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  1. Yup I could. You just have to be signed in (as far as I can tell).
  2. I'll be with the Bytown Boys . It would be interesting if the two groups face each other. A mini-derby match lol.
  3. This sounds like a great event, I'm looking forward to being there with one of Ottawa's supporter groups. Looking forward to seeing you there as well, fussball_eh! It would be awesome to create a V's team in it. Problem is, a lot of us in Ottawa are already with either one of the two Fury SG's. If I wasn't with one, helping out with a Voyageurs team would be a pleasure (I'm not sure if we'd have the numbers, anyway). But this cup is still a great opportunity to wear a V's scarf and help promote Canadian soccer .
  4. I have a lot of respect and admiration to Floro for saying that. Its exactly what I want to hear from our MNT coach. Setting goals and standards is a good approach to getting our program to a respectable level, and it looks like he has a good plan which he's been working on since the day he showed up. Having said that, my cynical Canadian supporting heart refuses to get excited. It feels like we've either heard this stuff before, or have been let down too often in general. That's nothing against Floro though, because he's said exactly what I think the MNT should be doing. I do like the fact that he used the word 'goal' instead of something like 'guarantee'.
  5. I don't think Fresenga is technically in Ottawa's 'best' starting XI, but he gets played often because there's good depth on the Fury's defense. On 'ideal' days, Mason Trafford tends to be paired with Omar Jarun on CB, while Beckie ends up on RB. Frasenga tends to get playing time as RB when other defenders can't play for whatever reasons, and Beckie fills CB spots as a back-up to Trafford and Jarun. That's what I've noticed the Fury doing in their games. It does indicate that Ottawa's coaching staff like Beckie at RB. I'm not sure how he'd fit with the CMNT, but, if there's really a lack of options at RB, Beckie may be worth looking at. Fresenga is still only 21, so there's still lots of potential for him to move up from NASL. As I said, he often plays RB with Ottawa, but he's not really in a typical Fury 'starting' back-four. Still, he's better off in NASL than floating in Uruguay, where he was before coming over.
  6. I suppose its as much about transitioning the youth in, as it is about getting results right now. Hutchinson is 31 right now, but, considering how he played today, I'd say he'll have something to offer heading into next year's Gold Cup and 2018 WCQ. Even if he's not starting anymore per se, he'd still have the skills play significant minutes. Borjan, at age 26, put in a solid effort today, and looks like he could be solid as our goal-keeper. What's more, he has a bit of competition for the spot, which is never a bad thing. We got a couple of younger guys in later in the game. Larin, Piette, Haber, and JGL. Transitioning them in with the veterans is a good strategy. Putting them in straight away and letting teams walk all over them only destroys confidence (like we saw last year in friendlies such as Denmark). All things considered, a draw against Bulgaria, while missing some of the younger guys we'd like to have (like Osario, Tiebert, etc), is positive. Especially given how we've been playing in the last year. We still desperately need someone who can score though.
  7. Borjan or Hutch. A 1-1 draw against Bulgaria isn't bad at all, considering we're in the middle of a youth movement. Our first 'good' result in a long time.
  8. I only tuned in at the beginning of the second half, but I think we're looking pretty good. Atiba has been solid, and Borjan coming up big on a few occasions. Even Julian de Guzman has chosen to play well today . Thanks for the streams everyone. As someone mentioned, glued to the V's board while watching a dodgy foreign stream is useless for promotion of the national team, but its the life of a Voyageur lol.
  9. Haworth is a player I've been following closely since the impressive Olympic Qualifying team he was on in 2012. He has a lot of raw talent and a great ability to find the net, which he showed during the 2013 PDL season with Ottawa Fury. I didn't see him much with FC London, but I've only heard great things about him there as well. Seeing as our national team is in need of strikers who can find the back of the net, I'd like to see Carl develop well enough with the Fury to maybe catch the attention of Floro for Canada. He's looked great in NASL this year with Ottawa, but has yet to score a goal. That's one thing I'd like to see him do soon, so it doesn't get in the way of his confidence. Having had the pleasure of seeing him live in both PDL and NASL, I know he has a lot to offer. He is a player who benefits hugely from having NASL clubs in Canada, but, at age 24, I think his time is running out if he wants to move into higher leagues and potentially the MNT picture. For what its worth, he was voted the Bytown Boys (Ottawa supporters group) player of the year in 2013 .
  10. I'll go ahead and add fuel to the fire lol: I will NOT be supporting either Begovic or JDG2 at the WQ. I hope both have bad experiences. I like Max Bell (he worked as a media guy for the CSA, right? If I'm thinking of the right person, he did great work). But, "Just wished that whole generation could have donned a #canMNT kit together." is the crux of my WQ feelings towards them. If they play well, it sends a horrible message to young players thinking about playing for Canada. A message that its ok to ditch us, because the future is brighter if you play for a stronger nation. So, as a bitter Canada supporter, I hope both do poorly, and Honduras gets embarrassed.
  11. Tied (on aggregate) after 90 minutes. So 30 minutes of extra time, here we come. Whitecaps were pressing late on. If it continues that way, I'd say they're the favourites to come out ahead after extra time.
  12. Not TFC-Whitecaps related, but the Eddies-Impact game made the sports segment of the tonight's local CBC News here in Ottawa. Trust me, that means we have come a LONG way in the exposure of the V's Cup. The local news outlets here barely care about Fury, so seeing Impact-Eddies highlights/exposure was really cool.
  13. This is what I'm hoping for as well. On-field potential aside, one of the biggest disappointments of failing to qualify for the hex was the fact that we couldn't continue the amazing energy we were developing in the stands. We were creating great home atmospheres - and hugely increasing the visibility of the national team - but couldn't continue the momentum. I'm not sure if that is something that can be replicated in the next WCQ cycle, but it is certainly one of the reasons that going far in qualifying, and playing important games in general, can hugely benefit us.
  14. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing. Tomas Rongen was the head of TFC Academy until recently.
  15. Definitely. Great to see Winnipeg doing that. We've had sudden, abrupt changes in direction with respect to pro leagues too many times in Canada. Right now, we're looking fairly good with MLS and NASL taking the top two divisions. While they aren't perfect, I think our pro clubs are doing a good job of finding skilled Canadian players (Hansan Boakai, Jonathan Osario), developing already-existing talent (Russel Teibert), or providing opportunities to players who otherwise would have to cut short their careers (Andres Fresenga, Drew Beckie). Stability has always been an issue for us. With MLS and NASL, we have leagues that, while not strictly being Canadian, do look like they can stick with us for the long haul and have started developing their presence in Canada. Its far safer to let NASL continue expanding than to once again scrap everything and start all over again. The CFL, CSA, and NASL can work together to create expansion teams which benefit all three a lot better than another new Canadian effort can. As nice as a Canadian league would be, Hamilton is a lot better off joining NASL. Whether they have to face MLSE claiming rights to their territory is another issue, but, at some point, its looking like that will have to be directly addressed. It is a downfall of the North American franchise system. This is a pretty safe strategy for the future of div 2 in Canada. The NASL seems stable enough to provide a place for expansion teams to start off. Once (or 'if') we ever get to a point where we have 'outgrown' what NASL can offer, then its safe to either create a Canadian division to NASL or start a Canadian league. We'd know when its safe to create a Canadian league. It would be when we get to a point where we have about six stable NASL franchises. Its far safe to amalgamate several existing teams into a new league than to start a fresh league with expansion franchises.
  16. How would it happen? It looks like he's talking about div 2, which is clearly NASL territory in Canada, at the moment. Why not give the league a chance before jumping ship and attempting something that, at best, has just as likely a chance of success. I want to see a Canadian domestic league as much as anyone here, but I've given up hope on anything decent ever coming into fruition. The best we can hope for is NASL talking to CFL cities into adopting a couple more teams into their pointy-ball stadiums. How about we let the CSA and the provinces organize the div 3 leagues they are promising. If that can happen without embarrassing failures, maybe then we can talk about a div 2 league, or working with NASL to increase their presence in Canada. One thing we have going our way is the fact that MLS and USL-Pro look like they are trying to kill NASL. Because of that, NASL are apparently looking at Canada as a source of markets which they can get without MLS/USL prying in. That can lead to a few more clubs for us.
  17. I tend to agree with this. If CONCACAF spent more time improving the legitimacy of its tournaments, there wouldn't be much need for us to hop on another federation's competition. It does take away from South America's centennial anniversary tournament to have it hosted in the US, but I suppose CONMEBOL were convinced to go the CONCACAF route and take the easy cash grab while disregarding future implications they may have. Qualifying for this tournament, from a CONCACAF perspective, is a joke because its uneven. It doesn't matter that we're ranked 110th, the qualifying process should be equal for everyone. The fact that we get one shot, while every other nation on the continent gets two (or automatic qualification) is exactly the type of crap that CONCACAF routinely dishes out as 'normal' and suffers, from a legitimacy standpoint, for. The Gold Cup is not good enough because of CONCACAF looking for more easy cash grabs from it. It should be moved to every four years to create a more 'event' feel to individual Gold Cups, and there should be a proper qualifying cycle for it. We (Canada) shouldn't be automatically qualifying. Its hosts should be rotated as well. Mexico would do a good job with it, so can joint or individual hosting duties from countries such as Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and so forth. Canada can be given a Gold Cup, it would only grow the sport here. The fact that the US gets it because CONCACAF likes the cash grab is an absolute joke. As for our chances to qualify for the Copa America Centenerio, I think, at this point, Floro has to start working towards making us a top-6 CONCACAF nation in the 'near to mid' future (the 2015 GC is only a year away). Our biggest tests in the next few years will be qualifying for this tournament, and WCQ, which will start at a similar time. If we aren't going to make the 2018 WC, the hex should be a goal we set as a standard of a successful WCQ campaign. Both the Hex and the 2016 Copa tournament essentially require us to be a top-6 CONCACAF nation, so its time for us to start working towards that. And, 'top-6' doesn't have to be reflected in official FIFA rankings, it should more-or-less be our on-field form in the next couple of years. It'll be a tough task because of how low our talent pool currently is, but we do have up-and-coming players who can be developed into a solid team.
  18. This. He is a beast. Jarun's weakness seems to be that he is a bit slow (he's got plenty of strengths as a CB to make up). Against Boakai, that weakness was exploited. I thought Trafford was decent. Having said that, I only got to watch the second half and highlights of the goals. Congrats to the Eddies, but it sucks for us in Ottawa that we won't be getting MLS opposition this year. A V's Cup match-up against the Impact could have tremendously increased the profile of Fury in the city.
  19. Any info on streams or any other types of coverage for the Cyprus Cup matches?
  20. Vancouver has gotten really slighted, but I think Canada needs more home games in general. Since the end of WCQ (about 1.5 years ago), we've had a grand total of one. Living in Ottawa, I'm willing to travel to Montreal or TO for Canada games. I've wanted the chance to see them live since the end of WCQ. Assuming no home friendlies happen between now and this game (slightly large assumption, but not out of the question), it'll be two years for the central-east (ie. most of Ontario/Quebec) without a game. I understand lots of factors have to be taken into account when scheduling friendlies, but it does nothing for growing support if the team plays one home game a year in a large country like Canada. Having said that, results in WCQ should always be the primary goal. I won't demand home friendlies if it stunts the team in anyway. I don't see how it would, though. Getting comfortable playing at home is a huge asset. EDIT - I did make the June 2nd womens game. I was strictly talking about the mens side here .
  21. I've always really been impressed by BMO. Maybe their support isn't exactly 'grassroots', but they are highly visible and, presumably, supportive of Canadian Soccer. They are visible around the club scene (TFC and Impact are the obvious examples) and the WNT, but I actually don't recall them around the MNT too much. Maybe I'm just mistaken there.
  22. Yes, I think it sort of does, although LA and NY will still be the first teams talked about when a high-calibre player is interested in coming over. MLS will still be happy to adhere to those wishes, as I think they still want LA/NY to be their staple clubs. At the end of the day, MLS puts a lot of effort into its image (which is fair enough, but sometimes, the rules they play by are odd if not downright 'iffy'). People were starting to make a stink over the fact that two clubs get top talent, so they reacted. When Dempsey came over, they went out of their way to put him in Seattle, where he (and, I'm guessing, they) wanted to be. One of the clubs to make a minor fuss over Dempsey was: Toronto FC. Apparently, TFC was interested, but he was pulled away because of behind-the-scenes action from the MLS FO (Something about it being better for the league if Dempsey played in the US). So, combine that with the fact that MLS is starting to get worried about TFC sucking every year, which doesn't help their pocket books, and I think Michael Bradley was handed over pretty easily. I think Jermaine Defoe is a different story. TFC went after him and got him. Good for Leiweke on that one. At the end of the day, MLS believes that they are only as strong as their weakest club. They'll take care of everyone in every way possible, but its not a secret which clubs are their favourites. I don't think that'll change as long as Garber is around.
  23. Great move for him. Hopefully he gets back to a level where he was a few years ago, and works his way back into the national team picture.
  24. I thought what Grizzly was getting at made a bit of sense. Instead of having a slightly confusing rule that a player must have played at least one game in the given year for Canada in order to be eligible for the POTY award, it wouldn't be a bad idea to simply require that they are capped with the national team. That would make as many players as possible open for voting, while eliminating potential traitors and glory-hoppers. Personally, I take contribution to Canada under a lot more consideration than club form when voting. This takes Bernier out of the equation for this year (having said that, Will Johnson is winning mostly because of club form). But, if enough Voyageurs respect a player who hasn't played in a given year, for whatever reason, I don't think that should be denied because of technicalities. Long story short, I see guys like Bernier as legitimate Canada internationals, so they should be eligible in voting whether they received call-ups or not. If a player has been publicly refusing call-ups for poor reasons, they won't get POTY votes. So nothing to worry about there. My $0.02.
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