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  1. So says transfermarkt.com Both listed at 60 million Euros. The most valuable teenager in the world. The 3rd most valuable left-back in the world. The 5th most valuable full-back in the world. Tied for 8th most valuable defender in the world. Tied for 45th most valuable player in the world.
  2. You are correct. Those numbers only used historical results. Like I said, I looked for an official betting line, which would incorporate everything you stated, but have not been able to find one. WeGlobalFootball.com currently has our chances at 69%. http://www.weglobalfootball.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/concacaf1.png It looks like they're going off the last 18 months of matches only to get that number.
  3. Odds of getting at least 4 points from Honduras (33.3%) and at least 4 points from El Salvador (75%) = 25%.
  4. I couldn't find betting lines for that, so I decided to compute it myself. I asked myself, what would give us a great chance of progressing to the hex? I figure 4 points against Honduras and 2 wins against El Salvador should just about do it. So what are the odds of that? I used eloratings.net and line by line went through all of the competitive matches played in Canada, Honduras and El Salvador and came up with this: Odds of getting at least 4 points against Honduras = 33.3% Odds of getting both wins against El Salvador = 25% Odds of doing both = 8.3% Keep in mind, even though I used every
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