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  1. Strange that it's on a weeknight. We're there any details about ticket availability or match times?
  2. It looks like most of the squad from last year has returned, but who knows if the roster on the club's page has been updated. Here's the full schedule from CSL's website: http://canadiansoccerleague.com/schedules/1sched.htm
  3. I know 'lol' gets overused a lot, but I honestly laughed out loud at this. That exchange is one of the finest examples of trolling I've ever seen. Slow clap.
  4. I'm curious to know more as well.
  5. Would joining League 1 Ontario next year be beneficial to KW's goals in the long run? They'd technically be moving up a division from 4 to 3 and they'd obviously have to jump from amateur to semi-pro.
  6. Yea, we'd likely see a second NHL team in the GTA before we see a second MLS team. I'd like to see them going the NASL route, but what I'd like even more is a solid, respectable and stable D3 team that draws 750-1500 fans in a well-functioning D3 league. But just that's my pipe dream.
  7. MLS? Really? That would be surprising. Are you sure they aren't intending on NASL? That would be actually be realistic. But kudos to them, site/crest/marketing look well done so far. Edit: Just read about their MLS intentions in their Facebook description, wow.
  8. Agree with Redcoat, from everything I've read it sounds like you get sanctioned on a per-season basis and this year they were denied.
  9. That's not true. Winning the US Open Cup automatically qualifies you for the CONCACAF Champions League, many teams have been stepping it up since 2008.
  10. Mark83

    100% Futsal

    It was never mentioned who won the championship last year.
  11. I finally made the trek out to Downsview to see the Academy and Kia Ground but it was a waste of 2 hours. After waiting around for the hour I started heading home only to find out 401 West was detoured. Sucked!
  12. Mark83

    CSL vector archive

    Great idea. Not sure if you're familiar with it, but Sportslogos.net might have a few decent jpegs to work with.
  13. Thanks for the recaps Robin, always appreciated. I'm hoping Brampton will manage to squeak into the playoffs, but without a lot of their starters it's not looking pretty. I remember SC Toronto being a powerhouse last year before going out with a whimper in the playoffs when most of their players went back to school. The news about the stadium is great, is there any coverage online or concepts of what the stadium will look like? Edit: Just found a bit of information, looks like we're getting new bleachers! http://www.bramptonguardian.com/news/article/1477797--city-looking-for-2-9-million-in-infrastructure-cash • Victoria Park Stadium— replace enclosure, bleachers and related upgrades ($725,000 total/$241,667 funding request);
  14. I had a great time at the Brampton United v Toronto Croatia match yesterday, despite the home loss. Lots of entertaining back and forths between players and officials [and even the DJ at one point]. The level of play is good and I love the convenience of leaving home 10 minutes before kick-off and getting there on time. Sometimes getting to a TFC match ends up taking up half your day and easily over $100. There's still a couple of things I would change about the game-day experience, especially the DJ playing 8 seconds of music whenever the opportunity arises. Two CSL officials were sitting behind me and were discussing the trash talk happening between players and the referees, which really stood out to me even before they mentioned it. With fans sitting so close to the action referees should really be clamping down on players swearing at each other and telling each other to 'shut the -- up' on more than a few occasions. There needs to be more respect between players and officials.
  15. What's the deal with Downsview Park TFC games, are there stands now where people can watch the games? Last I heard the field wasn't completed for spectators so there weren't any stands, concessions, washrooms etc.
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