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  1. I would definitely go full "A" squad in the first game and, sadly, I think it might be best to rest several players vs. Mexico. I know that this won't be a popular sentiment, but in the bigger scheme of things the first and third games are way more important ... and we'd realistically lose even with our A squad vs. Mexico.
  2. What I love most about David is that he doesn’t seem the ego-type, miffed that Davies is getting the hype.... he’s just going out and killing it himself and letting his play demand attention! It is so refreshing!
  3. Unless we get pummeled by FG, I believe we can finish no lower than 7th at the moment ...
  4. Do you know if Kevin Rimane is going? I see him listed on Soccerway, but I know that those lists should be taken with a grain of salt. He seems like one of their most accomplished players ...
  5. Soccerway has the goal credited to someone else: https://us.soccerway.com/matches/2019/01/26/finland/suomen-cup/football-club-inter-turku/idrottsforeningen-kamraterna-mariehamn/2936432/ Was it changed? Or just a mistake / inaccurate?
  6. Yeah, he had a bit of a rough game ... likely wouldn’t have made a difference to the end result though.
  7. 1. Borjan 2. Hoilett 3. Davies HMs: Osorio and Cavallini
  8. Yeah, that's what I HATE about this format ... you can basically get screwed, or gifted a spot in the last round ...
  9. Similar question: when the Nations league starts, how do they decide the 3 groups of 4 in League A? Will there be a draw for that as well with 4 pots? And, if so, does finishing in the top 3 in qualifying mean we're in pot 3?
  10. I would be very happy with any 2+ goal win. Any 1 goal win would be a "push" in my opinion ... anything worse than that would be a major disappointment.
  11. This roster is pretty good... EXCEPT, Borjan needs to one million percent start this game!!!! If he doesn’t, we are dumb AF! This ain’t no friendly and I don’t care that he’s playing UCL.
  12. At the senior level, Wood, Sargent, Zardes, Novakovic, and Altidore come immediately to mind as being ahead of him ... maybe throw Dwyer in there too ... he’s definitely no higher than 8th or 9th on the depth chart.
  13. Has to be said ... we have been really sloppy!
  14. I think that will be the game where we actually see how far we've come ...
  15. Not sure if this was posted, but he was added on Sofifa: https://sofifa.com/player/243630 He has an 85 potential!!!
  16. Was that a legit shout for a penalty ... sadly, I think so!!!
  17. They've been pretty lackadaisical in the last 10 minutes ...
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