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  1. It got really jerky for me towards the end of the first half. Maybe that's why they killed that stream and started a new one. The Nigerians play pretty rough. I suppose that's part of the experience we were meant to acquire.
  2. It seemed to be a tale of two halves. The commentators mentioned the wind, and I wonder if that was the difference. So many of Canada's long passes veered off target in the second half.
  3. A lot of insulting comments about the Swedes ("turnips"). The bias may not be of the "home" kind, but it's still there. I guess the loss at the Olympics still stings.
  4. I thought the lack of goals on our part was down to the forwards not being on the same page. The attacking rhythm was all out of whack, with forwards and passers being 180 degrees out of phase at the defender's back line. I think that's something that can be improved before the World Cup with time together. So, I'm not ready to despair at this point. Sweden was a good test, and I think it may have been a blessing that we ended up playing them. The Swedes ran and pressed hard for periods, and we were able to withstand it without giving up many quality chances. I hope that that ends up being more valuable than winning gold against a weaker opponent.
  5. Ah! I have only watched the second half of the game with Iceland, and didn't notice her. I just assumed she wasn't there when Beckie was playing in her spot. It's good to hear that she is still in the works. Thanks!
  6. Gabby Carle was on the team that won the NCAA title this year, where she played an important role as an attacking right back. I don't know why she's not on this team, but maybe she didn't want to take a break from school. Anyway, she could be an option for the future if we need that position filled.
  7. There's a very brief write-up of the FA Women's League Cup final between Man City and Arsenal, and Beckie's role in it (TSN). In summary, she done good.
  8. Oh man, now there's a blast from the past. I was in high school in Sudbury when the Pan Am junior games were held there, and Crooks won the gold in the 400m. What made her infamous? I can't remember much from way back then.
  9. NCAA didn't seem to hurt Lawrence or Buchanan, and Fleming is still a standout. If Huitema went to Stanford or UCLA, I don't see that it would have hurt her development. Those are two of the best programs in the US.
  10. I'm glad to hear that St. Georges got drafted. I thought she was very good for WVU, but she never got much recognition. I was afraid that she would just disappear after college.
  11. Maybe, with all the political problems going on between Canada and China, it isn't a good time to send a team there for a friendly.
  12. The legacy Herdman talked about was inspiring young girls to seriously pursue a future in soccer. It's too early to tell to what extent that has occurred.
  13. As said, odds follow the betting. I would guess that the majority of bets are not well researched, but rather come from the heart. If the sports writers at major newspapers don't know much about the Canadian team, why would the general betting public?
  14. Sure, that's for the World Cup. The various qualifiers and friendlies only use the lower bowl, though. If they thought they could fill the whole place, they would have opened up the upper bowl, as well. When you said that the team regularly draws 50,000, I assumed that you meant for all games, not just World Cup ones.
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