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  1. Does anyone else think he needs to slim down a bit?
  2. InsideWorldFootball.com writer Paul Nicholson published several hit pieces on Montagliani in the past but appears to have totally changed his tune. This article has good info on CONCACAF's finances and the possibility of non-FIFA members gaining membership at the next congress. http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2019/03/29/montagliani-returned-new-term-concacaf-finds-happy-place/
  3. Even though Vic was unopposed it's telling that nobody ran against him. I think the Caribbean nations that control the vote clearly see this guy is doing good things for them. Expanding the Gold Cup and creating the Nations League has expanded the horizons of Caribbean football far more than Jack Warner and Jeffrey Webb ever did. Jason Roberts' opening speech last night dwelling on the fact he only got 12 caps for Grenada due to lack of playing opportunities just about sums it up.
  4. Re-elected unopposed at the CONCACAF congress today https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/canadian-victor-montagliani-re-elected-concacaf-president/
  5. Can we temporarily un-ban PhillyJawnGuy for 5 minutes just to see what he says?
  6. You call this a draw ceremony? Where are the choreographed dancers and speeches from political despots??
  7. I like how twitter is functioning as the Montserrat equivalent of the Voyageurs board with no shortage of rampant speculation, conspiracy theories and outrage. Only difference is the posters are the players and FA administrators themselves. They just need a PhillyJawnGuy character to join in and ask the question "when will the US catch up to the greatness of Montserrat?"
  8. In the voice of Steven Caldwell: What an achievement for Bermuda
  9. Finally somebody found a game worth bootlegging. El Salvador Jamaica live on Youtube.
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