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  1. I think having the crest and flag on the sleeves would be pretty cool. especially with your personal name on the back of the shirt.
  2. What else is new. They get away with yet another clear hand to ball case.
  3. Congrats to the Women for winning bronze. Though I have to say we got lucky with that deflection and matheson being at the right spot. not to take anything away from it of course, it was great to see them hang on till the end. Sidenote i thought the reffing was pretty fair for the match.
  4. ^^^^^ Its obvious you are not content with a win, so let me say this. It was a physical game no doubt about it, but what we "got away" with is nothing compared to the constant dives from soft challenges, hand to ball calls not being called, wambach admitting she was influencing the ref, and balant bias from the ref you guys got away with which changed the course of the game. Face the facts troll, you got outplayed by us canucks. You had to have help from the ref to win it, if I were you i wouldnt be going around talking about how glorious the team was, because you couldnt win in a fair manner.
  5. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8d36jeueO1qkp54eo1_500.gif File was too big to post on this message. Anyways this is a tough angle and the video footage is grainy as hell, but it looks like tancredi might have tripped on the player on the floor or something. I want to see another angle.
  6. if these articles are legit, then I hope Wambach and Solo get whats coming to them, classless ****s. http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/eh-game/ugly-americans-rise-again-soccer-team-disses-canadian-160147757.html American goalkeeper Hope Solo, who, rather than acknowledge Sinclair's outstanding performance, chose instead to diss the Canadian captain. And, at the same time, throw her own teammates under the bus. "We made her look good," Solo said. "We didn't win those air battles." Morgan, a former teammates of Sinclair's in the defunct Women's Professional Soccer league, opted to follow Solo's lead. "I don't think they were a fit as we were," Morgan said. "I saw them on the ground more … [My goal] was the last second of the game, it was about who is the fittest, who is the strongest, and we showed that." During the second half, with the U.S. frantically trying to speed up the game while attempting multiple comebacks, Wambach began running near referee Christiana Pedersen and counting off the seconds that McLeod held the ball. She said she often got to 10 and into even the teens. "I wasn't yelling. I was just counting," Wambach revealed Tuesday during an interview at the team hotel. "Probably did it five to seven times." I am Amazed FIFA and the IOC arent investiagting wmbachs comments. its obvious she was triyng to influence the result. they should seriously give her ****, but they wont cause its the U.S
  7. I love this one its simple and clean looking.
  8. I like the angry beavers ahahahahah. and i agree the bowling shirt would be expensive nice thought, but unless theres interest, no sense in risking it.
  9. I liked the bowling shirt . it was different and neat. the rugby shirt is also nice. Also Barbarin is indeed good quality. when i was in high school our uniforms were made by em for our rugby team.
  10. I dying for the game to start. Im excited and curious to see what happens ahahahh.
  11. Sorry to hear that bud. Hope your family member gets better .
  12. This is probably a stupid question. but is there a software that can combine both halves into one file?
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