIFA doesn't allow International Friendlies to be played during the World Cup.
  3. Ottawa and Toronto could be interesting. The Upper Canada Cup.
  4. I said many weeks ago on the RPB forum that Toronto would do best to keep all three until after the Gold Cup. If Sutton is called up to the Gold Cup squad we'll need two keepers on the team regardless.
  5. More importantly it would be enough to qualify for Egypt. With some of the names left off of this roster I get the feeling it isn't the absolute best team we could field at this level. Also, it would give Gabe Gala the chance to get back into game shape which could help the team.
  6. Isn't that 2 of the past 3 CONCACAF Qualifiers now that Canada has Eliminated Mexico. First the Olympic Qualifiers, and now this. Also, I don't think Mexico is officially eliminated yet. I think they do still have a small chance. If Costa Rica beats T&T and Canada and Mexico lays a whuppin' on T&T Costa Rica would have 9 points and the other three teams would each be on 3 pts. Mexico putting that theoretical whuppin' on T&T could be enough to give them the Goal Differential advantage.
  7. Odd, I always thought he couldn't play due to lack of skill.
  8. No kidding. I haven't weighed as little as 125 since I was about 12.
  9. Hey Ruj, I didn't know you spent time on this board.
  10. That 2nd half was ugly. Frankly I'm surprised I didn't hear anything from Nigel or Jason. You'd think that John Limniatis being kidnapped at half-time and replaced with Dale Mitchell would've been more newsworthy. Did Montreal actually have midfielders on the field in the 2nd half. I can't seem to recall. Too much time with defenders just hoofing the ball upfield and hoping Sebrango or Brown got to the ball.
  11. Don't be so quick to discount the player from the Vincy Heat. One of them is that forward that was giving Canada trouble for the entire tie and who was also the highest-scoring player in Asian Club football last year when he scored something like 46 goals for the Malaysian Champions. --edit-- I want to say his name is Marlon James, but I'm not 100% sure.
  12. I actually like the looks of that line-up. All three attacking middies are also proven forwards. We could play a situational fluid formation that could effectively alternate between a 4-5-1 and a 4-2-4 or anything in between as situations require.
  13. The Provincial associations already have far too much power, granting them more power by rotating the CSA presidency seems counter-productive. As for 4 of 6 CSA executives being Italian, so what? It's not some great conspiracy or anything. Our most successful development program is run by a team who's president is Italian, he's also the former head coach of the CMNT. Also, look at the Montreal Impact, their President is Italian and so is their GM. Ethnicity doesn't matter. If the guy most capable of successfully running the CSA was a Tamil or a Greenland Inuit, I'd say give him (or her) the job. Quite honestly competency is what we most need. We also need a reformed CSA where the BoD has very little Day-to-Day power and the important operations are left to a competent President. We need National Strategies, not a BoD where the true power lies in the collective Provincial Associations who are more worried about Youth Registration levels in North Battleford, Saskatchewan than the development and success of the CMNT program.
  14. Perhaps hire the most competent people regardless of ethnicity. Putting people on the board just to make up numbers diversity-wise is an idea that should best be classified as a special kind of stupid.
  15. So it's Saturday the important stuff starts, am I right? Too bad that it doesn't seem like the referees have been announced or assigned to games yet. Frankly I'd prefer to know which countries are providing the Match Officials for our games so we'd have a rough idea of what to expect in the way of sketchy officiating.
  16. Or maybe they'll ignore their recent trends and invite the best Costa Rican team not in the CCL (either Brujas FC or Herediano, that is unless Alajuelense doesn't qualify). Or perhaps invite a 2nd Mexican team. Either situation is as likely as inviting Montreal. Remember, those spots are invitations. They can give them to whomever they want.
  17. Unless I'm mistaken CBC has the rights to all of TFC's home games. Other than their initial home-opener I think CBC has shown all TFC games at BMO. Granted CBC only seems to show the Saturday Afternoon home games the midweek MLS games seem to be on Sportsnet. Sportsnet and The Score share road games. But on the RPB forum, RPB member mlsintoronto (who is a TFC front staffer) indicated that some TFC games would be on GolTV Canada and that MLSE was making an effort to get other MLS games on GolTV.
  18. 31 is still pretty old for a footballer. Remember, at the '06 World Cup Zizou was just a shell of the former player he used to be and he was only 33.
  19. Interesting. According to that list we could afford Gian Piero Gasperini who happens to manage the current club of Canadian GK propect Roberto Stillo.
  20. Someone on Big Soccer put forth the suggestion that we're seeing more Canadians coming to the MLS (Jakovic, Hainault, Will Johnson last year, and Will Beauge on trial at Real Salt Lake (or was it San Jose?)) because they believe that if MLS adds a 2nd Canadian team (be it Vancouver, Ottawa or Montreal) that Canadians would then be counted as domestic players in MLS.
  21. A full 60% of Canada's population would be within 50 miles of a High-Speed rail link between Windsor and Quebec City, how would a Edmonton-Calgary line be more likely. One of those lines is going to make money, anybody want to take a guess which?
  22. That Lucas Birnstingl lad that just signed with Dundee in Scotland, is he not the lad from Toronto FC's Academy team in the CSL?
  23. Dammit, after watching tonights game if the CMNT can find room for Martin Nash on the roster they damn well better figure out how to find room for Sandro Grande. Every freaking pass he made found a man wide open, nobody can tell me that couldn't help the our lads.
  24. Toronto 4 Vancouver 0 Toronto 2 Montreal 0 Montreal 2 Vancouver 1 Vancouver 2 Montreal 2 Vancouver 1 Toronto 3 Montreal 0 Toronto 2 Toronto 4-0-0 12 pts (+10) Montreal 1-1-2 4 pts (-3) Vancouver 0-1-3 1 pts (-7) I think TFC has improved too much up front and in the midfield to not walk over the other two.
  25. The reporters were fools. I was looking around some betting websites and they were all giving Montreal the advantage. I put $200 down on Montreal at +120. I think I might buy a Wii with my winnings.
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