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  1. Hey if anyone has vids of the march or pics etc where can we share it so we can see them LOL
  2. Coming up from some lads from Ottawa and want to know if there is any rules on flag poles. WE have the PVC ones that they require of us. If not we will not bring them up. Any info would be welcomed
  3. BBSC Capo wins lol but we do Capo to try n help lead the yell, repeat chants.and maybe pic songs when the crowd gets dead ie 20s, but our capo is also open to us starting chants i the stands and helping
  4. so we fans have to wait a year before watching their team in a competition. Way to go CSA following USSF n doing do what ever USSF says. great balls we got here in Canada let me know when even our house leagues will follow USSSF. I understand the states due to huge number of teams compared to Canada but hey WTF do I know I am just a low wage earner who save during the off season for tickets. I am a useless opinion
  5. Weel I know for sure I will be there at the Georgetown Pub 1159 bank st. for the 10am game n the Villa game so the more the merrier
  6. Well if cost is an issue have it once a year. Make the tournament worthwhile and actually let other countries host it. The Carribbean hosted a Cricket world cup with 4 venues. Just a thought. and YES. MAKE US QUALIFY
  7. BBSC forgot the exact time and date. But would have stupid premium sport packages what a ripe off
  8. It hasnt really gone up in a while so try to tweet it out folks http://www.easports.com/gamechangers/ideas?dest=%2Fa%2Fdtd%2FCanadian-Men-s-National-Team%2F487785-18503&title=Canadian+Men%27s+National+Team
  9. Also it kinda gets annoying when you can sign players fom Canada as a youth academy player but they cant play for National teams. Its annoying
  10. Some guys put this little slideshow together
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