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  1. I'm glad to hear that St. Georges got drafted. I thought she was very good for WVU, but she never got much recognition. I was afraid that she would just disappear after college.
  2. Maybe, with all the political problems going on between Canada and China, it isn't a good time to send a team there for a friendly.
  3. rkomar

    LEGACY 2015

    The legacy Herdman talked about was inspiring young girls to seriously pursue a future in soccer. It's too early to tell to what extent that has occurred.
  4. As said, odds follow the betting. I would guess that the majority of bets are not well researched, but rather come from the heart. If the sports writers at major newspapers don't know much about the Canadian team, why would the general betting public?
  5. Sure, that's for the World Cup. The various qualifiers and friendlies only use the lower bowl, though. If they thought they could fill the whole place, they would have opened up the upper bowl, as well. When you said that the team regularly draws 50,000, I assumed that you meant for all games, not just World Cup ones.
  6. I liken the betting odds to the Top 100 players list. We don't get a lot of respect or even notice out there by everyone else, but that doesn't mean that they are right about it. But you're right about the vacuum after Sinclair; especially when it comes to scoring with headers. My answer to "Should Sinclair retire?" has always been "Are the rest of the forwards better than she is?", and so far the answer is a resounding No!
  7. I had been going to the Canada matches in Vancouver for a while, and they almost always only had the lower bowl open. So, that's under 25,000 per game. The stands were mostly full for each game, but I doubt they would have regularly filled the upper bowl, as well. Still, 25,000 is a lot better than the old numbers.
  8. rkomar

    Kadeisha Buchanan

    If she's taking the opportunity to learn from Wendy Renard, then she can still be gaining a lot on the bench.
  9. rkomar


    The youth tournaments are not primarily for determining who is the best in the world at that age group. They are for training, evaluation and gaining experience. The point is to produce stronger players for the senior teams. Playing to win the tournament at the cost of producing better players and coaches is counterproductive. Our players need to learn how to play the way the senior team plays. Our coaches need to learn to coach the team to play the senior way. They are all part of a single organization with the senior team at its pinnacle. There's no point looking at pieces in isolation and wondering if they are "World Class". You have to judge it all as a whole.
  10. rkomar

    Jessie Fleming

    FSU beat UNC 1-0 to win the NCAA championship. Gabby Carle is named to the 2018 All Tournament Team. Not bad, Gabby, not bad at all.
  11. rkomar


    I think you are overcomplicating it. Loss == lousy coach who must be fired. Obviously, we have the best players in the world, and not winning everything is proof that the coach is a moron and got it all wrong. No second chances, no learning from experience, everyone is as good as they will ever be and must be banished at the first sign of failure.
  12. rkomar

    Jessie Fleming

    I didn't watch the game, but judging by the highlights, it looks like Gabby Carle played an important role in the FSU win over Stanford in the NCAA semifinal game. She scored a goal on a great individual effort, cutting in from the sideline to the top middle of the penalty area before unleashing a good shot. She had to beat quite a few defenders before getting the opening for her shot. She also appeared to be marking Stanford's Macario, one of the best goal scorers in the NCAA. Here are the highlights I watched: ncaa site. So, we'll have one Canadian to root for in the final game.
  13. rkomar

    Herdman new head coach

    If you look at the ages of the players on the CWNT, you'll see a big hole around 28 years, right where the players are at prime age. We had no talent coming up during Morace's term, because she didn't see it as her job to help with that. Herdman worked hard to improve development of young talent, and we're seeing the results in the team now. We're down to just a handful of players who were there with Pellerud. Without Herdman fixing the assembly line of young talent, we would be in abysmal shape today, right out of the top ten in the world. So, not only did he save the careers of the older talent that flamed out under Morace (many were ready to quit playing for the national team), he saved the program of today, as well. I'm actually amazed that we are still keeping up our ranking without a core of players in their prime age. I think he deserves way more credit than you're allowing. I suspect it was his work on youth development that won over the CSA. It's essentially what is needed on the men's side for the 2026 world cup. Herdman looks at the big picture, identifies solutions, and works hard to implement them. Someone like that running things is gold. It is his administrative talent that makes him ideal for our situation. I know many here are judging him solely on results in the upcoming tournaments, but I would guess that the CSA will be judging him more on whether the program as a whole is trending in the right direction, despite any near term results.
  14. rkomar

    Jessie Fleming

    Thanks for the link. I watched the game last night and was really impressed by the pace of it. Everyone was playing hard right to the last minute, so the players were exceptionally fit. UNC reminded me of The Courage, right down to the uniforms. I wonder if there are significant ties between the two organizations? I didn't like the referee's interpretation that all you had to do was touch the ball first and anything that happened after was a-ok. There were a lot of reckless challenges, and I must have seen Fleming do about three or four somersaults after having her legs cut out.
  15. Are they weak, or maybe they're all good and it's hard for anyone to stand out?