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  1. His suspension is a bit ridiculous. If I recall correctly, he pushed a Cuba player (in WCQ) after an incident that had to do with a goal we scored seconds earlier. It was a debatable red card, much less a suspension from international football that's spanned about two years.
  2. It'll be interesting to compare our line-up with that of Jamaica, and see where players come from for both sides. Having as many of our guys as possible based in MLS is advantageous from this perspective.
  3. Agreed. Having the four Ontario W-League clubs would be a good base to this league. All should have various levels of experience in professional environments. So I suppose the format will resemble the mens L1O, with matches from approximately May-October? If so, that's a huge improvement to how W-League is currently set up, with games mostly running May-July. The longer season will benefit these clubs.
  4. I completely agree with all this. Tesho is in a more sensitive spot here because we want to give him his first cap. In my view, I'd even expect him to put extra effort and be available for this friendly for the sake of getting that first appearance out of the way. While I agree with the gist of your reasoning, I find its plausible to let players decline the odd game for club tasks. Only catch to this is I refuse to accept it for competitive matches (Gold Cup / WCQ), and if players begin to make it a habit. Akindele looks like he's going to play this card for the first time. If he's committed to our program, I can wait a bit before we begin integrating him into our squad. Two players that seem to never be available anymore are WIll Johnson and Luca Cavallini. I'm far more concerned about their commitment than Akindele at the moment.
  5. Wouldn't fatigue from travel and extra training / game time be an issue? If he can pull it off, great. It would be amazing for us to have him.
  6. I'd be disappointed if he isn't there, but Dallas will have two key games at that time, as they fight for playoff positioning. We'll be playing a friendly which, beyond FIFA rankings, isn't significant. As tough a choice it is, he would have more incentive to help his club finish the season strongly. He seems to have established himself well with Dallas, but why risk losing your position with the team for a friendly? It's better for Canada if he continues to perform with Dallas anyway. As long as he's committed to us, missing this friendly is disappointing, but understandable to me. Cases like this are exactly why MLS needs to respect the FIFA calendar.
  7. EDIT: posted in wrong thread. I'm having bad luck on here recently. Mods feel free to delete this. Sorry about that...
  8. It looks like whenever we try to pass, plays end up going no where. So maybe the odd long ball is frustration. Germany is doing well defensively, but some of our attacks are showing potential anyway. It's not over yet.
  9. Hi Older Goaler. Interesting to hear that you moved to Ottawa and attend Fury matches. If you ever want to meet a couple of us Ottawa V's, feel free to drop by the supporters section during those games. We'd love to hear about what it's like supporting with U-Sector. You'll find me with Bytown Boys. I know at least one person from Stony Monday Riot posting here. Welcome (or, welcome back ) to this forum.
  10. It's been a while since I've looked, but could doing well in the September friendlies help? It's tough to move up the rankings when we only play friendlies. I imagine our performance at the last Gold Cup is the major culprit in our poor showings recently. Can the CSA lobby to join a random Mickey Mouse cup for the sake of having a fair shot in FIFA rankings? And no, they aren't completely meaningless. They mean quite a lot for one month every four years. Of course, the format for 2018 WCQ is still yet to be released. We may see something new. What are the odds of CONCACAF getting more than 3.5 spots for this cycle?
  11. Amazing start to the second half! We suddenly look like we can't stop creating chances. Something must have been said/done in the dressing room at half time. We look like a completely different team. The V's sound great btw. Kudos to those of us that could make it.
  12. Hope no one minds me starting a match thread, I don't think we have one. It's currently half-time, we're down 2-0. Fleming with a couple of opportunities in the first half, one hit the post while the other was a nice save from Finland's goalkeeper. I thought we've held possession well, but couldn't do anything with it, while Finland have made much better use of any counter-attack possession they've been given.
  13. I was thinking that a lack of qualifying matches may be a reason behind them looking slow last night. But, that is exactly why teams need to play a lot of games, and many at home. Prince was a decent threat when brought on. She played solid, constantly troubling Ghana's defense and creating opportunities. But, she couldn't finish the chances she created. Janine Beckie played good positionally, and had plenty of chances with the ball, but, like Prince, was stalled by poor finishing. Buchanan was another noticeable player, at least when played as a striker. She's a difference maker, but didn't look capable of creating scoring opportunities in my opinion. Overall, I thought the team effort was adequate, but we couldn't finish on any of our chances. It may have been a lack of playing together or crumbling under pressure. Either way, we have to work on burying chances we create. We squandered multiple last night simply because (I thought) our strikers couldn't keep their composure when in front of goal.
  14. He was available to the Ottawa Fury when he was cut from Edmonton and before signing with San Antonio. If they didn't take him the first time, will they take a chance now? If they don't right the fall season ship quickly, they may be looking at changes anyway. He may benefit. I imagine there's less demand or competition to sign him now.
  15. My bad. Sorry guys. I worked myself up there. The frustrated Voyageur in me speaking . I did notice in our final game against Northern Ireland that we were having issues in the final third, and it awakened frustrations of watching the MNT. And for some reason, I thought the China draw was 0-0. My perception right now is we have offensive struggles. That's one issue I'm looking towards our youth squads to help alleviate. Maybe I was looking for it too much, and my expectations were too high in one game. Ivan, I'd love for those players to come in and help spark our offense. Of those, I'm most excited about Petrasso. Aird would certainly help, but we need him confirmed as committed to us before looking at him to help build our squads.
  16. I think there was a slight issue of Northern Ireland overdoing their goal celebration. They tried to do a victory lap around the stadium after scoring on a PK, which is kind of ridiculous. Canada never had a scoring controversy as far as I know. Our finishing was typically mediocre overall. This generation of players should really be working on converting possession into scoring chances. I realize that this was a friendly tournament, but getting shut out in two out of three games isn't an encouraging sign (as nice as it was to put two past Mexico). Mediocre play in the final third has plagued us for long enough...
  17. Northern Ireland down to 10 men. A studs-up challenge on Luca Gasparotto. The last 20 minutes should be interesting.
  18. Yeah that's certainly a good point. Lots of Whitecaps players on this team. I suppose that, even if these guys don't end up on the MLS squads, there's still a point that the academies of our MLS teams will always play a role in finding players and giving them a chance. After that, it's up to the players to prove themselves. I'm encouraged that two Eddies players are on our roster. Nice to see that an NASL team is having an impact. Having Ottawa in the mix will help.
  19. Thanks for the numbers! That's a good list. I'm actually referencing it. It's 0-0 at halftime. We created some half-chances, but were more lucky to not concede. They hit a post.
  20. Try refreshing if it does not work? It's stopped once or twice for me, but refreshing reboots it well. Selfish complaint: I wish they had their names on the back of their kits. I haven't memorized our youth players numbers, and they're too new for face recognition.
  21. Awesome to have a stream! It feels odd to actually have a chance to watch. And, its a decent stream and NOT from a dodgy source. Who woulda thought?
  22. Good for Petrasso with QPR! It'll be nice following a Canadian in the Premier League again. Any news on the rest of the squad today? I know coverage will be minimal considering the scope of the tournament, but anything is appreciated.
  23. My response to this is to really get behind players who, through their actions, clearly give unwavering support to our national team. This is why I have lots of respect for guys like DeRo, Hutchinson, Julian de Guzman and so forth, who know how to 'choose' their national side and give it their all while doing so. The cold truth is, we have to improve as a nation before the selfish players consider us. As supporters, we can improve the atmosphere off-the-pitch. That draws new fans who continually improve our supporters sections and make it more enticing for players to choose us. On the field, its difficult not to place blame on the CSA. Our national side has continually been mismanaged in terms of player development, and we've always lacked home games, which is a direct way of attracting new fans. When players see how amateur the CSA is, its not exactly inviting to play for us. The selfish ones leave. Luckily, our current youth players seem to be promising, and the CSA genuinely looks like its trying to reform. Improvement won't happen overnight, but all it takes is a decent generation of players who create an initial spark which hopefully leads to more.
  24. At a basic level, I think its great that Montagliani is talking about a Canadian league of some sort. I appreciate the ambition, even if there are a lot of issues and obstacles. As nice as it would be to have the MLS teams in on a Canadian div 1, I echo the sentiment that it would be a shame to lose all the work they have done since TFC joined in 2007. From both a business and competitive standpoint, they would be giving up too much by leaving MLS for a Canadian league with questionable chances of success. Montagliani seems to acknowledge this with his talk of the '1A' league. Where the CSA may be able to reach a compromise (even if they, as the governing body, force it) with the MLS clubs is on the status of their academy or residency teams. They can be slotted in a Canadian domestic league. We see this done a lot both in North America and internationally. In Spain, a lot of 'B' teams play in lower leagues (ex. Barcelona B in the second tier). The PDL benefits from this too, from clubs such as Seattle Souders U-23, San Jose Earthquakes U-23, and others, giving 'known' legitimate names to the league. With that, you'd get the benefits of keeping the MLS clubs where they want to be, no competition from a second team in MLS cities, a competitive league for the MLS Academies, and the marketing potential of the MLS clubs in a Canadian league through advertising such as 'come see future MLS stars' or 'come see your local club upset higher-league opponents'. One factor to follow in all this is the future of NASL. From various articles we've seen on this board in the last few months, the NASL has indicated that they are willing to work with the CSA. Depending on the future of Canadian expansion in NASL, we could encourage the creation of a Canadian NASL division (with five clubs forming the base, Ottawa Fury, FC Edmonton, Montreal Impact Academy, TFC Academy, and Vancouver Whitecaps Residency). If MLS, as they seem to be trying, end up succeeding in taking NASL out of the US Soccer picture, is it beyond reason that they'd come over and set up shop in Canada? They have a start here, with the Fury and Eddies working to building their brands. NASL already has the div 2 sanctioning. If we use them in some way, we'd avoid the awkwardness of '1A'. Depending on both the league's future and Canadian expansion within it, we realistically could see it morphing into something meaningful for Canada (in my opinion, at least).
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