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  1. Hi guys, Sorry, I'm dragging up an old post but I wanted to re-visit this idea now that we for sure know there will be more team involved in the cup in the upcoming years. We didn't get far last year, but I'm hoping we can find a design that both V's members, the CSA and the clubs will like. Our original design still stands, however, by no means is it set in stone. I know there are some talented designers out there that might have some ideas. Again, I'm thinking something that is fairly club neutral and stands out to signify the wearers as V's Cup champions. The most obvious example out there is the club world cup badges the current holder Real Madrid wear. Ours doesn't have to look like that, but it is an example of a club neutral design. Love to hear more thoughts.
  2. Hi all, My name is Mike and I'm a co-founder of Kings in the North a TFC supporters group. We're in the process of doing some designs for displays et, and one of the ideas that came up was to create a winners badge for the current V's cup holders to wear during CCL and V's cup action. We have mocked up an initial design and are currently getting to digitally done. The great thing about the badge is it would be club neutral, so we'd give the design as a gift to the CSA and the V's to present the Cup winners. Granted the initial design we created has a TFC element to it, it can easy be changed to fit the other clubs in the competition. I hope this post passed by the eye of the V's leadership as we'd love to share and get some input. I've attached a very early draft of what we're thinking. Let us know what you think.
  3. Hey Trevor, Where is the pick up point for Toronto? Cheers, Mike
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