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  1. Anybody else see the home kit as a Volkswagen shish kebab? Don’t get me wrong, I like both, but I’m having a hard time not seeing a cherry tomato on a skewer...
  2. Combination of window of opportunity based on current age, and form/pace, and likely number of games per year all suggest David and Davies as the only likely candidates. Larin maybe, if he sorted his s@&$ out because he’s sitting at 8 but not in his current form. Cavallini doesn’t have the window of opportunity left — 6 years maybe. This would be way harder to handicap if we suddenly started to play two games in most windows. As it is I was tempted to say Dero but went with David. With League A on the horizon, games are going to get harder and goals will come, but not in USVI abundance. 😄 I figure, though, that David is good for 2 goals a year at least until he’s 30-ish, provides he stays healthy (knock on wood).
  3. Hear, hear. +1 Appreciate your updates, Spitfire, and in my experience you’ve been 99% bang on for appropriateness given your situation. Dads gonna be dads and we all slip up once in a while. Don’t let it dissuade you from being part of a group that wants only the best for Liam and the best for the MNT.
  4. Don’t mess with him. He’s got mad keepy-uppy skills...
  5. Iain Hume. In the Game-that-shall-not-be-named.
  6. While I’m sure the Geordie connection doesn’t hurt, what none of us see or hear is the interaction with Edgar, Straith, and Hainault with Herdman. You know he’s had interviews with all of them, because that’s his MO. It may just be that he and Edgar “click” and share a similar outlook more than the other two. You could see in that TSN video how Herdman lit up talking about MAK and yet how guarded he was about Johnson. Herdman is all about chemistry and I would guess that’s why Edgar’s there. I would also guess that he’s giving Johnson one camp to be fair-minded and see if he fits in to this team’s culture or not. Based on the video, I don’t think he’s optimistic.
  7. Taught both Sam and Adam when they were in high school. Adam is now a teacher. His brother Andrew had a cup of coffee with the Timbers U23s (I think it was) and his Dad runs the academy at Reynolds.
  8. Sir, you and 300 million of your compatriots have some serious homework to do on the meaning of facts. Isn't there an NRA forum you could be trolling instead? I hear that #trump on Twitter has some spirited "debate"...
  9. Get the Queen's engineers in town on the pole problem... They have lots of practice. I'm more interested in seeing what they do, if anything, for shuttles and park and ride options. Langford parkway is a very narrow single lane road with a couple of small roundabouts, and it's really the only way in to Westhills and I can see that being very congested even with only 3000 in attendance, let alone 8000 at some point in the future. Shuttles from a couple of pubs in town would be super, but even a parking agreement with one of the big stores nearby and short frequent shuttles would be helpful.
  10. Hold on there, chicken. Don't think it's official yet. Highly likely, but not mathematically certain.
  11. Probably because, well, March. In Ontario. With a new field trying to seed itself. Not complaining. Will definitely round up another gang to take the ferry over for this one.
  12. Actually would have rather had David for Hoilett. Jr hasn't been great this half.
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