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  1. To elaborate on Ruffian's answer, the 2015 edition generated $91 million in revenue. http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2016/12/08/concacaf-calls-feds-football-ones-pass-2015-accounting-honeypot/ Tournament founder pictured below
  2. It's going to happen. They're just fighting over how to split the cash. The 2016 event smashed all of the most optimistic revenue projections and they believe a repeat event in 2020 could be worth $1 billion dollars. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-01-17/soccer-in-americas-said-to-mull-1-billion-regional-tournament CONMEBOL already announced there will be another Copa America in 2020 but the agreement with CONCACAF is the remaining piece of the puzzle.
  3. Not remotely what was said. “The Gold Cup is only legislated for this year and 2021, so it could go on but it may not happen,” he said. “There have been talks in the last year between CONMEBOL (the South American confederation) and CONCACAF on a kind of combined Copa America,” he added, “but they haven’t been able to come to an agreement on that.”
  4. Before everyone jumps to the conspiracy theories of favouritism for the founders, I suspect not all clubs wanted to take part. The hassle and cost of traveling back and forth to central america is not to be overlooked.
  5. 8 groups of 4 is pretty similar to the 8 groups of 3 we had until a few years ago. Before that it was 4 groups of 4. I loved the group stage in theory but in practice it never worked. It was not competitive enough, nor was it compelling viewing. Knockout football works and it sells.
  6. Interesting at the end that he makes it clear how they're paying attention to the rankings and how that impacts WCQ seeding.
  7. I would dig some Nigeria range gear with a red maple leaf theme😍
  8. Bit of a turnaround from the time Adidas dropped us like 3rd period French
  9. Looks like a mass clearout this summer. They just bought out Pepe's contract and told Babel he won't be renewed in the summer. Quaresma's getting on as well
  10. On the topic of DAZN, I watched most of the Canelo fight card last weekend and they did show the occasional commercial. I suspect in the long term they'll try to get a big audience and then turn on the taps with ads and higher subscription fees.
  11. Reports say FIFA will make a final decision on the size of the tournament in March so I doubt we'll see a format announced until that's finalized.
  12. We could. FIFA fixed the ranking calculation flaw that previously punished teams for playing (and winning) friendlies. The 2022 qualifying draw is scheduled on the FIFA calendar for "July 2019" with no specific date given. Gold Cup runs June 15th to July 7th and FIFA usually releases the rankings near the end of each month. We can only speculate on where the ranking cutoff will be for WCQ seeding. I still remember the days when Jack Warner reached back 8 months to get the most recent ranking in which Trinidad got into pot B.
  13. Here's the official FIFA ranking. If the leaked WCQ format is indeed true then making top 6 is vital for seeding. This is where the French Guiana match really f###s us. I'm actually predicting Curacao will be 6th in CONCACAF after the March FIFA window. We won't get points against French Guiana, El Salvador will likely lose to Jamaica, and Panama has been rubbish since the World Cup.
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